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Wetter Genealogy Switzerland

Wetter Genealogy Switzerland

alexander wetter (View posts)
Posted: 937125303000
looking for herrmann wetter born 1837 in switzerland, married 1869 regina boeyle born 1833. they had a daughter anna wetter born 1870 who married karl becker died 1898. hermann wetter said to be a producer of mineral water. location unknown. appreciate any info on them to complete my genealogical studies.many thanks

Looking for Wetter

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Hi, My name is Betty Sampson and I'm looking for Wetter family that came to the US. My husbands grandfather was Edward Wetter married to Mable Albus. They were from the Detroit, Michigan area. If you have any info on this line I would love to hear from you. I forgot to tell you that Edward was born in 1887. Thank you Betty

looking for Wetter

Betty Sampson (View posts)
Posted: 969008446000
Hi Betty,
thank you for your message which I will keep pending. In fact, as of this moment I do not have Edward Wetter born 1887 in my data-base. This can change suddenly. For your information I work on one branch of Wetter originating in St. Gallen City Switzerland. There are five other branches in Switzerland and I do not know how many of German origin. Do you have any means to check where Edward Wetter came from ? Can you "go down the line" and find out the original immigrant to America ? (parents, grand-parents?) I am asking because I have various family members who left Switzerland for the States, but whose whereabouts / descendants are a mistery in as much as they disappeared from any available record here. I would like to mention a few exemples whichmay be will help you and me to find the link:
1) Hermann Wetter born 1837 inb St. Gallen
reported to have left for the US. Married 1869 Regina Boyle born 1833. They had a daugher Anna Wetter born 1870. She married Karl Becker who died 1898
2)Suzanna Kleophea Wetter born 24 may 1821 in St. Gallen
She is reported to be in USA, and that she had two illegitimate children; one daugher Clara Maria born 19 July 1852, and a se3cond child born 27 January 1854
3) Karl Theodor born 22 april 1860
Ph.D. Chemist in Hartford USA (guess CT)
4) Johann Andreas Wetter born in St. Gallen 22 october 1825
shoe/saddle-maker. Married 7 feb 1860 Anna Elisabeth Strubi born 1827 died 11 march 1892
5) Anna Albertine Wetter born St. Gallen 1863
reported to be a teacher in Chicago Illinois
6) Eugen Wetter born 26 july 1892 died Queens NY 29 may 1939
he was married however no datas available in Switzerland
7) Otiilie Wetter born 1892
she married 1917 probably in NY Filippo Nicoletti Altimari lawyer from Italy in NY
8) Rudolf Wetter born 1810
he was also reported to be in America and had two children
9) Sebastian Wetter
he had three children a) Elisabeth born 1810, b) Josef Christian born 1825 farmer in USA and Johann Sebastian born 1829 shoemaker in America

You appreciate above all rather vague and useless at this stage. Problem is that these disappered from records here and must assume that they died in USA. Should you have any bright idea let me know. Very important we keep in touch.
Thank you for contacting me. alex

looking for Wetter

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Hi Alex,
Thank you for writing back to me. I am sorry I havn't wrote back sooner. We have moved and a lot has been going on in our lives. My Edward Wetter was born in Michigan 1887. His parents were born in Germany. Edward married Mable Albus in Detroit Michigan have no date yet. This is a hard family to track down all the older family is gone and there is no one in the family that has any records on them. Any help you could give is very welcome.

Thank You . Betty

looking for Wetter

Alexander Wetter (View posts)
Posted: 972565285000
Hi Betty
Thnk you for your mail. I suggest we keep in touch although your Edward Wetter came from Germany and my research is presently limited to the Wetter from St. Gallen in Switzerland. However, it is known that many Swiss-Wetter emigrated to Germany and subsequently left the States they were considered as Germans. I am still looking for Wetter who left for the States early / mid 1800: I understand that the majority went to the northern part, such as Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, Washington, Oregon. Hopefully one day we will have more accurate datas to exchange and match. Should I ever find out anything will let you know. Best regards and let's talk again. Alex

WETTER Family from Detroit

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Hello Betty!
Good news...we're related! Your Edward WETTER was the younger brother of my gg-grandfather, Charles Frederick WETTER.

Their parents were Henry WETTER and Wilhelmena HOUNKE or HANKE, and their children are as follows:
1. Albertina, 20 Dec 1877, Germany
2. Charles Frederick, 08 Feb 1879, Germany
3. Henry, 28 Jan 1881
4. William, 22 or 27 Jan 1882
5. Herman, 25 Apr 1884
6. Edward, 10 Aug 1886
7. Alvina, 25 Feb 1889
8. John, 28 Sep 1893

I show Edward married to Mabel ALBUS (b. 14 Sep 1885, d. 25 May 1976), and they were the parents of four childen:
1. Edward C.
2. Carolyn
3. Mildred
4. Alvera

Let me know how this fits with your info.
Sandy Wetter

WETTER Family from Detroit

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Hi Sandy,
Yes, we are related I was so happy to get your message. Could you sent me your e-mail so that we may get together more on the family history. I have been looking for a long time to fine some of the family. I all most was giving up.
Thank You Betty.

My address:

Wetter Family

Joan (Uttley) Werner (View posts)
Posted: 979206291000
My grandmother was Johanna Wilhelmina Fredericka Winberg Wetter - married to John Wetter of Philadelphia - a second wife. His first wife had two daughters, Laura Wetter and Elsie Wetter Briddes - no children from either of these daughters.

However, my aunts Laura and Elsie always talked about a cousin, I forget his first name, who was the superintendent of schools for the city of Philadelphia during the 40's and 50's.

Any help?


Re: Looking for Wetter

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I am also looking for information about the Wetter
family. My grandfather, Hubert Joseph Wetter, born
5/10/1856. He had one brother (that I know of) Anton.
Father's name Theodore.

Re: looking for Wetter

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Surnames: Wetter
Hi Betty,, Alexander, and anyone looking for their Wetter roots. My grandfather Hubert Josef Wetter was born in Altenberg (?) Germany in 1856, son of Theodore Josef and Mary Ann Natman Wetter. He had a brother Anton, and they imigrated to the US and settled in Kansas. Maybe we are all from the same roots---I hope!
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