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Kurt Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 940114791000
My VerSteeg ancestors came from Gelderland in the Netherlands. They came to the Pella, Iowa area with Rev. Henrik Scholte in the 1840's. Klaas VerSteeg was my Great-Great Grandfather. I have information in both directions on this family. Let me know if you are connected.


Klass Ver Steeg

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My wifes maiden name is VerSteeg,Her Dad Was John Versteeg,His Dad worked in the Pella Area and From what I can understand,he built many of the building downtown Pella. I have been trying to find all I can about this family and see if there is any connect to Klass. Any thing you have will be of help

Klaas VerSteeg/John VerSteeg

Kurt R. Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 947789084000
Sounds like there must be a connection. My great grandfather's name was John VerSteeg. He was born in 1875, the son of Klaas VerSteeg and Klaas's third wife, Klaartje Rutte. His father died when he was quite young, and by the time he was 10 or 11, he was working in the coal mines of Southern Iowa. I don't know much about what he did for a living between that time and when he was around 30. By that point, he and his second wife, my Great Grandmother Dora Schregardus were living in Mitchellville, Iowa. John ran a meat market there for many years--tried farming for a few years, then went back to working in the meat market until the Depression, when he went to work at the Girls Training School in Mitchellville. It may be that he worked in construction when he was a young man--but I don't know. What I do know is that my great-grandfather had a half/brother who was also named John VerSteeg. He was the son of Klaas, but his mother's name was Antje Pol. He was born in 1858 in the Pella, area. He may be the one you are looking for--I'm not sure. When was your wife born and what were her parents names and birthdates?

I have pretty much identified all the different VerSteeg families that originally came to the Pella area. There were three brothers that came with their families along with a few nephews. But--I can provide you with all that information once we trace your wife's family back a bit further.

John VerSteeg

Kurt R. Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 947789417000
After reading your message again--I see that your wife would have to be pretty old to be the daughter of the two John VerSteeg's I mentioned. My grandfather, Edwin VerSteeg, had a brother named John VerSteeg born in 1909. Would that be your wife's father?

Klass VerSteeg

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My wife father was John M Ver Steeg.Son of Martin L and Mabel Frazer Ver Steeg. He was born Oct 15,1913 in Pella. John wife was Margaret(Van Veen)VerSteeg. John had 5 brothers,Franklin,Nick,nathaniel,Bert,Edward and Martin. 3 sisters Dorthy,Ida and Viola. Are theses any connections to you.

Martin VerSteeg/John VerSteeg

Kurt R. Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 948050792000
Hi Chuck--I haven't found the connection yet--but I'm sure it can be found if we could just track John's ancestry back about two more generations--which can be done. I did find this so far. Martin was buried in lot 474 of the Pella cemetery. His cemetery record states that he was born in 1864 and died in 1948. Mabel, his wife was born in 1891 and died in 1938. None of the VerSteeg articles in the 1st or 2nd Pella Histories identifies who Martin's parents were, but I found something in the 1870 U.S. census for the Pella area which is probably his family. It is Iowa, Marion County, Dwelling number 305, family number 303. The family described is as follows:
Nicholaas VerSteeg 42
Geertje VerSteeg 34
Gijsje VerSteeg 13
William VerSteeg 12
Jacob VerSteeg 10
Johannes VerSteeg 8
Cornelis VerSteeg 7
Maarte Versteeg 5
Maria VerSteeg 3
Jane VerSteeg 1

The Maarte listed is a boy, and was born in Iowa. Maarte is the dutch spelling--Martin is the translation. If this is the right person, then Nicholas was his father. My great-great grandfather Klaas VerSteeg had a cousin named Nicholaas VerSteeg (Son of Aart VerSteeg and Emmeke Exalto). Nicholaas came to Pella in 1847--according to the ships passenger lists he was 16--which places his birth around 1831. The Nicholaas listed in the Census should have been born around 1828 or 1829. If either the census or the ships passenger lists was a little off on age-this could be the same Nicholaas. Can you find more information about Martin or his parents? Let me know if you can.

Kurt Peterson

John/Martin VerSteeg

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According to my wifes fathers obituary,his parests were Martin L VerSteeg and Mabel Frazer. According to A Koopmans Family tree of which many Koppmans and VerSteegs married each family,it show that klass had 12 children of which was a John and Martin. If this is correct than you great Grandfather Johm was a brother of my wifes Grand father Martin,of whom were then brothers. I feel we are on the right track and if possibe maybe we can get together some time and go futher on this.Was you Great Grand Father John married to a Mary Koopmans on Jan 21,1882 and have a son Nickolus


Kurt Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 948098554000
Chuck--My great grandfather John VerSteeg was born in Marion County, Iowa on 9 July 1875. He never married the woman you mentioned--he would have been too young to marry at the time. He married twice, first to Molly Starrett on March 1st, 1899, then to my great grandmother Dora A. Schregardus on 22 June 1901. I don't believe that your wife's ancestor Martin was his brother. I have done extensive research and never found a sibling named Martin.

Also, my great-great grandfather Klaas VerSteeg did not have 12 children. He was born on 15 November 1816 in Vuren, Netherlands. He married his first wife, Annamieke Vander Sloot on May 25th 1837. They came together to the United States in 1847 with the first group of Dutch that settled in Pella. According to what I have found, they had no children together, and his wife died. In 1857, he married again, to a woman named Antje Pol. They had three children, whose names were John, born in 1858, Aart, born in 1860, and Theodorus, born in 1862. His second wife Antje died sometime between 1862 and 1870. He married the third time on the 30th of April 1872 to Klaartje Meurs (maiden name was Rutte). They had two children. Their eldest was my great-grandfather John VerSteeg. Their youngest was Teuntje (Tonie) VerSteeg, born in 1876. So, unless he had 7 children with his first wife that I never knew about--he didn't have 12 children.

Does the obituary you have say that Martin VerSteeg was the son of Klaas VerSteeg? That would fit in with the census record information I sent you yesterday. Klaas is just the shortened version of Nicholaas. The Nicholaas in the census had 8 children by 1870, and I'm sure its very possible that he had 4 more later. I'm pretty confident that this is the family you are looking for.

As I mentioned before, your VerSteeg family and mine are connected, but I believe the connection is a little further back. If you live in the Des Moines area you should visit the State Historical society building near the capitol. They have an extensive collection of census records on microfilm. You could look at the 1880 federal census as well as the 1885 Iowa State Census to verify that your Martin was part of the family I mentioned.

Another place you could go for assistance is the family history center at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in West Des Moines on Ashworth Road. They have lots of nice volunteers who are always willing to help, plus they have access to the largest film collection in the world.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you. If you verify that your Martin is from the family I mentioned, then I have quite a bit of information I would be happy to send you.


Kurt Peterson
Posted: 949837648000
Edited: 1004294303000
Found a In Loving Remembrance of my wifes great grandfather. His name was Martin Luther Ver Steeg and was born Feb 4,1863 in Pella and Died Dec 7,1947 here in Pella and was Buried in Oakwood Cemetery and His second wife was a Mabel Frazer. John,my wifes Father was born Oct 15 1913 in Pella. I do have some connecting information from the KoopmanFamily which many of the Ver Steegs married and which many koopmans married to VerSteeg. I will check out the sources you gave me in Des Moines. Thanks

Sleuthing for VerSteegs

Kurt Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 949868060000
Good work on finding the obituary card. Hopefully your work in Des Moines will be fruitful. Let me know how it goes.

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