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Becky (View posts)
Posted: 941437673000
Looking for relatives of Anton Hegedus, who was born in Csorna, Hungary on February 21, 1893.

Anton married Mary Jacobs, who was born in Sarji Mizdo, Hungary on September 20, 1893.

After coming to America, Anton and Mary had the following children:

Emery James born in South Bend, Ind. on September 9, 1913

Peter Hegedus born in So. Bend, Ind. on February 25, 1915.

Mary Hegedus born in So. Bend, Ind. on February 17, 1917.

Anton Hegedus born in So. Bend, Ind. on April 9, 1919.

Irene V. Hegedus born in So. Bend, Ind. on August 13, 1921.

If anyone recognizes any of these names, please contact me.

Thank you,


Other Hegedus

Debora (View posts)
Posted: 950464278000
Hi Becky!!!

I'm Debora and I'm Brazilian from Sao Paulo. So, please sorry my poor english.
I just want let you know that you have relatives here in Brazil
too. My grandfather was hungarian and called Stephan Hegedus and
his wife was Irene Hegedus. I was surprised because my father call
Antonio (Anton) Hegedus and my aunt is Irene too!!

My father did a research with the name Hegedus and he knew that
in Hungary the people who had this name was repaired of violin.

I'll ask for him more information to tell you.

Well, I hope you could understand my english. Any question,
or, if you want to be my frind, email me please.

Your very truly,

Debora Regina Hegedus "da Costa" (I'm married)

James Emery

ShirleyAnn (View posts)
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My grandfather, James Emery was born in Budapest, Hungary on July 4, ?? . I think between 1885-1898. I can find out from my family. His family settled in South Bend, Indiana. His fathers name was Mike and his mothers name was Mary. James married Esther Albert in South Bend. Esther, my grandmother, was brought over in a boat just before the iron curtain came down. Her father brought her at the age of 13 left her in South Bend to work in the Emery household. He returned to Hungary where the rest of the Albert family was. Esther James had a child born in South Bend between 1913 1918. They named him James after his father. I wonder if the James you are looking for born about the same time as my Uncle James in South Bend could be cousins? I wonder if your Mary could be a sister to my grandfather as he did have a sister named Mary they were close in age. If you need an exact birthdate, I can get it from my mom. I am looking for info on my family also. We have a page from a Hungarian phonebook the name Emery was actually spelled Emri in Hungary. My grandfather's siblings were Paul, Stephen, Suzie, Bertha, Mary, Yolan. Are there possibly the names of any of your Mary's siblings? If so, I think we're related. If you ever see anything on Emri or Emery or Albert from Hungary, please let me know. Please respond. I'm anxious to hear from you.


Becky (View posts)
Posted: 953789931000
Shirley, my husbands grandmother, Irene Hegedus will be over here today and I'll have her read your message. If there is a connection, she'll know.

Please e-mail me directly at:

It'll be a lot easier than going through this board! :o)

Until later (cousin?),


Stephen Hegedus

Jean (View posts)
Posted: 967644908000
My great-grandfather was named Stephen Hegedus, immigrated from Hungary somewhere in the later 1800's. He married Sophie Skurka, and had 8 children: Mary (born 1908), Elizabeth Mary, Anne, Stephen Jr, Joseph, John, Frank, and Sophie.
If this is the same Stephen Hegedus as you're looking for, let me know at
- Jean

Stephen Hegedus

Posted: 967714620000
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Hi, my husband's grandfather was named Lazlo (Americanization was Louis Stephen) Hegedus, born June 30, 1895 in Hungary. He arrived from Barsod, Szendro, Hungary in 1898 at the age of three. His parents names were Istvan Hegedus and Julianna Stuller and he had two older brothers named John born March 20, 1893 and Frank also born in Hungry, plus a sister named Margaret born in Bishop, PA.
Lazlo (Louis Stephen) Hegedus married a Sophia Filius March 28, 1914 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. I don't know the names of these children yet, as my husband was born of his grandfather's second marriage which came
I'm curious if any of you can connect with these names...



Donna Blitzen (View posts)
Posted: 972730293000
I SENT THIS message jus this morning to Istvan Hegedus:I am in Wisconsin USA, and my cousin's maiden name is "hekedish" and we believe it is the phonetic of the Hungarian name of: Hegedus.

Her great grand father's name was Joseph. He died, I believe in 1905 or so in the USA. He had a son Joseph, and a grandson named Joseph.

Do you have any information as to the origin of your name or the name Joseph Hegedus? Would you be interested in geneology?

I found you through a search on the name. Thank you. db

email me for his email address mine is


Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 972731551000
Hi, I am not Istvan Hegedus as Istvan was my husbands Great Grandfather and died sometime early 1900's in Pennsylvania. He had three sons and a daughter: John, born May 20, 1893 in Szendro, Borsod, Hungary, Lazlo Stephen born June 30, 1895 in Szendro, Frank Joseph, born June 11, 1898 in Szendro, and Margaret born March 19, 1902 in Bishop, Pennsylvania. Istvan Hegedus emigrated to the US with his wife Julianna Stuller in 1898 and they all settled in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Something happened to Istvan as Julianna remarried to a Frank Oloh and is listed as wife on the 1920 census. My husbands grandfathers birth record (from Szendro, Hungary) lists his fathers Istvans place of birth as Szucsony, Hungary.
I'm not sure if Frank Joseph may have gone by just Joseph, constituting a relationship or not.... This is the only Joseph name I find in our history, thus far.


Donna B (View posts)
Posted: 972732373000
I am passing on this message to my cousin/friend. She may contact the board. Thanks db

Joseph Hegedus

Nancy Hegedus (View posts)
Posted: 976383611000
My husband Andrew and I are researching the
Hegedus name. We just found a Joseph Hegedus born 19 March 1881. Parents Andreas Hegedus and Catherine Drotos, of Chorvaty or Horvati
Slovakia/formerly Hungary. We have nothing farther on him but most of his brothers and sisters came to the US about 1910. Some settled in Oil City PA, Cleveland OH and Muskegon Heights, MI. If anything sounds familiar let us know and we will share our information. Nancy at
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