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I have traced back to the Stillwater Church in New Jersey and found Martin Sipperly and Sophia Keen. It is clear that the Sipley name was at one time Sipperley and it may be of Dutch origins as the Stillwater Church is a Dutch church. Wondering if anyone has found any other connections.
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Surnames: Sipley, Sippley
Hi Trish! I live in Stillwater but I am not a Sipley. I just left our historical society meeting and someone enlisted my help in finding the origins of Sipley in Stillwater. From what I can tell, we had a first generation of Sipleys who were born about 1744/1745. Their names were Catherine (B. Jan. 12, 1744, died May 1799) and Philip (B. April 17, 1745 Died May 13, 1790). They are buried at the old Stillwater Cemetery and I have them on my list, but I don't know if I have photos of their stones. I might...I will check. I can get pictures of their stones to confirm the information....that isn't a problem. They seem to have had some children because we see in the old Stillwater Church records that Martin (who married Sophia Keen) and Bernhart (Maybe Johann Bernhardt) who married Elisabeth Titman and another John and Elisabeth Sipley were baptising many of their children in our old Reformed Church. They used various spellings and I will also check the tombstones to see what spelling was used at the time of their deaths...but I see it spelled Sippely, Sipply, and Sipley (most common). Sipperly I also see in my cemetery records, but I will check on that. The record says John Sipperly Died Sept. 11th, 1807- Age 65 years which would have made his birth 1742...a contemporary to Philip and Catherine. That will spice things up a bit. They appear to all be in the same area. I will confirm the dates and spellings because these records are not always terribly accurate. I suppose that you have seen all of the baptismal records on the web...if not...I can post the web address. It is getting late now, but I will follow up with any connections I can made from local records. answer your question about the Dutch origins of our old was quite German in fact. I think that it was likely that the Sipley family was of German origin, but I don't know that. If I discover that their stones are in german, I will let you know.

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Trish Dehmel (View posts)
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Hi Tina:
I would certainly appreciate your help. I was able to get back to Martin and although I saw the other names on the web I couldn't prove any relationships. It would be wonderful to be able to solve this little family mystery. I would like to get photos of the gravestones too if you can email them to me. Thanks so much for your kind assistance. I look forward to hearing from you again.

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Surnames: Sipley, Sipperly
Hi Trish. I was working hard last night on the Sipley connections and I think I have figured some things out...but if you have other data...let's put our heads together and figure this out. I published the document to the web and I will link it into my other web pages as soon as I have time to do that....But for now, I have this link to give you.
<A HREF=" of Philip Sipley.htm">Descendants of Philip Sipley</A
If I did this correctly, the webpage should show itself up here. I will cross my fingers. I am new at HTML. At any rate, I follwed up the leads on the connections between Sipley and Sipperly. I think there is a possibility that the two families are connected, but I couldn't prove that with any concrete records. As far as I can tell, the two families were here at the same time (Philip Sipley and his wife Catherine and John Sipperly who I think was married to Elizabeth Swartswelder (the daughter of Martin). As for the two Johns that you seen on the family page, they may be the same man with the first wife having been Margaret Crouse (who was dead by 1835 according to her father's will) and Elizabeth Berk who clearly was his wife by March 7, 1813. It seems that John and Margaret stopped having children by 1806. There is a questionable baptism of a son Philip to John and Margaret, but no dates are given. I put him in with this John and Margaret, even though his placement on the "roster" would have me think it was much later on. I didn't see the records myself, these I got from the web. I would venture to guess that they are the same person, however. The Sipperly family undoubtedly comes down from Michael Sipperly of Rhinebeck, NY (Kingston) - who immigrated to this country in 1712. He was an early settler of Rensselaer County apparently and I found this date of 1712 at the Rensselaer County Genweb (I think) page. He seems to have left a long trail of Sipperly people, but I don't see a name change to Sipley amongst them. Maybe I missed it. They seemed to keep Sipperly and so did the John Sipperly who lived here in Stillwater. John Sipperly had a wife who left a will, although it appears to have been written Sipperlin. She was Anna Elizabeth Swartswelder. She mentioned no children in her will, unfortunately. Mabye they had none that lived to adulthood and certainly the records at the church would indicate that. I haven't checked in depth on that spelling of the name locally, but I didn't find any in this preliminary study of the family. I only see a brother John and a sister Margaret Moot. (She was married to George Moot). We have alot of Swartswelder records, so if she was having children with John Sipperly, I would think that they would have been listed in the Stillwater records, but perhaps they were baptised elsewhere. Also worth noting is that she was the daughter of Martin Swartswelder, who, in his will in 1795, calls her the wife of John Sipperly. Martin's dates are 1726-1795. A photo of his stone is posted here at Rootsweb. John Sipperly's dates are 1742-1807 and his wife would have been born sometime between 1746 and 1766. She died in 1808 (a widow). So that makes sense. She had a brother born in 1763 and another born in if she was born as a part of this brood, she may not have been very old when she died, actually....and perhaps she had married an older man. This I am basing on the cemetery data and photos that I have. Go over what you have and when we have a nice day, I will go photograph Philip and Catherine Sipley's stones and I will get them posted on here. I hope the html link works. I followed the directions to a T...we'll see. Sometimes I surprise myself! Go over what I sent and tell me if you think that the dates jive with what you have. I could have made mistakes, so please tell me if you find anything which doesn't concur. Tina

One more try at the HTML

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<A HREF=" of Philip Sipley.htm">Descendants of Philip Sipley</A>

Maybe this will work..otherwise email me and I will send you the link.

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Surnames: Sipley, Miller
I am searching for the parents or siblings of Catherine SIPLEY, born 10 May 1785 in Nova Scotia, Canada and died 04 March 1853 probably in Ridgebury Twp., Bradford Co., Pennsylvania. Catherine (or Catharina) married Isaac MILLER Abt 1800 probably in Sussex Co., New Jersey. Isaac MILLER was born 13 February 1778 probably in Germany and died 23 July 1844 in Ridgebury Twp., Bradford Co., Pennsylvania. Isaac’s parents have not been identified, as yet.

The children of Isaac and Catherine were named: Johannes, Phillip, Elizabeth, Robert, Ann, Polly, Sally, Isaac, Deborah, Catherine, Susannah, Margaret and Levi. Their first son, Johannes (or John), was baptized at Stillwater, Sussex Co., New Jersey on 8 November 1802. Witnesses to his baptism were John SIPLEY and Elizabeth (surname unknown) who may be related to the aforementioned Catherine SIPLEY.

The Isaac Miller family later migrated to Bradford County, Pennsylvania and arrived there sometime before the 1820 census. They established a farm in Ridgebury Township and lived there for the remainder of their lives. Isaac MILLER and Catherine SIPLEY Miller are both interred at the Wellsburg Cem., Wellsburg, Chemung Co., New York.

Paul Newell
Ellicott City, MD
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Surnames: Sipley, Sipperly
Hello Paul. The Canadian connection to the Sipley family is new for me. I worked on this family with a girl from Nove Scotia for quite a while and we both came to the conclusion that Sipley and Sipperly were one and the same. There was a family called Zipperle and other variations, who lived up on the Hudson River. I found a record for Philip born to Michael Zipperly (or some other spelling) and Regina Schaeffer which matches very closely to the cemetery record for Philip. I also have assumed that John Spperly and Philip Sipley were brothers because John Sipperly mentions the children of Philip in his will, which was probated at Sussex County. They are buried together at Stillwater Cemetery. Have you checked out the Zipperly name? I have all of my correspondences and work saved regarding this family if you need it. Here is the birth record for PhilipHi Trish...what do we make of this...Philip Sipley's grave says that he
born April 17, 1745. Well, I will have to double check because if these
written records are wrong and the stone says April 7th...we are in!
Individual Record FamilySearchâ„¢ International Genealogical Index v4.02
North America
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Johann Philipp ZIPPERLE
Sex: M

Birth: 7 Apr 1745
Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York

Father: Johann Michael ZIPPERLE
Mother: Regina SHAFFER

Here is Michael's will:
Early Rensselaer Co., NY Wills
(Recorded 1865 or before)

Will of (Johann) Michael Cipperly of Schaghticoke probated 3 May 1791

In the name of God Amen. I, Michael Cipperly of Schaghticoke, County of Albany and State of New York, being weak in Body and of great age but of sound and perfect memory, (Blessed be the Almighty for the same) I do make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following. First I deliver my soul to the almighty god from whence it came and my Body to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christianlike manner. As for my worldly affares and state which the Lord had Blessed me I bequeath in the form following (that is to say) first I give and bequeath to my beloved son Jacob Cipperly and beloved duughter Catharine Weatherwax, wife to Peter Weatherwax all the land and tenements that I now am the owner of to be divided equally between them after my Decease and the decease of my wife Regina Cipperly. Secondly I give and bequeath to the rest of my children the following sums of money to be paid to them one year after mine and my wife's decease by the above mentioned two of my Children, Jacob Cipperly and Catharine Weatherwax in the manner and form hereafter prescribed - to my beloved son Barent Cipperly they are to pay the sum of one hundred pounds equally between them the sum of ten pounds per year and after the expiration of ten years if not paid or any part thereof with lawful interest till paid. Thirdly I give and bequeath to my son John Cipperly the sum of one hundred pounds in the same condition and terms aforesaid to Barent - Fourthly I give and bequeath to my son Henry Cipperly to be paid in the same manner and form aforesaid. Fifthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Susanna the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid in the same manner and forms aforesaid. Sixthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Helena wife to David Weatherwax the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid in the same manner and form aforesaid and also one brass kettle. Seventhly I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Barbara the sum of eighty pounds which illegible I have against her husband Christian Franklin. Eighthly I give and bequeath to Phillip Cipperly twenty shillings after my decease. Ninthly I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Regina Cipperly twenty shillings to be paid after my decease. Tenthly I bequeath all my illegible - maybe blacksmith ? to my son Jacob Cipperly. Eleventhly I give and bequeath to my son Barent Cipperly the sum of four pounds out of my personal estate after it is divided Lastly I give all the remainder part of my estate to all my children to be equally divided between them after my decease and the decease of my wife except for my son Phillip Cipperly and my grand daughter Regina Cipperly, they shall have no more than the twenty shillings I have willed to them. I hereby nominate and appoint my trusty and loving friends John Snider and Jacob Weatherwax executors of this my last will and Testament revoking hereby all former wills by me made, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

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Lois Bender (View posts)
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Hi, I'm over in Lafayette,NJ. my daughter was married to
Roger d.Sipley,his father is Harry Sipley and his father was
also Harry his grandma was Harriet Van Houten, I have
never heard them say the name was different.I'll help you just drop me a line

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Brent A. Sipley (View posts)
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I am the son of Arthur D. Sipley of Blairstown, New Jersey. His father was John Atwood Sipley also of Blairstown. My findings have also led me to and ended at the same church in Stillwater, New Jersey. Does anyone have information to bring us closer to our origin?
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