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looking for some one related to a Jack Koob from Moline Illinois married a Violet V. Ranbarger in the early 1900s Please email me at

last name of koob

rios (View posts)
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we are from utica ny.i know that koob is not an average everyday last name .my family originate from germany if oyurs did also we would be very interested in chatting with you. .sorry so long to reply


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Thank you for answering.No it is not a very common name either is Ranbarger that is who he married.Yes some of my relatives are from Germany.Are you a Koob and if so are you related to Jack if so I would like to hear from u My email is Lynne

Reply to German Koob

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Don't be confused by my use of Dad's e-mail. Use the one posted w/this message. I am searching Koobs from Germany as well. We are from Randersacker near Wurzberg. True Bavarians! I'd share family tree infor with you. There are more from Luxembourg than Germany--but some remain in both countries. We date back in Randersacker to 1730 (about). Longer than that--but we have church records to prove 1730. I'll be home w/my e-mail next week to respond if you can tell me wheat part of Germany you're from.

koob from germany

kathy (View posts)
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we are from bensheim germany i hope i spelled it right . my great grandfather came there an am currently trying to find any family we might have . koob is a very unusual name not very common please email back thank you

To another Bensheim, Germany Koob

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Hi Kathi, As I am currently visiting my father in Eastern US, and I'm from Western US, I'm unable to search down the other Koob/s I have on file from Bensheim. Beginning July 1999 I began searching out all Koobs I could meet on the internet, and have met many. I've filed e-mail addresses and their notes. I've also gotten back to them when I've located additional information about our surname. I believe, the Bensheim originating group is one I've obtained a very large faamily tree for. It is a group that originally came to this country and settled in the area of Philadelphia. From there they've branched out. I believe I've been in e-mail contact with at least 4 of them that are cousins and so on. Will look into Bensheim more carefully when I'm near my records. I discovered your posting when I was showing my father and his wife around a couple web sites on their new computer--and there was your message! Our tree of Koobs is about 100 strong (descended from Randersacker). The Koobs of Philly came from Germany and their tree, including in-laws,is about 1200 strong. There is yet another Koob family mostly in Iowa, Canada and Minnesota that has a very well documented tree of about 1500 people. I am Martin Koob (1957), son of William Matthew Koob (1919) who I'm visiting. He is son of Mathew Wilhelm Koob (born 1878 and spent married life in Ludington, MI). He came to Michigan through Canada as a small child with his family from Randersacker. They made the voyage in 1882. I once looked up Bensheim and Randersacker on the internet maps and found them about 65 miles apart. My original project was to document my own family tree, and due to the scarcity of people with our surname, I began to collect additional data for all koobs. It is my contention we are probably all distantly related, though as I recall the Philadelphia, PA group descended from Koop, and before that, Kopp. Therefore, it is probable we are more distantly related than most. Does Philly sound correct for your group--or is my memory failing me? Will write again when I have more records, Martin


Kathi (View posts)
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I was very glad to see your message . It is hard to say if we are related , But I will pass this to you my great uncle william Koob did alot orf research on the koob name and same as you came up with alot of different spellings koop kopp etc. he also found mother marianne of molokai to be related. the names of some of your family memebers resembles mine. my grandmother was
Marhta W Koob, my great uncle was William Koob. I am going to contact my great aunt to see if she can send me some of his papers on the koob name. you may email me at my own email address. I am very interested in talking to you to learn more good luck to us both

Luxembourg Germany

Marisa Baldwin (View posts)
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My Grandfathers parents were from Luxembourg Germany, They went to Iowa in the 1800/ Koob name is common that area I am told. The name got changed in census by people who could pronunceate it to Cope, Coob Cop, Koob. My Great grandparnets John and Eva Burg Koob dont know there parents names. There was a nun from Utica NY her name is Mother Marianna Cope she went to HI and cared to the Leper colo. with Fr. Damion. Franscan nun. Cope is Koob her dad was Peter Cope check out Library inter library loan book by O.F. busnell and Sr. Laurence H? Pilgramage into exile it think. Good luch

Jack Koob - Violet Randbarger

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You said you were looking for a Jack Koob that married a Violet V. Randbarger. Could his name have been John? (there are alot of people named John that are called Jack). The reason I am asking is my great-grandmother's maiden name was Violet Randbarger and she married John Koob. Do you have any of their kids names? That would help us figure out if we are talking about the same people. Our family (Koob) was from the Quad City area so it's a strong possibility we are talking about the same people. you can email me at

Jack Koob - Violet Ranbarger - correction

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correction on spelling on first message - meant Ranbarger not Randbarger - sorry!
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