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St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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While searching the 1930 census I found my half brother and sister listed as "inmates" in St Joseph's Orphanage Tucson AZ. They were 3 and 5 years old.

The names are Frances O SLAUGHTER and John H. SLAUGHTER. Later this last name was changed to KING.

Where can I find more regards regarding the Orphanage and records. My dad placed Frances and John in this orphanage after the death of his wife during childbirth. Their newborn child also died.

How can I find more information/records regarding the orphanage and their stay. My aunt (Minnie A ) and uncle Arthur V KING came from CA and removed them and raised them along with their children. They changed the last name of my siblings from SLAUGHTER to KING.

My dad and family had full loving contact with the children during his lifetime. Dad died in 1975 and that is the last time I saw my sister Frances. She would be 78 years old now (2002) and I believe she lives in the Sacramento CA area.

My brother Johnnie died in 1980.

Any ideas for further research? Besides Frances, I am the last direct line of William R. and Sarah Slaughter, who were our grandparents. Wm R died in AZ and Sarah died in CA.

Thank you.

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

Susie Varela (View posts)
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Here is what little I know about the St Joseph's Orphanage or as it was called then; St Joseph's Orphan Aslyum. It burnt down and most of whatever records burned as well, except for the original register of the children who were delivered there. The information in this register is limited to whatever the person who brought the children could give them at that time. This register is kept at the Tucson Catholic Church.

You can contact Diocese of Tucson Archives for
further information:
Dan Brosnan
Archives & Library
8800 E. 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85710
W-TH 9am - 2pm
(520)886-6481 (fax)

I hope this helps you in your search.

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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Thank you for the information. My brother and sister were in this orphanage. I found them in census records of 1930... two little children listed as "inmates". --- what unfortunate terms used to describe a 3 and 5 year old.

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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I had 4 2nd cousins that were placed in that ophanage and listed as inmates . How disgusting is that? Also their father paid for their care after selling 500 acres bit by bit he ran of land and they threw the children out into the streets. He had placed them there because he was a widower and very sickly with tuberculosis and died shortly thereafter.

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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I was searching the 1930 census also and found my mother and aunt's name on the St. Joseph's Orphanages in Arizona. Did you receive any other information about this orphange? If so, could you send it to me? Iam trying to find my mother's parents names if they still have records filed away somewhere.
Thank you
Mary Jackson

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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Hello, this is Dr Dave Menke, a college professor who lives and teaches in Tucson. I ran across your entries.

I was at Saint Joseph's Orphanage today, Wednesday, September 29, 2010. Of course, it's not there, but its remnants are. I am doing some research on the site, and will keep you informed if you wish.

David H Menke, PhD, MS, BA

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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Thank you Dr Dave Menke . That would be great if you could keep us posted on any information you may find. God bless you sir!

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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Dr. Menke:

I found your recent post about visiting the site of the old St. Joseph's Orphanage in Tuscon. My mother and her 2 sisters were dropped there by their parents on August 30, 1926. My mother, Eva Yanez, was only 4 years old at the time.

I am particularly curious to learn how a Mrs. J. Knox Corbett was associated with the orphanage. Her name appears in some paperwork we found with the help of an attorney.

From what my mother remembered, they released her from the orphanage at a very young age, possibly 15. Her memories were fond; always having food, some toys, and the gentle Sisters that cared for and taught the children.

I would also appreciate hearing results from your research on this site! If I can be of any other assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Renee Champagne

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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My great aunt, Sister St. Peter Ryan started "La Casa Pequena" on St. Mary's Road with 3 little girls around the turn of the century. When destroyed by a cyclone, she was able to secure the donation of a parcel of land where it was rebuilt and named St.Joseph's Home. Have you discovered any information in your research which pertains to her time there?

Re: St Joseph's Orphanage, Tucson AZ 1930.

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My Aunt Gertrudes story is so tragic it's still very hard to talk about. She entered the St Joseph Orphanage from St Joseph Academy 1 October 1918 and remained there until she was committed to The Arizona State Hospital Asylum for the insane June 24, 1924.
Her family moved from Joplin, Missouri in Jan 1910. Her father Tilton Clayton Hendricks and his wife Emma Nette Dodson moved to Globe for health reasons. Tilton was an attorney in Globe. They had three small children, Leonard Sidney 8,(my father) Gertrude May, 6 and Homer 4. Less than 6 months later Emma died in childbirth. Three years later Tilton remarried. Within 2 years he died.
We think Gertrude was sent to the academy in Tucson when her father (my grandfather) died of TB. We don't know the circumstances of her remaining at the academy until 1918. Perhaps the money ran out for her schooling. Several possiblities. By 1918 she was sent to the orphanage. We have obtained records from The Arizona State Hospital. She was sent by Sister Guadalupe because of an "umgovernable spirit". She had bouts of hysteria. We also learned she was forced into sexual relations with workmen. We don't know if she had a mental problem which resulted in her being sexualized or the sexual abuse resulted in PTSD and hysteria. What we would like to find out is what was it like in that orphanage from 1918-1924. Was there abuse? If anyone has any information please contact me. My heart is broken for the aunt I never knew and the child lost to her family in the mid west.
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