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Joseph M Graves Mc Cracken Co,KY 1820

Joseph M Graves Mc Cracken Co,KY 1820

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Seeking information on family and lines of my g2 grandfather and g2- grandmother Joseph M. Graves, and wife Susan A. Hancock
Joseph M. Graves b. Abt. 1820 Kentucky, d. Before 1860 Kentucky
Md. Susan A. Hancock Bef. 1841. b. abt 1823 in Virginia; d. during Civil War, Kentucky
Father believe to be a John Hancock of Virginia.

1850 U S Census Western Kentucky, McCracken County. 160 District
Joseph M. Age 30, S. A. Graves Age 27, James C. Graves Age 9 attending school.
John J. Graves Age 7. Census page 180. Index page 350. attending school.

James Chillian GRAVES
Soundex: G612 Occupation: School Teacher, and Farmer
BIRT: 8 Dec 1841 KY
DEAT: 28 Oct 1914 Little Rock, AR
BURI: 5 Nov 1914 National Cemetery Confederate Section Marker 942. Little Rock, AR
# 1: Sarah Cathrine (HAYNIE) GRAVES d. 1899 Perry County, AR (Parents not known).
MARR: Believe. 1872
Children of this marriage
00060 Philip Yancy GRAVES, b. 7 Jul 1873 White Co. d. 5 Oct., 1905 Perry County, AR
00050 Lucy Ann (GRAVES) SMITH, b. 15 Aug., 1876 White Co.- d. 12 Feb 1961 Dallas, TX
00061 Lawrence A GRAVES, b. 9 May 1892 Perry Co. d. 10 May 1974 near Atkins, Pope, AR
00062 Edward GRAVES, b. Mar 1882 Perry County, AR
00063 Oscar GRAVES, b. Feb 1886 Perry County, AR
00064 Otho GRAVES, b. Jan 1890 Perry County, AR
00065 Henry GRAVES, b. Apr, 1884 Perry County AR d. Abt. 1950, ,,California
00066 Carl GRAVES, b. May 1896 Perry County AR d. Malvern, AR

Please note these family names that may appear in the English Family Naming Order.
I have other information that I am willing to share in exchange for ancestors and down line of
Joseph M and Susan A (Hancock) Graves. Please write to me at E-Mail address: <Hsmith1@CWIX.COM> , or respond within this query. Thanks Harold Smith..

Graves ancestry

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Surnames: graves, chilton
Dear Harold,
I almost did not reply because this might be too far fetched. I saw your posting at two different sites so I thought anyone that desparate might not mind. I cannot prove the following but maybe you can follow up.
In Kentucky, one of the Graves families consisted of Thomas Graves and Mary Chilton, from whom I descend. They were married in 1785 in Kentucky. They had the following sons: Richard B. Graves born about 1786-7, John W. Graves, Thomas Chilton Graves born about 1801, Benjamin Walter Graves, and Pinckney Graves. What leads me to think that your Joseph Graves might be connected to the family is the name of his son Chillian. Have you seen the named spelled that way in some official document? I think that it is a misspelling of Chilton. At least two of the other families, mine and the descendents of Benjamin Walter Graves used the name Chilton in naming their children. Well, I told you it was a long shot. But perhaps you descend from John W. Graves. I have no information about his family.
Regards, Karen Chilton (yes we are still passing it down) Beverly

Whooops-wrong name

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Sorry, didn't understand how this worked.
Karen Chilton Beverly

James Chillian Graves Mac Cracken Co KY 1841

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Surnames: graves
Ms. Karen Chilton Beverly,
Thank you for your response to my query on Joseph M. Graves and his son James Chillian Graves. It is possible that the name Chillian may have at some point been spelled Chilton. There are no leads to date on the parents of Joseph or Susan and therefore no way of knowing if there may be a connection to Chilton.

The name "Chillian" dates back to Essex, England; 16th Century, and I therefore believe that there is a connection in my family to that name.

Thanks again for your kindness in responding to my query.
Harold Smith

Graves surname

Lydia Graves Kenlaw (View posts)
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Surnames: graves
Hello, I'm serching for any information on my great-grandfather. The info. I have is: name: Horace Stepney Graves, born: 1870?, place: Pudukah, KY (McCrakin County, KY), died in Evanston IL in 1913. Had 3 brothers - no names but one of the brothers if not all 3 settled in Little Rock Arkansas. My great-grandfather was an African American. He was a ordained reverend in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Please let me know if you think there could be any connections. Even if your family owned slaves at one time. I know that he was a free-man when he was born. Thanks so much!!!


Graves(Africian American)

Kim Graves (View posts)
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Surnames: graves
Dear Lydia
My name is Kimberly J. Graves. I am 26 years old and I have always resided in Kansas City, MO. I have two sisters that also live in Kansas City. My father's name is Theodore William Graves. He was born in Columbia, Mo. His mother's name Oretha Graves. She was born in 1900. As far as I know, they lived there the majority of their lives. Columbia, MO. is not far from St. Louis Mo. I do not know that this information could help you, but my sister and I thought that any information my help. I do not know if we are related, but hopefully this information will guide you one way or the other. Hopefully in your search you will find what you are looking for.
God Bless and Good Luck
Kim Graves


marcus graves (View posts)
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Surnames: graves
william graves b.1837 al settled in tx after cival-war.would like to know more about theodore

Oretha Graves

Lydia Graves Kenlaw (View posts)
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Surnames: graves
Hello Kim thanks for your very kind response. I'm actually looking for brothers of my ggrandfather, the Rev. Horace Stepney Graves, and/or their parents. Since Peducah,KY, IL, and MO border each other I don't think it's too far fetched that we could be related. Obviously it's going to take more research and documentation. According to my calculations your grandmother, Oretha Graves, would have been a peer of my grandfather (b. 1897 in Chicago). His father,my ggrandfather, had 3 brothers we believe (according to my grandfather who has passed away). Only one of those brothers had children, a girl, whose name we think was Adeline. Do you have any information on your Graves line prior to your grandmother Oretha? Or any other Afrian American Graves lines? Let me know and please feel free to email me privately.


Kim (View posts)
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Surnames: graves
I do not have any other information on my fathers side. We do not talk that much any more. But we may be related some where down the road. If I can find out some more information on my father's side I will let you know.

graves information

Kim (View posts)
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I would love to know more information if you have it. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back with you. Any information would be great
Thank you
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