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Sawmill explosion

Sawmill explosion

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Surnames: BOGAN
The family story goes something like this: Gr Grandpa William Bogan operated a sawmill run by a steam engine in Little River County, Arkansas. He apparently had a few hands working for him at the time. One of the hands was
found to be cheating or stealing from gr Grandpa Bogan. Grandpa was a gentle man and was slow to anger, but he had enough of this man he paid to work for him, robbing him.

One day he confronted the man about his thieving ways. The man was embarassed and told Grandap Bogan that he would get him. He left the job and grandpa shut the mill down for the day. Either that evening or another day soon after, Grandpa could hear the sawmill running. He went to find out what was going on.

Apparently the work hand who was so angered at Grandpa, had started up the sawmill and was running the steam engine, without water. It got hot as a firecracker and, to make matters worse, the man decided to pour cold water
into the engine when it was that hot (Not the best thing for the engine).

The engine blew apart in several pieces and scattered around the area. The man who had been working for Grandpa was unfortunately killed in the accident. It nearly broke Grandpa Bogan's heart and he never again rebuilt the sawmill. It was never run again from that day forward.

None of the other mill hands were injured as far as I know, but the loss was very tragic for the one man and his family.

I heard this story from a cousin who heard it from his grandpa who was my gr Grandpa's son. The details, the date, the time are unknown. I do know the Bogans had homestead land in Little River County, Arkansas from 1862 until
at least the 1950s. Whether the mill was on that land near Bogan Branch in that county, I do not know.

Hope this reaches someone who is looking for information about this family and you can give me ever better details and tell me more of the story.

I'm searching for a newspaper article, anything about this incident in this small community in Arkansas sometime in the 1800s or early 1900s.

Carole in California

Re: Sawmill explosion

peter bogan (View posts)
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Surnames: Bogan
Was William Bogan the brother of Robert Bogan of Plymouth who was my great grandfather. If so i have some information.

Re: Sawmill explosion

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Surnames: Bogan,
Peter, William was the son of John Bogan. William had several brothers and sisters but I don't know all of them. John Bogan came from South Carolina from a family who first settled in Pennsylvania, then moved to South Carolina.

William named his only son, John Washington Bogan. Some say William's father was named John Robert Bogan. I have not been able to find out about the "Robert" though, I have only found John L. Bogan on census records and just plain John.

John married in SC or NC and moved to Alabama by 1850 then to Arkansas later by 1862 where he raised his family and where William settled also.

The known brothers of William are George, Samuel and John (Jr. I guess) with sisters Anganetta (Nettie), Martha, Nancy and others whose names we don't know.

Where is the Plymouth you are talking about? Do you mean the east coast Plymouth?

Please write back soon. I'd love to find someone researching the same family lines. Carole

Re: Sawmill explosion

Peter Bogan (View posts)
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Thanks for that. Not my Great Uncle William. Good to exchanges messages. Peter.

The Plymouth I was refering to is in Devon England. The origin of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Re: Sawmill explosion

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Do you know who the guy was that died at the sawmill?
Thank You
Sharon Wilson
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