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Walter Boutte/Gonsoulin Oil

Walter Boutte/Gonsoulin Oil

Sharron Boutte (View posts)
Posted: 978573133000
I remember recieving royalty checks from a mineral agreement established by my grandfather and a Gonsoulin but don't remember which Gonsoulin it was. Any information would be greatly helpful. The last check was received in the early 70's.



Marie Gonsoulin Owen (View posts)
Posted: 979856568000
I read your inquirey about the Gonsoulin Oil royalities and wanted to reply for your information. My great-great-great (I think that is enough greats)grandfather was Francois DeGonsoulin and came to the United States during the revolution in France when Napoleon was killing all relations to the throne. He was married to the cousin of the queen. They came to New Iberia because they owned land there including Belle Isle. This was an island off the coast of Louisiana. It turned out in later years to be a huge oil
field. Through the generations, some signed up to develop the field but some didn't. There was a section set aside for those who didn't sign and at a later time they also had it developed. Charter Oil company was the company that did it. The courts finally
located the heirs that were due monies and started sending out royalities each year. My father has been dead for 18yrs and all his brothers and sisters are also dead. They were born in New Iberia but all left and moved to Galveston or Port Arthur, TX. I was born in Galveston and we moved to Houston in the 40's. I have 2 brothers and had 2 sisters (one deceased). We all recieve royalty checks each year. Not much but it is incredible that we get any at all
after all these years. I am 64yrs old and am the 4th child. We are related in some way (very distant I'm sure) and would like to find out who your Gonsoulin relation was
for my family. My father was Robert Joseph Gonsoulin and married Matilde Guerrin. They had 9 kids I think. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Alberta Marie (Peaches)Gonsoulin Owen. I live in Tyler, Tx.


Sharron Boutte (View posts)
Posted: 979968505000
I am not really certain how I am related to the Gonsoulins. My Grandfather was Walter Boutte from New Iberia but i don't know his wife's name. My mother and father were divorced when I was a baby and we lost touch with the family.

Gonsoulin Heirs

Cheryle Verret Venable (View posts)
Posted: 990460542000
My great grandmother was a Gonsoulin. Our family receives royalty checks too. I would love any info anyone has

Boutte Relatives

Deb Bouttre Scott (View posts)
Posted: 992099889000
Hi Sharron-- I am looking for my father. His name was John Lionel James Boutte. Wow, I believe we may be sisters??????????????? I was also connected to this Gonsoulin Trust as a child. I have spent the day doing geneaology and pulled all information on Walter Boutte. Please contact me. I would be so excited to find a relative that is also doing family tree work.

To Deb Boutte

Sharron Boutte (View posts)
Posted: 992343242000

Wow! Finally, only problem is I can't seem to find your email address on this board. Mine is Please write I do have some information on our Dad. Not much and not happy I am afraid :( We will have to get together some time :)

Re: Gonsoulin-Boutte, and the Boutte Oil Leases

Posted: 995889910000
Edited: 996309954000
Hi, I am pretty new at this but am from the Zenon Boutte line. My mother and g/mother use to tell stories about an
island that was owned by their side of the family that had oil on it supposedly there was a major court case regarding whose relatives really owned it... Is this the same oil lease that you are meaning?
My e-mail is:
and I really would appreciate any info on how to find out about this story.
My mother and the rest of her family (that I ever knew) are passed over, so there is really no one I can ask about it.
Thanks so much!

Re: Gonsoulin-Boutte

Linda Gonsoulin Stewart (View posts)
Posted: 999643164000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gonsoulin
I am A Gonsoulin related to Francois Gonsoulin. I did not know the info about why he moved to the US and found it fascinating. My grandfather was Armel Joseph Gonsoulin, but his birth cirtificate read Howard Armel Gonsoulin. He was born October, 1890. He was married to Remisia Blanchard. They had 8 children including my father who is David Paul Gonsoulin. He still receives a royalty check which also is next to nothing. I remember my aunts and uncles talking about the court case and I believe an attorney was sent to jail for something regarding this as he was bilking the estate of Francois. I also remember there being a story about a child of a servant who died and that was taken in by Francois and raised as his own. I believe the child's relatives on the mother's side were trying to claim an interest in the estate.
I would love to hear any other stories out there regarding the Gonsoulins.

Re: Gonsoulin-Boutte

Sharron Boutte (View posts)
Posted: 999972663000
Classification: Query
Hello Linda,

Can you find out who your father receives his royaolty check from. I have lost track of the company who sends the checks and no matter the amount I would like to find some resolution for this matter. I don't have any information about the Gonsoulin's unfortunatle. Goodluck on your search.

Thanks and God bless


Re: Gonsoulin Heirs

Posted: 1000057003000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Gonsoulin
My great grandmother was a Gonsoulin. Her name was Olivia Gonsoulin Mendoza. She married Joseph Mendoza.
One of their daughters, my grandmother, was Clelie Mendoza Bergeron. She passed away about 10 yrs ago. My mother is still getting checks from the royalties originating from Jean Francois Gonsoulin who came here as a surveyor from France. I have been working on finding more about my ancestry, and have had no luck in finding out Olivia's mother and dad. If anyone knows any links to her please let me know.
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