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Doug McLamb family, Sampson co, NC

Doug McLamb family, Sampson co, NC

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researching the family of Doug or Douglas McLamb, my great great grandfather. Need to his wife's name. He had 3 daughters, Minnie, Flora and Susan (Susie,my great grandmother).
Need also to know if there are other relatives. The information that I have at the present time is all oral information. e-mail me at Alice

You are my family

Rhonda Williams (View posts)
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I think that I can help you. My grandfather is Isham McLamb from Sampson County.
If I'm not mistaken, his mother's name was Flora. I have several cousin (McLamb descendants) who can problably give you all the information you need

Rhonda Williams

Isham McLamb

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What was your grandmother's name? My great-grandfather (or was it great-great...sorry, I'm away from my genealogy at the moment) was Isham "Shadyback" McLamb.

Mclamb of Keener, Sampson Co, NC

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Hi Rhonda,
My gr grandmother was Susan "Susie" Mclamb. Her brother and sisters were: Alexander, Peter,Emma, Moses,Isham,twins Flora and Nora. Do you know Linda Mclamb Owens who lives in Angier, NC. She is the gr granddaughter of Minnie Mclamb, Daughter of Henry Mclamb. Grandma Susie had 7 children: Lula, Dale, William, Edgar, Clida, Lottie and Beluah Mclamb. My grandmother's was Lottie Mclamb Mathis. Do you attend the family reunions in Clinton each year? I have found three cousins in the MClamb clan on the INTERNET. Lula,Linda and Drew. Linda has done a great job on the family tree and I am helping her to fill in the gaps with Gr grandma Susie children. Please e-mail me back and let me for sure how we could be related.

Mclamb,Sampson Co, NC

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My gr grandmother was Susan "Susie" Mclamb. Gr grandma Susie had 7 children: Lula, Dale, William (Bud), Edgar, Clida, Lottie and Beulah. My grandmother was Lottie E. Mclamb who married Walter Mathis. Are we related? E-mail me back and let me know. I have found three cousins on the INTERNET, Linda,Lula and Drew.
Alice WEST Ferguson

We Are Family!!!

Lakeisha Daughtry (View posts)
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My great grandfather was Edgar McLamb. I know two of his daughters names are Betty and Gatsie (my aunts). They are still alive and live in Clinton. He lived to be over 100. He passed in 1997. He lived in Sampson Co (Clinton, NC). He had a son Alfonsa who married my grandmother Rena Hobbs. Rena and Alfonsa had 13 children: Joyce Ann, Janet, Stella, David, Billy, Jimmie, Alfonsa, Ricky, Eugene (deceased-1997), Betty (my mother), Tarsha, Kent and Jerry (deceased).My grandmother lives beside my great-grandfather's house.

I remember Uncle Bud (a.k.a William) -- my great grandfather's brother. He lived on the other side of my grandmother. He married Rosie. The house is still there. Aunt Betty's daughter Joyce lives there. I just was down in Clinton visiting for Xmas.

I've only been to one family reuion and that was a long time ago. Do you go every year? Do you recognize any of the names I've listed. Let me know.


Susan (SUSIE) McLamb

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Hi Lakeisha,
Yes, I knew Uncle Edgar and William (BUD. My grandmother was Lottie who married Walter Mathis. Do you know Linda Owens from Angier. I found her, Aunt Lula granddaughter, Lula in New Orleans. her cousin Gwen in NY. Gwen's daughter in Virginia Beach, Va. and still looking. Joyce is Estelle's Daughter, you mean the one that stayed with them, right.
Linda has done a lot of reseach on the Mclamb family. She has information about Gr grandma Susie's sisters and brother, but not much on our side, so I am helping her to do Grandma Susie's side of the family. Can you help me. I have a website under construction with the Graandma Susans Children. I need some help with Uncle Edgar grandchildren and Aunt Clida, too.
At the present time, I have Dale, William, Lottie, Beulah. My cousin are suppose to be doing Aunt Lula. I will be at the Reunion this year. My grandmother Lottie use to go every year when was living.
E-mail me so we can chat.
Alice West Ferguson

Gr grandma Susan Mclamb.. additional info

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Thank for giving this information I will add it to the Family tree. Yes, I knew your Grandmother Rena, But I did not know all the kids names. I knew a lot of the relatives from Piney Green Church. My mother was named Ruby Lee Mathis West. Her sisters were Irene, Pauline, Lorene and Thelma: Brothers: Walter Jr. and William. Where do you live?
I live in Greenbelt. MD. outside of Washington, DC.
Do you know Jannie Daughtry who lives on Rosen Road in Newton Grove, NC.
Yes, I will definitely be at the McLamb Reunion this year. I want to get to meet all our relatives that I don't know. Yes, I was home in Oct, saw Gatsy. Betty and James Edward (Stone) at my uncle Walter, Jr's funeral in Goldsboro, NC. It's so nice to find another cousin. You are the fifth cousin that I have made contact with in 4 months. This is fantastic. Please stay in touch ok. You have given more information to add to the family tree. God Bless you.
Alice. Please e-mail me, I would like to get more names for the tree, so that Linda can add them to the reunion list for this year. Linda grandmother was Minnie and her father was Henry Mclamb. You may know her. I put your posted message in my favorites/bookmark.
Thanks again,
your cousin,

Susan Mclamb (My e-mail address)

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I also need Theodore's wife and children's names. I know he has a daughter named Shirley. But that's the only name I know. Do you know any of Aunt Clida and Uncle Solomon (Queton) Monk's children and Grands. I know Juanita, Charles, Malcolm, Al Granger, Christine, Alease. Are there anymore.
I forgot to give you my E-mail address. But E-mail me at ALLY3729@AOL.COM. Love to chat with you.
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I am the youngest child of Shirley Mclamb Edwards. My grandfather was Theodore McLamb (p) and my grandmother was Myrtle Bryant(oaks(her maternal side) and they had carnell (deceased), james harold (deceased), shirley and mickey (joseph). carnell has 4 children darnell, denise, renee' and sherwood. James Harold has one son, james. my mother is has four children michael (deceased), andrea, erica, and selena(me). My sisters have 3 daughters each and I just married in Augaust and I don't have any yet. Please contact me, I live in raleigh,nc and my number is 919.855.330. I will help and too am gathering information on both sides of my family. I went to howard and live in dc, so iwas near you from 92-96. I come up often. I'll help where I can and you may want to contact Gene Gore, she is aunt dale's grandaughter and she lives in atlanta.
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