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Surnames: Plesha

Know of any Plese or Pleshe in or near Chicago? Sorry, but I tried to follow a link but got a blank messge. Someone mentioned a Louis and a George Pleshe or Plesha--my dad was born in Crni Lug, Croatia 12 October '98. His big brother George was born about '93. They too came over around '03, but to Lockport, near Joliet. Their dad was a George too. Talk about confusing us poor would-be genealogists...

Hummer-Bob Plese-Pleshe

P.S. You know they spelled it Plesha in Roslyn, NM; and they had realatives in Galup, NM? I currently live near Las Cruces, NM.

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I know that at one time my great grandfather was working on the saniltary canal that ran from the city of Chicago, southwest, which is where they settled in McCook (near LA Grange). Originally they were on the East side, near Indiana. However, more Plesha's could have gone all the way to Joliet. That would be a logical route.

I have one great aunt still alive, Anne Henning, who still lives in McCook. When I had told her that I found a passenger list from a ship at the Records on Varrick Street in NYC, she said that he might have been a stowaway as well as my other great grandfather, and that would explain why Luka never had the right to vote.

Would love to know more about them as the 100th anniversary of his arrival is next year. Would also love to get to Croatia to see if I can find a birthplace.


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Bob/Hummer Plese/Pleshe (View posts)
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Dan ,Hi there.

Don't know quite what to say. My gransdfather, George or Jure (if I remember right) used the last name Plese. In the old country, Delnice and Crni Lug, Croatia, there was a small check mark over the s, giving it the sh sound so I changed it to spell Pleshe back in the 70s.  I pretty much lost track of my dad's side of the family until a year or two ago when a fellow in Indiana emailed me and it turned out he was a second cousin.

I did go back to Delnice in 1975 and found, much top my surprise, many "Plese" grave stones. I did not feel, at that time to pursue it but it now seems possible that Luka and Jure were related but I have no evidence of that. Las I heard the Church of Latter Day Saints was recording and indexing the birth etc. records in Croatia but, I don't know.

If you would like to contact me directly, my address is (And I am now using Hummer as a frist name. Long story, for another time?

Peace and happy hunting!

about Plesha

nataliya (View posts)
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Hi my name is Nataliya Plesha.i from Ukraine and i try find my famaly tree.But i know they never live in USA,i am a first Plesha in USA.

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Hummer Pleshe (View posts)
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Surnames: Plese/Pleshe/Plesha

From the Ukraine? Wow! Sorry for the enthusiasm but my grandfather brought over his family from Crni Lug/Delnice in about 1902 and they settled in Joliet, Illinois. The name was spelled p-l-e-s(hachek)-e but they dropped the hachek and pronounced it either plee-zee or pleez (like in the english "please". I learned this when I was in my early 20s and later changed the spelling to pleshe. I found a family, also from Croatia, (in Roslyn, Washington In the mountains west of Seatte, where they filmed the TV show "Northern Exposure") , who spelled the name Plesha, because that was how they pronounced it.

So hello. Perhaps we are very distant cousins. I have long had a feeling that the family originated in or near Ukraine but had no evidence as the ties with Croatia had been separated before I was born. (I'm 65 now.) A Web-based genealogy service told me that perhaps the name came from Hamburg, Germany, where there is a family "Pless", but this sounded far-fetched (unlikely) to me.

One thing you might tell me: what does plesha/pleshe mean? What is its derivation? Is there a particular part of Ukraine that is associated with the family?

Most warm regards,

Hummer Pleshe
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Louis Eugene Pleshe (View posts)
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Original name was Plese. Grandfather Nick changed his name to Pleshe. Married Tonka last name Unknown. Migrated from Joliet area to Rutland and finally to Bulpitt, Illinois. Other Plese migrated to New Orleans. Not that many of us Pleshe folk around. My brother David follows this a lot closer than myself.

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Hummer/Bob Pleshe (View posts)
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Hi Nick,

Guess you've read my previous posts on here, that my father, at about the age of 3 or 4, was brought over by my grandfather George (aka Jure, in Croatian) about 1902 and that they were from Crni Lug, a village outside Delnice.

Don't have any more new info--except that I've learned that the name comes from the Ukrainian/Russian word "ples", which refers to a wide, peaceful spot on a river between two bends of the river... So we may have _distant_ cousins in Ukraine and Russia, and Molova and Slovakia...

So, cheers and feel free to pass this on to your brother.

Hummer Pleshe

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Louis Eugene Pleshe (View posts)
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I am Louis Eugene Pleshe son of Louis Frank Pleshe. My Father's Dad was Nicholas Pleshe. I believe he came over from Croatia with a last name of Plese and changed it to Pleshe. Circa late 1800's. Nick married Tonka. Last name of his wife slips my mind at this point. My Great Great Grandfather was mister centennial in Rutland, Illinois in 1955.
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