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Alabama Coushatta Indians

Alabama Coushatta Indians

Alice Jones (View posts)
Posted: 973894178000
I am looking for a bloodline link to the Alabama Coushatta Indian tribe.
My Grandmother name was Katherine Pearl Waldrop. Daughter of Mary Thompson
and Granville Waldrop. Granville never claimed Katherine as
his own. I am told that her biological father's name may have been Bullock.

Any information would be appreciated.

Alabama Coushatta

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There is not an Alabama Coushatta tribe. The Alabamas and the Cousattas were pushed out of the southeast U.S and eventually into Louisiana and Texas. Sam Houston gave them land for supporting the Texans against the Mexican army.

Reservation in Livingston TX

Alice Jones (View posts)
Posted: 974701851000
I have been told I have relitives that lived on the reservation in Livingston. I am not sure on how to go about looking for them. I have partial names. Thompson, Waldrop and Bullock which of none of theses sound like an Indian name to me. I was told that My great-grandmother Mary Thompson had a child by Granville Waldrop. However he never claimed her as his own and that the name on the birthcertifict was neither Waldrop or Thompson. That it may have been Bullock. I am not sure that Mary Thompson and Granville Waldrop ever married. I have proof that he married someone else but not Mary Thompson. I have not gotten the complete story as of yet. I wanted to see if I could find some information on the tribe I was supposed to be related to before I continued to investigate the names.

Thank you

Alice Jones

granville jackson waldrop

lynn ray waldrep (View posts)
Posted: 978927514000
do you have info on granville waldreps wives. i was told as a child that he was married to an indian. but i knew his wife as gertrude aka big momma. if this rings a bell i have a picture of them together. also one of my great aunts was married to fred gammage. also do the names griswald and huckaby ring a bell

Granville Waldrop

Alice Jones (View posts)
Posted: 978941499000
I will find out what I can. Most of the family I just recently goten in touch with. I am trying to put the puzzle together myself. Let me know what you come up with and I will ask Pearl's daughter about these names. Thanks


One of Granvilles wife's

Alice Jones (View posts)
Posted: 978947870000
I found a Granville Waldrop born about 1866, Longview, Gregg, TX.


Mattie Serena Richardson born 14 Jun 1870 Longview, Gregg TX. Died 20 Aug 1962

I am assumeing this is our Granville.

Granville Waldrop

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Alice Jones..please email me at You have listed too many names that are common for same people i am looking for...we may be able to compare to see if we are working on same family trees

Re: Alabama Coushatta

Lance L Hall (View posts)
Posted: 1018233245000
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The Alabama and Coushatta (Quassarte) towns were tribal towns in the Creek "Confederacy". One source states them as an adopted tribe. By the time of their removal they may have been genetically and culturally very similar, if not identical, to the other Creeks because of intermarraige?.

So, they could and couldn't be considered a separate tribe. I guess it depends on what the defintion of a "tribe" is. Confederacy

Lance Hall

Re: Alabama Coushatta

Posted: 1060701803000
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The intent is clarification and info for all concerned. Yes, there is an "Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas" - the Rez being located near Livingston, TX. Historically, the Alabama(Alibamu) and Coushatta(Koasti) tribes were separate, but closely linked geographically and linguistically. Both the Bullocks and the Thompsons are large familys on the Rez. Thompsons tend to be Coushatta, Bullock Alabama. I married into the Langley(Coushatta) and Sylestine(Alabama) families. Current Chief is Mikko Choba Oskala Clayton Sylestine. Current language is mix of Alabama/Coushatta, though heavy on Alabama. Will be happy to do lookups or provide info on the Tribe.

Happy hunting

Re: Reservation in Livingston TX

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Both Bullock and Thompson are common surnames on the Rez. Mary Thompson was probably Coushatta. The Bullocks are Alabamas. In 1987, the Restoration Act Federally recognized the Tribe as the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas. Many Native American surnames are adopted from European origins since Europeans had difficulty with traditional names. The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas has an excellent website in which you may be interested. Go to:

Good luck in your research
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