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Elizabeth Roher

Elizabeth Roher

Pat Jones (View posts)
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I saw a site concerning the names of Samuel Roher, and Elizabeth Roher..from Washington Co. MD..I am seeking info on a Elizabeth Roher, who lived and died in Clear Spring MD...she was married to Harry Clay Weaver..

Rohrer, Roeher family's

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I have a Weaver that married into the Rohrer family in 1800's.

Elizabeth Roher

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I am still seeking genealogy on Elizabeth Roher
She lived and died in Clear Spring, was married
to Harry CLay Weaver...I have their childrens
names, but was trying to find info on Elizabeths


Elizabeth Roher

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Pat give me some dates to work with. birth. married and death dates. I have 33 Elizabeth's and a few Weaver's.

Elizabeth Roher (Weaver)

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This is what I do know: Elizabeth's father was
_Berkley Roher b.3/23/1851 d 8/8/1923_her mother_Elizabeth Martin
Roher b.6/21/1852 d. 10/13/1917...This is their children
Viola Roher b.Mar/24/1889 d.Nov/3/1892_Mary Myrtle b.jan/22/1877 d.aug/1964
David Fredrick b.aug/8/1878 d.? Emily Catherine(Kate Franfleter) nov/7/1879 d.1947_
Elizabeth Roher Weaver(my grandmother)b.Jan/20/1880 d.June/9/1971
Samuel Martin Roher b.dec/3/1882 d.Sep/23/1962_George Berkley Roher b.Jan/31885 d.Jul/23/1976
Alice Roher(Repp)b.aug/31/1890 d.sept/2/1978
Ruth Roher(Repp)b.may/31/1897 d.mar/5/1987
Daniel Roher b. dec/23/1895 d.dec/25/1895_Susan Elizabeth b. june/25/1881 d.
Paul Roher b.dec/17/1893 d. jul/30/1976__As you can see this was quite a big
family...I am trying to find documentation as to where Berkley Roher family
came from...where they settled...etc. I recently did a genealogy on my fathers
family of Hager, and found everything I need, including the ship they came on
where they settled etc. I have been able to find nothing on this family except
for names and dates...would appreciate any help you can give...I will also
give you later Elizabeth's family...she married Harry Clay Weaver, lived and
died in Clear Spring...she still has a few relatives there, but no one thus far
has been able to give me information such as: where did they come from,
where did they settle, etc. thanks for responding....Pat

Elizabeth Roher Weaver

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Bessie Elizabeth Roher was born either June 20, 1980 or
June 25, 1981...her father Berkley Roher b.Feb 23, 1851 d.Aug 8, 1923
married..Elizabeth Martin,bJune 21, 1852 d.Oct 13, 1917
their Children:
Veola Roher b.Mar 24, 1889 d.Nov 3, 1892
Mary Myrtle b.Jan 22, 1877 d.aug 64
David Fredrick b aug 8, 1878 d.?
Emily Catherine(Kate Franfelter)b.nov 7,1879 d.1947
Bessie Elizabeth Roher b. june 20-25 1880-81 d.June 9, 1961
Samuel Martin Roher b.Dec 3, 1886 d. sept 23, 1962
George Berkley Roher b.Jan 3, 1885 d.Jul 28,1976
Alice Roher (Repp) b.Aug 31, 1890 d.sept 1978
Ruth Roher b.may 31,1897 d.Mar 5, 1987
Daniel Roher b.dec 23, 1895 d.dec 24,1895
Susan Elizabeth Roher b. June 25, 1881
Paul Roher b. Dec, 17, 1893 d. jul, 301976
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Berkley Roher b. Feb 23, 1851 d. aug 8, 1923
m.Elizabeth Martin b.June 21, 1852 d. Oct 13, 1915
I am now in the believe that Berkley's parents
were in W.Va when he was born...he is burried in
in St.Pauls graveyard aug 10, 1851...there is a Myrtle
Roher who is connected to this family...Berkley and Elizabeth
had a Mary Myrtle,and thier Daughter Bessie Elizabet Roher b.June 20, 1881
m.Harry Clay Weaver B.Dec 26-27 1880-81 had a daughter Myrtle Weaver
also....any help is greatly appreciated....Pat

Elizabeth Ann Rhorer

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Do you have anything on an Elizabeth Ann
Rhorer who married a William Harris, and
after his death, Peter Hale? Her parents
were Peter and Rachel Buntin. Surname has
many different spellings. This Elizabeth
was my ggrandmother.

Re: Elizabeth Ann Rhorer

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I have an Elizabeth Ann Roher(Rohrer) in my family. Parents Peter Roher & Rachel Buntin. I have traced Rachel Buntin's family back to 1709. If you would like more information please email me:

Re: Elizabeth Ann Rhorer

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Thank you but this isn't the family I am looking for. Pat
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