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This thread will contain general notices and guidelines for posting
and discussions about organization of the board

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Board Admin

Re: Admin-Guidelines for postings

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Dear All:

Subject : Guidelines for posting to the Clan Message Boards and Mailing Lists

The purpose of this message board is to provide information
on the Scottish Clan. Surname Research should still be
posted on the Surname message board or mailing list.
Ancestors are listed as a thread/topic.
The Clan mailing list and message boards are gatewayed
together so you will see messages relayed over from the
message board to the mailing list . The Clan mailing list
and this related message board are intended to cover subjects
that would normally be considered off topic in the surnames
message boards and mailing lists.

We used the list from the web site at “Great Hall of the
Clans” as our guide to the Clan list. The Lord Lyon has
referenced that site from their site so it has some degree
of acceptance from an official source. That was also the
guide to the spellings of the Clan name.

The Clan mailing list and Clan message boards are
for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest
in the Scottish Clan and their Septs. Acceptable Topics
include searches for Clan ancestors; discussions
of Clan history, culture, food, language, coats of arms,
tartans, and major events that changed the course of
the Clan.Current events such as the main Clan gathering,
rebuilding of the Clan Castle, news from archives or
museums; and notices of Clan gatherings and meetings
from the official regional and international Clan
Associations are also encouraged.

Here are a few guidelines that will help make this message board easier
to use and more productive and efficient for everyone. I'm trying
something different that takes advantage of the online threading
capability that Rootsweb developed in these message boards.
If you notice, you can actually change the method of
viewing from dates or threads. Since the threads are now online
and live with an interactive url, they can then be referenced in your
own web pages and email messages. I think this is a
significant step forward in genealogy posting and information

A: Please post under one of the Main Topics / Threads.
The reason is to keep the topics organized and easier to
find among the many posts that will be coming in. This
provides some degree of organization. You will then
also be able to post a URL link to that post and thread.
So if you are a secretary for an association for instance
and you have a thread under that category, then you can
post that thread and refer to that link in your newsletters etc.
If you are interested in certain Castles, then start that thread
and then create a sub thread for that unique castle.

B: If you don't see an appropriate Topic or thread please feel
free to create a Topic, then identify the purpose of that topic
and then do your reply to that thread. An example might be
either Castles or Family. Start that thread, then the sub
topic or name. I've suggested some threads below

These threads include:
1: Admin /General
2: History
3: Society and Associations notices
4: Tartans
5: Coats of Arms
6: Heraldry
7: Castles ( sub threads)
8: Culture items
9: Chieftain Notices
10: Clan Gathering or meetings
11: Archives or Museums with Clan Info
12: Ancestors ( sub threads)

C: Notifications are available. . The big advantage of these
is that you can get a notification of ALL messages to
each message board that you are interested in ( Great Time

No Flames, No Politics, No Religion, No Selling

My life is too short and my Wife, my Children and
my Grandchildren are too important to try and admin
those subjects :-)

We'll look forward to seeing your posts and discussions
for this land of Glens and Bens.

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Board Admin

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I am an active member of Clan Donnachaidh worldwide; I don't believe that there is an actual Clan Robertson. Robertson is one of the three principal septs of Clan Donnachaidh. The other two septs are Duncan and Reid (Reed). Altogether there are at least 50 septs affiliated with Donnachaidh.

More information can be found at which is maintained by Mike Duncan, a clansman in the mid-Atlantic branch of Clan Donnachaidh.

Re: Admin

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Dear Michael:

Thanks for your email.

There is lots of history posted in many sites that
claim all sides of this question.

When Rootsweb staff and I were setting up the message
boards and mailing lists, we finally settled on using
the Great Hall of Clans from
as the deciding line.
I had been using Robert Bains book :
Clans and Tartans of Scotland Revised edition 1971 but we
finally agreed on the Great Hall. The Lord Lyon court
has a reference on their web site to the Great Hall.
The Great Hall is also not clear on exactly wheather
there are member of the Family Robertson that
belong to a Clan that call themselves the
Clan Robertson.

Also please remember that often there
are many members of the "Family" that do not subscribe
to the relationship to the Clan Donnachaidh. I am not
going to get into technical discussions and debate with regard
to this separation or claim of the relationship or when is a
Family ( Lowlands) a Clan or not. Technically
the Clans were only strictly a Highlands Family with
certain characteristics. The Lord Lyon court has taken
on the responsibilities of deciding wheather or not each'
Clan is really a Clan or just a family, and in even in some
cases now pending before the Lord Lyon court ,
a related family ( sometimes called a sept). Another
example is the Clan Duncan and the same questions
apply to the Clan MacDonald. Then the even bigger
question: Is there even a Clan today? The Clan system
really disappeared in the late 1700's after Culloden. The
powerful families took over and the Clans as they
existed became nonexistent. So the Clans as we know
them today is really a social structure and not
the legal and admin structure as it was originally.

Remember this message board and mailing list is for ]
other purposes as well. We are not deciding when a Clan
is a Clan etc. So the fact that a message board is here
is merely a way to let members of the Scottish Family
Robertson have a separate board and mailing list to
keep their own unique Family together and the
culture and history alive. I was frankly more interested
in setting up a Scottish board that allowed even the
Septs etc to each have a message board and mailing
list but that got to be too much overlap with the
surname system. The surname message boards
and mailing lists ( the large ones) tend to eliminate
much of the items that I think are of interest. Certainly
these big boards bury the scottish history so deep that
it's not significant and is very hard to find buried in the
rest of the world tracing of the genealogy.

So we won't get hung up in the somewhat technical
question of wheather this is a proper place for the
Robertson Family to post :-)

Best Regards
John A Hansen

Change in Admins

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Please note there was a change in Administrators of both the Clan Robertson Board and List some time ago. I thank John Hansen for his part in establishing and maintaining both of these resources.

Yours Aye,

Lauren M. Boyd, FSA Scot
Clan Robertson Board and List Admin
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