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AM Sutherland (View posts)
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I am looking for info on Peter Gibbons Selbe, B. 1819, Prince Edward, East Virginia. Married Edna W. Davis (in 1842, West Virginia)B. 1823, New River, Monroe, West Virginia. His parents were John Selbe and Sarah Gibbons. They moved to Kansas after 1864 (we think)with 8 of their 12 children (the others died as infants); John R.(1843), Christopher B.(1846), Minerva L.(1846), Mary D.(1848), Lewis T.(1850), Robert Absolom(1852), William L.(1854), Edna L.(1856), Luella Madora(1858), Henry Alexander(1860), Alonzo Wilson(1862), and Dona Isabell(1864). Please contact me if you have any information you could share. I will be more than willing to give you what I have.


John Selbe and Sarah Gibbons

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I am looking for any information on my great-great-grandparents John Selbe and Sarah Gibbons. They are the parents of Samuel Alexander Selbe (1832-1922) of W. Va., who was born in Farmville VA, Prince Edward Co. I have some information on the sons of John and Sarah that I would be willing to share.

Selbe West Virguinia

R. Sandra Scott Adkins (View posts)
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My grandfather was Hazel Selbe or possibley Hazelwood. His father died when he was young and he was faised by a stepfather named Foster. He also died young and left 8 children to be raised by my grandmother.
Edna Lowery Selbe. His one son is Hazel Selbe Jr (my uncle) and he lives in Ok city, OK. One aunt Griscelda Fern Selbe Johnson told me the her grandfather was John Selbe.
The others sisters don't agree and only one is left now. If you run across this name please pass it on. I am just begining to search. Thanks, Sandra Adkins
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I have a "Grinston" Selby who was a neice of Samuel Alexander Selbe. In 1880, she was 15 years of age. Her father was born in Ohio, mother in VA, and she in VA. Could this be any relations?


Sandra Adkins (View posts)
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I have one aunt living who is a selbe by birth. I will contact her and ask about that name.


romie selbe (View posts)
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hello im a selbe not selby, and i know there is few of us, not many if you need some questions cleared i have my grandmother's family bible wich goes back 170 years kanawha county

selbe kanawha, WV

jessie ann selbe miller (View posts)
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hello my name is jessie ann selbe

I am looking for any dates or other information on my ancestors John Selbe and
Sarah Gibbons,[MY 4TH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS] they had 3 children,
1. Peter Gibbons Selbe;[MY 3RD GREAT-GRANDFATHER] b. June 26, 1819
d. May 23, 1900. married Nov. 24, 1842, to Edna W Davis; b. Sept. 18, 1823 d.
March 18, 1902. They had 12 children, John R, Minerva L, Christopher B, Mary
D, Lewis T, Robert Absalom, William L, Edna L, Luella Madora, Henry Alexander,
Alonzo Wilson, and Dona Isabell Selbe.
(see Descendants of for dates of children)

2. Samuel A Selbe; no dates, married to (a) Jane Davis and had 2 sons. (1) Peter
Gibbons Selbe; b. April 17, 1843 d. Feb. 20, 1920, married Feb. 15, 1867, to
Signora Senter; b. Jan. 7, 1844 d. Jan. 10, 1928, They had 3 children, William Dick
Erson, Robert Emmet and Benjamin Franklin Selbe. (2) Frank Selbe; no dates.
Samuel also married (b) Martha Littleton; no dates, they had 2 sons, (1) John
Walter; b. Oct. 8, 1871 d. July 19, 1951, married (a) Garnett Alice Hanley; b. Feb,
1884 d. Oct. 21, 1950, They had 7 children, Lena Alice, Mamy Ruth, John Paul,
Kenneth Alva, Donald Ray, Benjamin Delbert, and Daisy May Selbe. Frank also
married (b) Name Unknown, and they had 4 sons, Earl Walter, Arnold, Raymond
and Carl.

3. Richard B Selbe; no dates, married to Lucinda Davis; no dates, married on
March 22,1849, no known children.

John R Selbe [MY GREAT-GREAT-GRANDFATHER] (oldest of the 12 children
of Peter Gibbons Selbe and Edna W. Davis) b. Aug. 4, 1843 d. Jan. 16, 1908,
married Sept. 18, 1866 to Mary Francis Bickel; b. March 1850, they had 4
children, Robert R, Chris Carol, Mary M, and Lulu L Selbe.

Chris Carol Selbe [MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER](second child of John R Selbe
and Mary Frances Bickle) b. Oct. 19, 1867 d. 1942, married to Viola
Hetherington, no dates. They had 5 children, Homer Harold, Maurice, Elaine,
Mildred, Dorthy, and Francis. I have no dates other than my grandfathers.

Homer Harold Selbe [MY GRANDFATHER](oldest child of Chris Carol Selbe
and Viola Hetherington) b. Aug. 29, 1900 d. Sept. 16, 1968, married Feb. 1, 1928
to Jessie Cordelia Crouch; b. June 12, 1904 d. Oct. 9, 1992. They had 6 children,
Viola Elaine, William Carol [MY FATHER], Lillian Elizabeth, Jessie Mildred, Anna
Louise, and Robert Edward Selbe.

I am also interested in any information on [MY GRANDMOTHER], Jessie
Cordelia Crouch; b. June 12, 1904 d. Oct. 9, 1992, Her parents names are William
Thomas Crouch; b. April 30, 1864 and Lillian Elizabeth Casto; no dates.

William Thomas Crouch [MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER] b. April 30, 1864, His
parents names are Mathew Crouch and Laura Smith; no dates.

Lillian Elizabeth Casto [MY GREAT-GRANDMOTHER], no dates, Her parents
names are James Casto and Martha ?, no dates.

I would love to share any information I have to help further your
search, and would greatly appreciate any help or comments you might have. Feel
free to contact me. I also have stories from other Selbe's about the spelling of SelbE
and SelbY.


jessie ann selbe miller (View posts)
Posted: 949791070000
romie, whats your email address?

my e-mail address

romie (View posts)
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My maternal grandmother, Emma Ida Hundley, married Carl Selbe. Carl's father and mother were John Walter Selbe and Hanna Jane Early. Their children were Robert Lee Selbe, Raymond, Walter E., Arnold Walter, Eva Jane and Margaret Ann. I have more info dating back to 1879.
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