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Updated information re: Skadsem's in SD

Updated information re: Skadsem's in SD

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Due to information on a obituary, I believe
SKADSEM, Ole M was born in Holt Township,
Fillmore County, Minnesota and NOT South Dakota as previously believed...

Ole Johnson Skadsem

John Erickson (View posts)
Posted: 971207426000
Your Ole M. Skadsem is the son of Ole Johnson Skadsem.
Ole Johnson Skadsem surved in the Civil War and drew a pension at Flanderau, SD.
I have not been able to locate Where Ole Johnson Skadsem and his wife, Malene Rasmusdater Opsal are buried.
They emigrated from the Island of Fogn,Finnoy, Norway in or about 1865 to Holt Township, Fillmore County, MN.
You have Skadsem/Skadson relatives in Caledonia, MN. Write to Jarla Skadsem Enstrom in Caledonia. I can help you our with the whole genealogy of this family, but it is to much for the internet.
My GreatGrand father was a brother to Ole Johnson Skadsem's Wife, Malene.

Ole Johnson Skadsem

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John! Is your address still La Crescent? I have a copy of a reply you rec'd from Stavanger dated 06/05/1973.
We have found the burial site for Ole J Skadsem.(August 2000)
Oslo Lutheran Cemetery, Trent, SD. The grave is unmarked. I do have a copy of the church record indicating Ole is buried there with his son Johon/John Olson Skadsem and his wife,infant son, teen-age son, teen-age daughter. We were there 3rd wek-end of September. Lots of Blinsmons buried there also. (Ole M Skadsem's 2nd wife was a Blinsmon as was Johon/John's wife) I have been in contact with Jarla Skadsem Enstrom and Alfreda Skadsem Bach. Alfreda met Mike I at Flandreau along with Dennis Skadem and Ila Skadsem Anderson. My address is 5111 S Roany Rd, Gillette, WY 82718. Let me know if you want copies of the church record and what ever else you are looking for--I have some census records, Ole J's Emigration record from Norway (1857 Stavanger)etc. We are working on getting Ole J's grave marked and still looking for Malene's burial site. Got any clues?


John Erickson (View posts)
Posted: 971240255000
Hi-I was happy to see your inquiry on Family History and
yes I would like a copy of what you have on Ole Johnson Skadsem
I was unaware of his being married for the 2nd time so that is news.
I have no idea where Malene would be buried, but now it would be possible that
she died in Houston or Fillmore County, MN. I will check that out sometime when I have a chance to visit Preston and Caledonia.

This past summer we found the burial site of Ole Rasmussen's wife, Sofie.
She is buried in a cemetery outside of Erwin,South Dakota this past summer.

We are also looking for Malene's sister, Anne Malene who married Christian Torgerson Nordrum 3 Jan. 1874 in Fillmore County, MN. They had one unnamed child 12-26-1874 in Holt Township.
Another child born to this couple on 9-10-1881 in Holt Township was named Alfred Martinus Nordrum. We just cannot locate anybody from this family. Hopefully someone will recognize a decendant of their's.
It is very possible that they used the last name, Torgerson, instead of Nordrum?

Our address has been changed to:
John Darlene Erickson
253 Fireside Drive
La Crescent, MN 55947

Please feel free to call and stop in for a visit if you are in the area. Between Jarla and myself we could show you a lot of family history

Take care,



John Erickson (View posts)
Posted: 971246588000
Hi Vicky - Your 2nd message today - This is what
I have in my Opsal file and I'm not sure it is the
right "Malene", but here goes:

Malena Rasmusdtr died May 30, 1974, 35yrs6mos.
Father Rasmus, Mother Anne(shoud be Anne Serine) Marie, died in Childbirth
recorded at Holt Township, Fillmore County, Mn. Recorded in Court House.
Dec 31, 1874.

Recorded in Elstad Church, Lanesboro,Fillmore County, Lanesboro,MN.
Malene Rasmusdatter 35 1/2 yrs died 31 May 1873??(might be my error).
Born at Finno (Finnoy) died of Childbirth.

Olava Marie buried at Elstad Church daughter of Ole and Malne Skadsem.

Remember we can show you these cemeteries and
some other stuff if you ever want to make the trip.


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Good Morning!
So nice to hear from you so soon! It wasn't Ole J That was married twice but Ole MArcelious his son. 1st wife Sarah Larson 2nd Sophie Blinsmon.
Your 2nd message talks about a Malene Rasmusdtr dying in 1874 Holt Township during child birth. Thats Ole Johnson Skadsem wife.
She is listed on the 1870 census but not the 1875 census for Holt. there is also a baptismal record for a Martin in 1874 which no one knows anything about. So I would say yes, the Malene that died in 1874 Holt Township May 30, 1874 is the correct one.Yes, Jarla gave me the information about Olava Marie burial site and I have a copy of a photo of her headstone-do you suppose Malene and Martin are buried there also no headstone/marker? Am I on the right track or way off base ???
I have to go out of town for classes so you probably won't hear from me til later Saturday. My email address is and my husbands is (Mike)
Thanks for the information! Talk to you later. Take care, Vicky

Re: Skadsem

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Surnames: Skadsem
Hello, I am so happy to find these messages. My maiden name is Shari Nygren, I am the granddaughter of Pearl Viola Skadesem, daughter of Ole M. Skadsem from his second marriage to Sophia (Sophie?) Blinsmon. They had many children together. I would love to have the information you or Vicky would have on Ole J. Skadsem as he would be my Great, Great, Grandfather. I will try to personally e-mail each of you and I have the census information from 1920 for Ole M., with his wife and children from Sophia as well as one daughter from first marriage.

Re: Skadsem & Opsahl

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Surnames: Tangen; Myer & possibly Opsahl
Hi John,

Tonight I received new information about my great, great, great grandma, Berthe Marie Halvorsdatter Opsalhagen Rustad-eie. (Long name I know). Anyway, she and her family (married name of Tangen) went to the Elstad church you were speaking of. Because of Bethe's farm name (Opsalhagen), I am wondering if the Rasmus, Ole & Knute Opsahl who attended the Elstad church were her brothers.

Do you know if there are obituaries or death certificates for these 3 men? I live in Illinois - so I don't have any of the records.

My Berthe's parents were: Halvor Torstensen Skiefstad (b. abt. 1799) & Johanne Pedersdatter Skinstad Inderster (b. abt. 1795). My Berthe was born in Østre Toten, Norway.

What is weird is all of Berthe & Olaus Tangen's neighbors attended Highland Prairie Church. Technically Berthe & Olaus & their children should have too - but the attended Elstad church instead ~ which could mean they had other family members attending Elstad.

Would you be able to help me at all?

Cammie Jordan

Re: Skadsem & Opsahl

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I haven't picked up my geneology for a while. I do have an obituary for Knud Opsahl, who is my great-great grandfather if you are still interested. I am just starting to research Knud's parents and his siblings.

Re: Skadsem & Opsahl

Vicky SKadsem (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Skadsem/Opsahl
Hi John! Good to hear from you. I haven't done much in the way of genealogy lately either! I would like a copy of the obit you have for Knud Opsahl. What I should do is dig out the files I have and see what I have on that Maline Opsahl Rassmusdtr /Skadsem's family. It may be of interest to you.
Maline died in childbirth in 1874-the birth records show a son named Martin who would have been the child born in 1874 but after the baptismal record there is no further mention of Martin. I have heard that Ole M Skadsem was mostly raised by another family after his mothers death since he only three years old. Do you suppose that family adopted Martin since he was just a newborn baby? What do you think? What is your e-address? Mine is Later-Vicky Skadsem
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