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KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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I am interested in finding out more about my KLČO family from several places in Nitra, Slovakia (through seemingly different lines).

One branch is from Ockov (earliest relative I have located is Jan KLČO b. ca 1815 Ockov, md. to Eva AUGUSTIN b. ca 1817 Koritno).

Another is from Ostrov and/or Krakovany (earliest relative is Jozef KLČO b. ca 1810 (maybe in Krakovany), md. Elzbeta MICHALEK 1835 in Krakovany).

Another branch is from Pobedim (earliest relative is Jurik KLČO b. ca 1835, md. Katerina FERANECZ; also, Michal KLČO b. ca 1835, md. Zuzana PRISTACK?).

If any of these lines sound familiar, I would be happy to share research.

Re: KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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Surnames: KLCO, MACO
My family is from Basovce and Pobedim and there are a number of KLCO(s). I don't have all of my records at hand at the moment but I do show an Anna MACO b. 1859 & Martin KLCO b. 1857 were md. in 1879 in Pobedim. Martin was the son of Juraj KLCO and Katarina MACO. Anna and Martin had six xhildren.

Re: KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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Hi Michelle,
I think we have corresponded before, but that was ALSO before I was able to find out more about my family from the online records at I don't think I have found a connection with your particular KLCO family, but I do have a Martin KLCO who married a Katerina MACO 1882 in Pobedim. This Martin KLCO was the son of Michal KLCO and Zuzanna PRISTACK? [I couldn't quite figure out the name on the record.] Katerina's father was Josef MACO. I will keep you in mind if I am able to find out anything additional, but, in the meantime if you have anything additionally on your family that you can share, that would be great! Take care.

Re: KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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Surnames: KLCO, FILO
Do you by any chance have anything on a Anna KLCO wno married Jan FILO in the 1860s probably either in Pobedim or Basovce? They had a daughter, Anna FILO, who was born in Basovce in 1866.

Re: KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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This is not one of my KLCO lines, but I did locate their marriage record and have translated it the best I could.

Jan FILO and Anna KLCO were married 18 May 1863 [perhaps in a double ceremony with Jan's sister, Anna, who is found in record #8] in Pobedim. Their marriage is found in record #9 of the Pobedim, Nove Mesto nad Vahom marriage records (1852-1892), p.183 [image#28/115 of the Slovak Roman Catholic marriage records]:

Groom: FILO, Joannes (age 22, single) [son of] Michael, coloni, and URBAN, Elisabeth; Basovce#31
Bride: KLCO, Anna (age 15, single) [dau. of] George, --- coloni, and DEGAN, Catharine; Basovce#47
Witnesses: Joannes MITOSINKA & Joannes GODAL

Re: KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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Thank you. I had their marriage date and the names of their parents but I did not have their ages. I don't have siblings for them but they did have a daughter named Anna. I have a lot of MITOSINKAs but no Joannes.

I'm not finding anything in my records for the 3 lines you are searching. I have a number of KLCOs who came to the US.
I have several FERANECs but the only Katarina married a Juraj Maco.

In any of your lines, do you show a Juraj KLCO who married Katerina MACO, had a son Juraj KLCO who married a Katerina MACO (daughter of Michal MACO and Katarina MITOSINKA) in 1844. They had a son named Martin. It was Martin's children who came to the US.

Re: KLČO in Nitra, Slovakia

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Oh, sorry; I thought by your message that you did not have the marriage information. I looked specifically for Anna because I have an Anna KLCO who was born about the same time and thought it might be the same person, but it is not based upon the information.

On another note: is Juraj the equivalent to the English name George? If so, I do have a Jurik (maybe it is supposed to be Juraj?) KLCO, but I do not know who his wife was. They were from Krakovany, I think. He had a son named Josef who was born ca 1800-1810, but this may be too early for the time you are searching? I do not have any more children listed for him right now.

One more thing: too many Katarina MACOs!!! I have a Katarina MACO, but she is the daughter of a Josef MACO. Thank goodness the house numbers were recorded in the latter records to help sort out some of these families, but the earlier records can be so confusing!

I have some of the same surnames in my family that you apparently have, so I will mention them here in case there is a connection:

My first set of Slovak great-great-grandparents were from Ockov and Podolie:
Josef KLCO (b. 5 Mar 1851 Ockov) married Anna CECHVALA (b. 1 Mar 1858 Podolie) in Podolie 24 Feb 1876. They had at least 9 children, all born in Ockov (KLCO):

1. Michal b. 28 Aug 1878; died as an infant
2. Anna b. 18 Jul 1880; d. 14 May 1967 Podolie; md. Josef SRNEC
3. Gaspar b. 28 Oct 1882; died as an infant
4. Josef b. 25 Jul 1885; died as a child
5. Petr b. 30 Jun 1887; d. 6 Oct 1943 MI; md. Maria Katerina ZERVAN 1906 in NJ
6. Veronika b. 20 Oct 1889; died as an infant
7. Gaspar b. 6 Mar 1892; died as an infant
8. Katalin b. 24 Apr 1894; died as an infant
9. Alzbeta b. 1895; d. 8 Oct 1963 in Canada; md. Stefan AUGUSTIN in Slovakia

My other Slovak great-great grandparents were from Ostrov:
Michal ZERVAN (b. 9 Feb 1853 in Ostrov) married Elzbeta Katerina KLCO (b. 20 Oct 1855 in Ostrov) in Krakovany 27 Nov 1876. They had at least 9 children, also (ZERVAN):

1. Michal b. 12 Aug 1877 Ostrov; died as an infant
2. Veronika b. 15 Dec 1879 Ostrov; md. a VACULA (I have no further information on her, except that she stayed in Slovakia as far as I know)
3. Elzbeta b. 14 Nov 1881 Ostrov; died as an infant
4. Jan b. 12 Dec 1883 Ostrov; died as an infant
5. Maria Katerina b. 8 Nov 1885 Krakovany; d. 15 May 1945 in MI; md. Petr KLCO 1906 in NJ
6. Katarina b. 3 Oct 1887 Krakovany (I have no further information about her, but she may have died early)
7. Vendelin b. 20 Oct 1888 Pobedim; died as an infant
8. Baltazar b. 3 Jan 1893 Pobedim; d. 1 Feb 1964 MI; md. Josephine MITOSINKA 1911 in MI
9. Emilia b. 17 Aug 1898 Ostrov; died as an infant

Even if there is no connection, it is still interesting to me! :)
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