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Family Tree Info

Family Tree Info

Sterritt Ross (View posts)
Posted: 939098871000
Would greatly appreciate any information
on the Sterritt Family.
I am approximately the 5th generation of
the Sterritt name in Australia, my forebears
emigrated from Ireland to Australia at the
same time some emigrated to the United States
of America.
One name I Have is James Sterritt, would have
been born 1798 in Ireland, died in Australia
3 May, 1860. Married to Elizabeth McNutt, James is the brother of George Sterrit, of which I have no information.


Steve Sterritt (View posts)
Posted: 944938520000
Hi.. I noticed your enquirey...though all I can tell you is I myself am a Sterritt, born in Northern Ireland, though currently living in Bermuda. I will see what I can find out for you. Perhaps if you have ant up to date info you could supply me?? You can find info on myself if you go to Belfast Telegraph site and then exiles pages. Type Sterritt into the search engine and it should take you to my info. Look forward to your response
Best Regards Steve.

Sterrit Name

Allene Sterritt (View posts)
Posted: 958146648000

I noticed that you are looking for some information on the Sterritt name originating from Ireland. My Grandfather's Granfather emigrated here to the US in the late 1700's. I have all of the geneology from then until now on his family. There were some uncles that went WEST in the US but I didn't hear of anyone who went to Australia. I started searching some years ago andhave most recently been in College at night so I haven't gone very far with it lately. I will check my records of Ireland for any connection to you and let you know. I do know that per my Grandfather there has always been a James Sterritt in his family for every generation.

Sterritt Name

Sterritt Reginald Ross (View posts)
Posted: 958278957000
Allene Sterritt,
Hi, from Aus, Stretch(nickname)is 6'6"
left his name and name search months ago
and is most surprised that after all this time he has had an answer. We seaached the
internet one night and found 14 Sterritt's listed in the Irish Phone book. Most unsual
name in the world except in Ireland. As with many Irish family they either went to the
America's or sent south to the penanal colonies. At the moment all our relivent
information is down stairs and is not at hand but if you receive this message, I can
make sure, that in the furure I can have
relivent details avilable. We have come across a few Sterritt here in Australia, most
of which payed their own way or come on Licencse which was the same as indenture or
apprecentaship. Hope if you receive this
that you will reply and we can share information, or if any other Sterritt is
lisening please reply.

Sterritt Ross

Sterritt- Steve Sterritt

Sterrittt Ross (View posts)
Posted: 958280916000
Steve Sterritt,
Please contact , a.s.a.p. finally
just receive your message after 4 months
your describition of your Grandfather
James wife as Elizabeth McNutt leads us to believe that your are my husbands cousin,
further confirmation can be submited on
us looking further into the family tree,
but if you are related to James and Elizabeth then you have to be related. We have copies of their birth ,death and marriage cerficates and will's in our family reseach . Please reply Steve Sterritt a.s.a.p.

sterritt- Steve Sterritt re help

ruth (View posts)
Posted: 958347410000
hi steve pls send me your last letter as i have lost it . the letter u rote befor the one i sent u about james married a McNutt and cam to australia in the 1800 ?

sterritt- Steve Sterritt re help

ruth (View posts)
Posted: 958347446000
hi steve pls send me your last letter as i have lost it . the letter u rote befor the one i sent u about james married a McNutt and cam to australia in the 1800 ?

sterritt- Steve Sterritt re help

ruth (View posts)
Posted: 958347477000
hi steve pls send me your last letter as i have lost it . the letter u rote befor the one i sent u about james married a McNutt and cam to australia in the 1800 ?

To Allene Reg(Stretch)

Judith Starrett/Sterritt (View posts)
Posted: 959103817000
Hi all,
I just checked the message board today and saw your messages. Wonder if either of you has any information about my dad and his family.

My sister and brothers and I have litle info as our parents died while we were young, but the info that we have is:

My dad, Thomas, and his older brother, Frederick, came from Belfast, landed at Ellis Island. It would have been in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

My dad was young, maybe under 10, and his older brother, Frederick, was just a few years older. They were separated soon after landing, Frederick went to look for work. My dad stayed at a farm, worked there for however long?

Eventually my dad came to Canada. Met my mom in New Westminster, B.C. That is all we know. I don't suppose anyone on this board is a decendant of Frederick, or knows anything about these Starretts/Sterritts.
PS. I do remember that when I was 9 my dad took me to get a library card. He gave the librarian a different spelling for our family name, and when we got home he showed me that he had just received a birth certificate from Ireland and the name was not spelled STARRETT, but I can't remember how it was spelled. I think STERRITT???? Oh, we also know that our father's mother's name was Mary Kelly, who married Frederick Sr.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
Judith Starrett,
Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.

Samuel Morrison Sterritt

Posted: 960991189000
Edited: 999287281000
Dear Allene,

I noticed on the Sterritt message board that you have information on Sterritts in America from 1700. I am looking for the parents of my gggrandfather, Samuel Morrison Sterritt who was from the tri states area of New York. That means he could have been born in Ny, NJ or PA. His mother was supposedly named Martha Hulse, born around 1772, but I don't know his father's name. I do know that there was a Morrison somewhere in there. Samuel married Dorothy Ayers on March 12, 1827.

If any of your Sterritts sound similar I would love to hear from you.

Bev Crane
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