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Your Request For Information

Your Request For Information

Don Lazaroe (View posts)
Posted: 952614062000
Let me know what you are looking for and I'll
try to help out. The Canary Island issue is
the first I've heard in my life time. William
Sr. was my grandfather. Ella was my aunt.

is this Donald

crozier (View posts)
Posted: 962996062000
with the brother mert

genealogy/LAZAROE family name

Posted: 963042528000
Edited: 1106003547000
Hi Donald,,,,,,,I am your cousin Dianne from Uncle Walter your grandfathers brother's daughter any help will be appreciated in trying to locate where did the Lazaroe's come from....been talking to cousin Velma trying to get info.....please write and let me know if you, are your dad have any info....I am not too far from you on weekends I am at Lake Catherine I keep in touch with cousin Erin,Velma and Gloria.... It's been a long time.....I've had difficulty trying to locate any Lazaroe's in the greater New York area.....please contact me and let me know anything ...I mean anything...on the this mysterious family name.........Thanks Dianne Lazaroe Hunter

Lazaroe search

Posted: 963043095000
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Dear Donald, If you receive this please forward me your e-mail address...I am new to this computer world..I did post a message to you on in reference to the family name may be together we can be of help in this search....Are you interested?.........Thanks, Cousin Dianne


Steven Wayne Lazaroe (View posts)
Posted: 984084018000
Dear Dianne, Don Lazaroe is my Uncle. And i am William Mirth Lazaroe III first olds sons.I have sister and two brother. I live in Springdale, Arkansas. So who daughter are you.

orgin of the LAZAROE name

Posted: 984125743000
Edited: 1106003547000
Hey There, Happy to see a member of the Lazaroe's has responded...My father was a bother of your great grandfather Mirth Lazaroe who died in 1966 father of william mirth married to Violet and father by second marriage to Aunt Pauline to a daughter named Pauline (Gloria)Lazaroe. Uncle Mirth to me live on Lavender street a few houses down from Aunt Mary Lazaroe Abram ,Aunt Ella Lazaroe Hassinger sisters of your g-grandfather mirth. There was another sister Aunt Ione LAZAROE GILBRIDE who at that time lived on Laurel street in the Irish Channel where most of the family lived at one time or another...Another brother of your g-grandfather Duncan (donald) Lazaroe lived and died in N.Y......another brother of g-grandfather named Fredrick Charles Lazaroe died in Muscle Shoals AL. during World War I in we have my Dad Walter Joseph Lazaroe, your g-grandfather William M Lazaroe,great Uncle Duncan(donald)Lazaroe,great Uncle Fred C. Lazaroe great Aunt Mary L.Abram,great Aunt Ella L.Hassiinger, greatAunt Ione L.Gilbride.


Ryan Lazaroe (View posts)
Posted: 987636597000
You are looking for Don lazaroe? Brother of Mert? I'm Don Lazaroe's son; Ryan Lazaroe. We live in Slidell, Louisiana. The e-mail address i gave is Don's E-mail. I'm very interesed in the history of the lazaroe family and where we come from? Please contact me or my dad. Thanks Ryan Lazaroe


Ryan Lazaroe (View posts)
Posted: 987637131000
I'm Ryan Lazaroe. I live in Slidell, Louisiana. My father is Don Lazaroe and has a brother (Mert Lazaroe) and a sister (Gaye Lazaroe).His mother is Violet Lazaroe. I'm very interesed in the history of the lazaroe family and where we came from. If you can help me it would greatful! I was always told that the Lazaroe's came from Italy. What do you think? The address i gave you is Don Lazaroe's e-mail address, not mine.

Thank you, Ryan Lazaroe

don lazaroe is my uncle;

steven w. lazaroe (View posts)
Posted: 987777692000
ryan, your dad is my uncle. William Lazaroe is my father, I'm your 1st cousin: Your dad have the the the family tree for the lazaroe and Grandma Lazaroe side of the family. I wish i had a copy of the lazaroe tree and the lee side of the family.

Your Cousin Steve Wayne Lazaroe

Lazaroe family tree?

Posted: 988631697000
Edited: 1106003547000
Dear Ryan and Steven,,,,,,Would appreciate any information you may have on the Lazaroe family I too am interested....will be willing........ to share what little I have...may be to gether we can get the mystery of the Lazaroe family name solved..Only recently I began to think that may be we are Italians......because I always heard that we were spainish and the Lazaroe's came from away from here what ever that thinks maybe Sicily......can't remember if I have replied to you guys before so let me introduce My self . My father was Walter Joseph Lazaroe who was the brother of your great grand father William Mirth Lazaroe....I remember your grandfather Mirth Lazaroe married to Violet and your aunt Gaye ann married to a Paul Lucker i believe remember going to her wedding when I was a teenager.......any how please write me and let me know what you need and I'll tell you what I have and we can work on the Lazaroe Mystery.......thanks your cousin.....Dianne Mary Lazaroe
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