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great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

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Hi Sweetie (Latisha) It's me your cousin La from Santa Ana.
I am doing family research for grandma and grandpa's families.
To any family members out there - If you have any realation to
Silila tuiteleapaga or Lafitaga Pulefaasisina please contact me at or I need
family names of both silila and Lafitaga (brothers/sisters) birthdates/death dates, places where they were born and died.
If possible spouses and children will be helpful too. Thank you very much. I can also be reached a 714-751-1870. Hi cuz,
how are you (Latisha Utuga)? Send me your e-mail address
I love you Latisha. Rita we might be related need more info about family members. E-mail me

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

Leticia Utuga (View posts)
Posted: 1025080840000
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Hey Hey Cuzzo,

Hi La OH MAH GOODNESS now look at you tryin to get to know about the whole familia girl i can give you all that 411 when i get there to Santa Ana over this Weekend coming now......

Well i just hit this up because i finally got back on the computer and i seen you on it i seen Lamalia Naea i was like oh no who is this and when i looked inside what do you know it was you LA.....

Well i miss all of you guys out there Hey LA when i come out there this weekend CALL MAGRET andtell her to come and PICK me up one of the days when were out there kay cause we gonna be out there the WHOLE WEEEK!!! And YES girl you know we bringing the whole FAMILY except for Wilson becuase he has to work so he's gonnna CHILL ya know what i mean!!! Or maybe we can take RIDE out there ya know me you and the GIRLS to see MARGRET and that uluka'e MELESALA!!!

Well i can't wait to see you out there and LA you know who RITA is don't you that's Aunty Losalia's daughter the one who is in the NAVY that's AnnRita i know you got's to know her!!!

Well girl i willl email you okay and i will call you all up before we come out there yeah we all driving there shoot mah dad thinking of bringing two cars man i hope he don't try and make me DRIVE because man i am planning on DRINKING this weekend before we come out there!!!

Oh girl i was in SHOCK when Mah MOMz came back and mah MOMz was like Tisha you should go and visit LA she CHANGED so much she into her CHurch and everything i was like ummmm i know she was changing last time i seen her but i didn't know you was all into church now a days girl you go with your BAD self!!!

Well talk to you some more when we get out there and kick it okay!!! Can't wait to see you guys out there and LA tell MARGRET i said HI if you talk to her and if i don't get to see her when i get out there that I HOPE i really do get a chance to BUMP heads with her before the NEXT LIFE time ya feel me!!!!

Got's to Jam cause it's getting Late and i am still here at mah Aunties House!!!

Love you Always and the girls and the Uncle and Aunty.....

Send mah alofa's to everyoneand everybody!!!

Love Always,

Leticia Malua Utuga

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

rosely (View posts)
Posted: 1041997112000
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Hi. I was searching for ancestry info & was very pleased to have stumble across a very familiar name. My grandfather is Lafitaga Pulefaasisina who died I believe in 1989. He has 4 children. My mother who has been deceased since 5/59 name Seutiatele Pule Alo (buried in Punchbowl Honolulu, Hawaiii) the oldest of 4 children followed by only blood son (that I know of) my uncle Liona Lafitage who was married to Sose Masoli from Leone, Samoa. Then there is Auntie Sipua in Portland Oregon & youngest daughter, Maina Iosia who has recently relocated to Hawaii. I'm the youngest of 4. My older sister Florence (Flo) lives in Honolulu w/2nd oldest-only brother Edmund Atimani Alo. My third oldest is Miriamokaniokalani Atimani Alo who supposedly is in Texas & I reside in Georgia. I'll be more than happy to share any info w/you.

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

lamalia (View posts)
Posted: 1043267159000
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Thank you for responding to my message. I am doing family
search for my Mother's Family. My mom's name is Ulalei Naea. Are you any relation to Losalia Tagasolo. Children are
Caroline, Ula, Sagele and Faleaga. They live in Hawaii-but I don't know exacty where. Silila is my Mothers grandmother.
Silila daughter is Melesala Fuimaono who is my Mother's Mom - which is my grandmother.Tuitelepaga is my great-grandfather's last name. His full name is Pule Tuitelepaga.
what ever info you could give will be useful. I live in California.
You could also call me @714-751-1870. Just ask for La.

LaMalia Naea

Talofa Lava le Aiga Atoa.........

Leticia Malua Utuga (View posts)
Posted: 1045092807000
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Hey Cousin La,

First i like to say hello and send my love to everyone out there in the South. And Pray that you find this email or reply in good Health and Great Faith as well. With Love and Most Definately Lot's of Respect.

It's me Tisha. Well i was just reading your thing on the reply to Roselynn.

As i was looking at the email on here and i was like hmmmmmmmm is this right or what. but anyhoot Great Grandmother Silila Tuiteleleapaga is Grandma Melesala's Mom and Great Grandpa Pule his whole name is Lafitaga Pulefa'asisiga ( hope i spelled it right) but Grandma Melesala's last name was Pulefa'asisiga. also some of the kids as well carry Lafitaga as there last name as well.

Going thru all these researches and everything with My father and everyone else in the family i am learnin little by little of everything about our family. I know that Grandma Melesala was the OLDEST of all Grandma Silila's Kids. First of all i know it goes something like Grandma Melesala, then Aunty Lucia, Aunty Tulutulu, Aunty Malia, and Uncle Ioane which i have never met at all. I think there are other sister's though but i will get to that as soon as i find out. This family here i have noticed goes way way back ya know what i mean. I mean so back and so far that we start to notice different things, notice why some people we see have the features that we always wondered where have they come from you know.

One day i went home and i was telling my dad about Roselynn when me and her started to email not to long ago and he was tryin to think and he was wondering who was Roselynn. I kept saying i don't know Dad but you all sure do have a real big family that some peeps don't even know eachother ya know. But see it was my fault cause he was tryin to ask for Roselynn's mothers name and that's why i had came back in here and look at it again so i can WRITE everything down and of course that's how i saw your post on here........... Well ladies i will talk to you later and when i find out some more info i will let you all know but i know that i will have for later....

Love You All,

Leticia Malua Utuga

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

Posted: 1095113843000
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hello! did lafitaga pulefaasisina have a brother named iosefa suafoa? suafoa's son is onosai navelika who is my father...

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

Posted: 1161824688000
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Edited: 1161825137000
Surnames: Maina Iuma
Hello... Im the youngest of Maina Iosia's children. Well actually I was adopted by Maina since birth. My sister and I have been trying to find info about the passing of Aunty Seutiatele. I am a student at Westwood college majoring in Criminal Justice. I met uncle magi (n aunty margaret), but thats all I know from Se'au children. Well hopefully I get to meet you all. My Mom and Sis Leka says HI to you all and also sends their love. Our number is (562) 822-2535. The thing I enjoy is to here the lovely stories from my older sis Leka. Anyways I know yah'll haven't reunited (sincewho knows when), so thats the number to the house.

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

Posted: 1261384620000
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Hi family this is your cousin in georgia Florence (flo) Alo my email

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

Posted: 1285747195000
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Good morning...I haven't been on this site for several , I believe since 2002, I think... Anyhow, if you are still interested in the facts relating to my mothers death, send me an email. I have 62 pages of the Honolulu Star bulletin news-ad of 1959 in regards to my mother'a death. I was curious of your interest although you mentioned that you were a Criminal Justice major at the time of your posting. I gather by now that you may have asked your adopted mother who happens to be my Aunt about those details that lead up to and that resulted in her death. Some of these truths were not stated in the court trials or news-ads. Let me know if you want to hear the entire truth about that case. Look forward to hearing from you if you are still out there. To the rest of my cousin's/families out there who I have never met or met & I don't remember, send me an email. Would like to connect and/or re-connect with you. Until then, My Father's blessings and much alofa's to you all. Be safe and take care. Talofa...

Re: great grandmother Sililia Tuiteleapaga

Posted: 1372092880000
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Surnames: Lafitaga
Hello. I was searching for geneology stuff on our family name Lafitaga. My mother is also Seutiatele, she was named after your mother, she is the oldest child of Liona and Sose's kids. My grandpa is your uncle Liona who was married to Sose. I remember growing up with Flo :-). All the names you mention in your email are all familair to me. I know bits and pieces of our family history. I'd like to know more. I hope you can help.

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