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Robert Jeal

Robert Jeal

Donna Brooke (View posts)
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My grandfather was called Robert Jeal. It is an unusual name, I was hoping to find out what the origin of the name is and wether we have any relatives with this name as he had no sons.


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Where do your Jeals come from.

Robert Jeal

Donna Brooke (View posts)
Posted: 954119577000
Dear Sue,

My grandfather had homes in Richmond, London and Elmtree, West Sussex near Bognor Regis
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Hi Joan,

My own Jeals come from Orpington in Kent, and more recently Bermondsey, London. Dont think there is likely to be a connection, but will keep your message just in case. Good Hunting, Sue Hammond

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Sorry Donna, got the wrong name.

Robert Jeal

Kevin Jeal (View posts)
Posted: 967216685000
I live in Blackburn, Lancashire. My family exceed at least 70. As to the origin of the family name we believe it to be French-Canadian. Hope this has been of some use.


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I have been researching my JEAL ancestry for almost 10 years, commencing about a year before my father, Leslie Creswell James Jeal, died, in January 1989.

I have only traced my line back to the early 19C, but have records for many hundreds of Jeals, which I'm willing to search, in return for Jeal info from others. What is clear is that all (at least 95%) of this surname lived in the English home counties, mainly in East Surrey (Caterham area), West Kent (Orpington area), and Sussex (Horley area), as far back as the 1500s. I even have one or two records from earlier times.

Intriguingly, today, more than 90% of Jeals still reside within the area bounded by the Thames and the southern semi-circle of the M25, although there has been something of a diaspora in the last century, probably because of improvements in transport. I discovered this by conducting a telephone directory survey, so must have missed a few ex-directory skulkers.

I am expecting, eventually, to find that my line goes back to Caterham and/or Nutfield in Surrey, or quite near.

There is some notion of Jeal being an Irish name, but I am not convinced, although there is a Mount Geal in County Gelmoy, Ireland. If true, though, the name may mean "white".

On the other hand, an eminent genealogist states that Jeal is derived from the Anglo-Saxon "gelos", meaning wrathful or jealous. Bearing in mind that there are only four or five meanings for surnames, I am inclined to this view. Of course, such a personality trait would likely be more or less pronounced, depending on the personality of a particular Jeal's spouse. Thank The Lord for that!

My 16C Jeals actually spelt their names as Jeale or Geale, though the final 'e' was dropped within the next 100 years or so. There are also a few variants like Gealle and Geall, and a Lieutenant Geall served under Nelson at Trafalgar.

I have received letters from/concerning Jeals in Australia, Canada and South Africa, including a millionaire recluse who lived in squallor but who had been a financial advisor to statesmen, including Margaret Thatcher.

You may also have heard of Tim Jeal, the author, who wrote, among many books, biographies of Livingstone and Baden-Powell, and the novel 'Till The Colours Fade'. I do not know how closely related we are, and have not contacted him.

Of course, the Jeals did not reach the 21C alone; I am also researching BRODIE, LAWRENCE, WELLAND, SCHEURER, TAGG, WARINGTON and WING.

That's probably enough for now, and I can hardly wait for a response.

Your Jeals

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My My MY!!

I do hope your one of my family!!

I have been researching my Jeal family for the lesser time of 9 months, Appaling compared to you, but nevertheless, I have a fair amount to conclude that what you say is pretty true.

My Jeals are however out of this area!!

They are from Slinfold. A little parish of St. Mary near Horsham in West Sussex.

There are strong links within to the families of Voice and Gravett.

The Gravetts were originally manifest in Chiddingfold, Surrey, and the Voices were a Horsham Choir!!(but alas not literally)

My family emerges from Slinfold into Billingshurat and even later into Rickmansworth, wherever that is.

In also am in possesion of letters from a James Jeal who went to Australia in the mid 1800's and from his brother who escaped the bonds of Bakery Boy, to join the Army in Canada and then marry a 'Black' native!!

I would dearly love to hear from anyone with a wealth of knowledge on the Jeal name and indeed any memeber of the family, we have to come from somewhere.

I am glad your post is this millenium, so heres hoping you haven't hopped email addresses.

Claire Eldred


D. King (View posts)
Posted: 974998153000
Read you message on Jeal surname message board. My grandmother was Alice Jeal -father Geaorge Jeal- mother Charlotte Carman
Alice was born Jan 15 1884 at 64 Brandon St.,
Bermondsey. Looking for anyone related thanks


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Thank you, Clare, for your reply to my first query. Actually, I have some data on Slinfold, etc., from the IGI.

I'm particularly interested to obtain info on three Williams, all JEALS.

1. Wm Warington Jeal, my grandfather, b.19/03/1868; m.25/04/1898; d.08/03/1951. He was a hansom cab proprietor.

2. Wm Jeal, my g-gfather, m.09/06/1867 at Marylebone to Louisa Eaton Warington. I am not certain that he was the Wm James Jeal, b.24/07/1842 at Epsom, though my father spoke of Epsom connections, and was named Leslie Creswell JAMES Jeal. This Wm was also a cab proprietor.

3. Wm Jeal, my g-g-gfather, b.c.1800, was a stone mason.

Please keep in touch, for we may be able to help each other. My wife and I will be in Spain from New Year till 1 May but I hope to be able to use the 'web' while there.

Good hunting,

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