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Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

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As of the 1930 census: Janos Ilas (son of Janos) had changed his name to John Ellis. I believe he changed it much earlier because all five of his sons changed their name also. George Ilas continued with the original spelling.

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

Bill Easton (View posts)
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Surnames: Ilas, Ellis, Dowell
Hello Bob; Sorry it took so long to see your message.
I think we may have a match. My wife is a granddaughter of George Ilas 1876-1945. He is buried in Diamond, IN
We think her great grandfather was John Ilas, who we think was buried in Clinton, IN. I would be most happy to correspond with you about our trees. Bill Easton

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

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Surnames: Ilas, Ellis, Roskovensky
Hello Bill, I'm so glad to hear from you! I do think we have a match! I can't prove it 100% yet (and maybe never will), but I do believe that George was the brother of my great-grandfather John Jr (Janos Jr, son of Janos and Anna). I also believe George and John Jr. had a sister Sophie (Sophia?) who married Andrew Roskovensky in about 1901. George had 3 children, Justina, George, and Mary, correct? John Jr. had 5 sons: Joe, John, Martin, Mike and Frank. Apparently all 5 sons estranged themselves from him and moved to Cleveland in the late 20's and early 30's. My grandfather (Martin) didn't tell my father much about his family back in Indiana. My father remembers visiting his uncle (John) on his farm in Clinton back in early 40's (?). Apparently John moved from Cleveland back to Indiana after the 1930 census. My father is the one who got me started on this geneaology trail and would like to visit Diamond and Clinton to look for headstones and paper trails. Would you happen to know if there is any family still living in that area? It appears that the coal mining may have slowed down and the family left the area. George, Mary (wife) and George (son) were living in Gary, Indiana in 1930 (both George's working in a cement plant), and John Ilas Jr and family ( 2nd marriage) were living in Fairview Park, (Clinton Township) Indiana (still as a coal miner).

You can e-mail directly if you like, but I would prefer to continue corresponding through this board. I posted these first messages here to no one in particular, only so it could be flagged if someone searched for the last name (Before that there was no Ilas board!). By my count, Janos and Anna had 14 grandchildren, so I'm trying to leave a big trail if any more descendants are looking for us. I get an e-mail from this board if someone posts so I'll know to check it when I check my e-mail . Unfortunately I may only log on once a week or so (more in the winter!- Ha Ha).

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to continued correspondence!

Bob Ellis

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

Bill Easton (View posts)
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I was excited to get your answere as it had been along time.
I believe we can be assured we have a match. You were correct as to George's children. Justine was my mother inlaw.
She passed away in 1986.

Things were in an uproar around here the last few days and haven't spent much time on genealogy. Our grandson and his wife presented us with twin girls on the 12th. Every one doing great and on cloud nine.

I will contact you later after I can look over my info and notes.

Very glad to hear from you.
Bill Easton

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

Bill Easton (View posts)
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Surnames: Ilas , Ellis.
Hello again Bob; I have looked into my notes on Ilas family. It is the least organized branch of my wifes tree. Almost all my info came from Justine. Notes I jotted down from time to time.
I am assuming from your info that you must be one generation younger than my wife and I. We are both in our seventies and enjoying retirement. We live in Terre Haute, IN the next county south of Diamond and Clinton.

George and Mary Palanciar Ilas, like you said had three children. Justine married Ralph Dowell and had five children ( my wife being one of them. George Jr.never married and died in 1951. Mary married Aurther Cunningham, had two daughters and died in 1995.

The only kin on the Ilas side that my mother inlaw ever mentioned was Anna Battassa. Anna was a daughter of Mary Ilas and Paul Peperak. Mary Ilas was supposed to be a sister to George Sr. Mary and Paul had four other children that I know of. 3 sons, Joseph, Anthony, Lawrence, and another daughter Francis who married a Eftinoff.

The only other sibling of her father George that Justine told me about was another sister. She was Annie who married a Andrew Roscovenski. Andrew and Annie were supposed to have a daughter named Sophie who married a Verosko.

I agree with you about using this message board. We owe it a lot. I have gotten most of my contacts this way.

If you would want to send me your Mailing address on regular e-mail I would be happy to mail you copies of all my Ilas print out. and some copies of some obits, death certificates and the like.

Looking forward to further correspondence.
Bill Easton

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

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Surnames: Ilas, Roskovensky, Peperak, Gutysh, Koval
Hello Bill,

Thanks for all the great information! Its given me quite a few leads. It sounds like you've been doing this a while. I just started last year helping my father by researching on the internet. I'm afraid I've gotten hooked. I only wish I had started 10 years ago while my grandmother was alive (what a wealth of knowledge lost).

You are right about my age, I'm a generation younger than you (I'm 41). My father (Bob Sr.) is 68. Our families both live near Cleveland, Ohio.

Most of my information has been acquired through the census, which I subscribe to here at The information you gave me will keep me busy searching census records for at least a couple of months! I will send you copies of everything I have so far, if you e-mail me your address. (I forgot to save your last e-mail so I lost it). I will also work offline on a post for this board. I'm afraid it may be a bit lengthy, but it should summarize the family tree as I understand it. It varies a little from yours, but between the two of us we hopefully can figure it out.

I would be grateful for any info you could send me. I will e-mail you my address directly.

I have come across the names Mary Gutysh (second wife of John Jr) and Frank Koval (born about 1907 in Indiana, listed as nephew of George and Mary Ilas). Have you come across these names in your research?

I will post again soon with further info.
Looking forward to further correspondence.

Bob Ellis

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

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Hello Bill,
Sorry its taken so long to post. Please see the following of the Ilas family as I understand it. Please remember that it's probably not totally accurate. Most of the information comes from the census records. I found the 1930 census listings for Ralph Dowell and Arthur Cunningham. I'll print them out at work and get everything mailed out this week, and then we can compare notes.

Looking forward to further correspondence.

Bob Ellis

ILAS Geneaology
as understood by Bob Ellis
28 September, 2003

NOTE: This list is my understanding of the descendents of
John and Anna Ilas who immigrated to Diamond, Indiana around the turn of the 20th century. It is not complete and is probably NOT 100% accurate. It includes the time frame between immigration and the 1930 census. I am posting this document on the Ilas message board at for review and discussion by others. Please review and/or post on the Ilas message board for corrections, additions, deletions
or for general discussion.

Thank you

Bob Ellis

1. John (Janos) Ilas, husband, father. Immigrated 1890 per 1900 census, or 1885 per 1910
census. Born about 1847-1850 in Slovakia.
2. Anna Ilas, wife, mother. Immigrated 1912 per immigration, with wife and children of son
John. Born about 1850-1855 in Slovakia. Maiden name unknown.

3. Mary ( Ilas) Peperak, immigrated 1893 per 1900 and 1910 census. Born about 1876 in
Slovakia. Married Paul Peperak about 1893 per 1900 census.
4. George Ilas, immigrated 1891 or 1892 per 1900 and 1910 census. Born about 1877 in
Slovakia. Married Mary Palanciar (spelling?) about 1902 per 1910 census.
5. Sophia (Ilas) Roskovensky, immigrated 1900 per 1910 census. Born about 1881 in
Slovakia. Married Andrew Roskovensky about 1900 per 1910 census.
6. John (Janos) Ilas, immigrated 1911 per 1930 census. Born about 1881 in Slovakia. Married
first wife Ilona (Helen) about 1902 per 1930 census. Married second wife Mary Gutysh (last
name of first husband Lucas, maiden name unknown) between 1915 and 1930. He
changed his name to John Ellis before 1930 census. He was my great-grandfather.


Family of Mary (Ilas) Peperak (#3)
7. Paul Peperak, husband, immigrated 1892 per 1900 census. Born about 1872 in
8. Katie, daughter , born in Nov 1891 in Slovakia. Immigrated in 1893 per
1900 census. I believe she married a John Hloyausky about 1910.
9. Mary, daughter, born in May 1894 in Indiana per 1900 census. Married a
Calvin (Callie) Haugh (Hough?) about 1913.
10. Paul, son, born in Nov 1895 in Indiana per 1900 census. Married Anna
Gutish about 1919. Anna Gutish may be same as #34 below.
11. Lizzie, daughter, born in Nov 1898 in Indiana per 1900 census. Married
A Zentks, listed as divorced in 1930 census.
12. Annie, daughter, born 27 Oct, 1902 in Indiana per 1910 census and Social
Security Death Index. Married Michael Bettasso about 1924.
13. Steve, son, born about 1905 in Indiana per 1910 census.
14. Francis, son, born 15 Feb, 1913 per birth record. Listed as William F. in
1930 census.

Family of George Ilas (#4)
15. Mary (Palanciar), wife, born about 1883 in Slovakia. Immigrated in 1893 per 1910
census. Married about 1901.
16. Justina, daughter, born about 1901 in Indiana per 1910 census. Married Ralph Dowell and
had five children. Ralph Jr, Glen, Kenneth and Virginia listed on 1930 census. Died in
17. George, son, born about 1904 in Indiana per 1910 census. Never married. Died in 1951.
18. Mary, daughter, born about 1905 in Indiana per 1910 census. Married Arthur Cunningham
and had two daughters. Norma listed on 1930 census. Died in 1995.

Family of Sophia (Ilas) Roskovensky (#5)
19. Andrew Roskovensky, husband, born 1879 in Slovakia, immigrated in 1891 per 1910 census.
20. Mary, daughter, born about 1902 in Indiana per 1910 census.
21. Pete, son, born about 1904 in Indiana per 1910 census.
22. Eustina, daughter, born about 1905 in Indiana per 1910 census.
23. Sophia, daughter, born about 1906 in Indiana per 1910 census.
24. Annie, daughter, born in 1908 in Indiana per 1910 census.
25. Francis, daughter, born in 1909 in Indiana per 1910 census.

Family of John Ilas (#6)

26. Helen (Ilona), first wife, born about 1885 in Slovakia, immigrated Aug 1, 1912 with mother-
in-law Anna (#2) and four children. Married about 1902 in Slovakia. Died between 1914
and 1930.
27. Joseph, son, born about 1902 in Slovakia. No 1930 census listing found. My father said
he died young.
28. John (Janos), son, born about 1903 in Slovakia. Listed in 1930 census in Cleveland, Ohio
As John Ellis. Moved back to Indiana (Clinton) and lived as a farmer.
29. Mike (Mihaly), son, born about 1905 in Slovakia. Listed on 1930 census in Cleveland Ohio
as Michael Ellis. Married Anna Majko about 1929.
30. Martin R. (Marcin), son, born Nov 1909 in Slovakia. Listed in 1930 census in Cleveland,
Ohio as Martin Ellis. Married Cecelia Drabik in Nov 1930. Had 4 children: James, Robert,
Dorothy, and Richard. Died in 1972. He was my grandfather.
31. Frank, son, born in 1914 in Indiana and listed as Frank Ellis in 1930 census. Married Anna
C. Suchanek in the 1930's. They had one son James, and adopted a second son Roger. Died
in Las Vegas in 1999.

32. Mary (Gutysh), second wife, born about 1882 in Slovakia, immigrated about 1891 per
1930 census. First husband was Lucas per 1910 census. Listed as married head of household
in 1920 census (?). No record of having any children with John.
33. John Gutysh, step-son, born about 1897 in Indiana.
34. Annie Gutysh, step-daughter, born about 1900 in Indiana. May be same Anna who married
Paul Peperak Jr (#10).
35. Stephen Gutysh, step-son, born about 1902 in Indiana.
36. Andrew Gutysh, step-son, born about 1902 in Indiana. Twin of Stephen (#35)?
37. Mary Gutysh, step-daughter, born about 1904 in Indiana.
38. Joseph Gutysh, step-son, born about 1907 in Indiana.
39. Elizabeth Gutysh, step-daughter, born in 1909 in Indiana.
40. Katherine Gutysh, step-daughter, born about 1912 in Indiana. Listed as daughter of John in
1930 census.
41. Mike Gutysh, step-son, born about 1916 in Indiana. Listed as son of John in 1930 census.
42. Margaret Gutysh , step-daughter, born about 1922 in Indiana. Listed as daughter of John in
1930 census.

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

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Hello Bill,

I mailed all the info I have on the Ilas family to you yesterday morning. I got your e-mail and had a few thoughts.

Your paid passage receipt for 1911 for John Ilas was for John Jr. he is enumerated in 1930 census as having arrived in 1911. All the census listings for John Sr. list his year of arrival as 1880's (although the year varies).

I've worked on the assumption that John Sr. and John Jr. were father and son because that is my father's recollection. However, I will admit that there may be a different relationship. They may have been Uncle/Nephew for example. Also, my father didn't know much about his grandfather (John Jr) and his family because his father (Martin) didn't talk about him. He believes that John Jr. had a falling out with his family. He knows that John Jr's second marriage (to Mary Gutysh) was very stressful on his sons. He recollects that they did not get along with Mary Gutysh at all. Perhaps that explains why all the sons (except possibly Joseph) moved to Ohio when they came of age. My father also recalls questions about the circumstances surrounding Ilona's (Helen's) death. He did mention that he remembers innuendo/suspicion that John Jr. may have been involved in Ilona's death (Maybe he killed her?) He doesn't recall any more than that.

I throw this out for thought:

John Jr. and George/Mary/Sophie (Anna) may have been cousins.

John Jr. may have been disowned by his family, possibly because of Ilona's death, or maybe because he remarried, or possibly he had an affair with Mary Gutysh while Ilona was still alive. It appears he was estranged from his sons.

I have more thoughts but I have to go to work! Ha Ha!

Looking forward to further correspondence

Bob Ellis

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

Bob Ellis (View posts)
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Hello Bill! (and hello to any others who may read this)

I wanted to try to answer your question concerning the immigration papers on the 2 adults and 4 children that you asked about. Yes, I believe that they were grandmother, daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren. Anna (age 57) is the wife of John Sr (who immigrated here almost 30 years earlier!). Ilona (AKA Helen) was the (first) wife of John Jr, who arrived here a year earlier. Both passages appear to have been paid by George, according to your receipts. I can't get over how John Sr. apparently immigrated here alone, leaving Anna to raise the children. My guess is that his plan was to pay their passage here as soon as he could save up the money. Sophie (Anna), Mary, and George apparently came here individually. Anna apparently did not see her husband (John Sr.) for almost 30 years until she came here with the last of the family in 1912. The 1920 census bears that out under the year of immigration. I found it curious that Anna's age went from 57 to 70 in only 8 years! My father and I wonder if she was afraid of not being allowed in the country if she was 62? I noticed on your paid passage receipt (1912) that the boat passage was for 2 adults and 4 children, and the train passage from Baltimore to Carbon, Indiana was for 2 adults and 3 children (ages 5 to 12). My grandfather Martin was only 4 at that time. It appears he got to ride the train for free.

While the 1930 census did list Ralph Dowell And George Ilas as working in a cement plant, who's to say that Ralph didn't start working in a steel mill the next day? The census only lists their occupation as of the day of enumeration. Just a thought.

I am currently looking into renting microfilm from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for passenger names who arrived in the Port of Baltimore. The lists are indexed by last name, so I hope to locate the immigration records for everyone else in the family. NARA claims that I can rent the microfilm through my local library. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

Do you agree that the Anna Bettasso info I found would make her the Anna (Battassa) that Justine had told you about? Her son's death record stated that her maiden name was Peperak.

You'll notice that the only 1920 census listing I've found was for George's family (including John and Anna ). There were 2 enumeration districts in Clinton in 1920 in which the records were lost. I believe that all the Peperaks, Roskovenskys, and John Ilas Jr. were living in those lost districts that year (John Jr and family were still living there in 1920. Also on the 1930 census page beginning with Anna Roskovensky (enumerated as wife), the previous page is missing! The pages typically go from 1A to 1B to 2A to 2B to 3A and so forth. Their district goes from 1A to 2A. This means that at least her husbands name, as well as possibly other Roskovenskys and Peperaks were lost. If her husband was not living with her, than Anna would have been enumerated as "Head" (of household) and not as "wife".

Well, those are some of my thoughts.

Looking forward to further correspondence.

Bob Ellis

Re: Ilas Family, Diamond, Indiana

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Hello. I am trying to help a friend do some research. I know it is early and I do not have dates yet, but was hoping some names/info may still coincide?
Hello, I saw your posting on and am hoping I can make a connection. I am researching for my friend, her family tree.
I am looking for a Cox line and this is all I have to go on at the moment. I am waiting for approximate dates:
William Jason Cox
Mary Catherine Ilas

Of Youngstown, Ohio

William's father abandoned the family and he destroyed all pictures that they had of him. She believes that William had one brother by the name of John.
per page

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