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grand father birth certificate

grand father birth certificate

Luiz B. Gazzola (View posts)
Posted: 954524120000
I am looking for help to find out my grand father birth place so as to get a birth certificate. He was Francesco Gazzola, born somewhere in Treviso, Italy, on march, 12th, 1880, son of Gottardo Gazzola and Maria Geremia, who emigrated to Brazil around 1885.
I would be very grateful to anyone who could at least give me a hint.
Thanks to everybody,
Luiz B. Gazzola

Gazzola from Trevisia

Elvira Dell' Grottaglia (View posts)
Posted: 962530412000
My father's parents, Dante and Pia Gazzola were from the northern region of Italy, a town or region called Piacenza. They've been deceased since the 1940's (ages 96 and 92 respectively) How old is/was your Grandfather? In my search I have found it quite difficult to attain a birth-record. Birthday records were basically recorded in family bibles or were remembered by word-of-mouth. Reply please. Ciao.


R.Gazzola (Canada) (View posts)
Posted: 965930448000
my father Angelo Gazzola came to Canada in the late 40's
his mother's name was Genofeffa Gazzola from Treviso (i think that how it is spelled)
the names Dante and Pia sound familiar to me. i am 50 years old and i have some old records of
my grandmothers birthdate aquired from a church in Italy, when i find them maybe they may be helpful
to you. if you contact me with a phone # ( send me a e-mail)i will call you .

hello elvira

carl (View posts)
Posted: 967134392000
i read your message board ( which i came upon by accident ) i wrote just a general message then when i had more time i wrote again. i'm not very practiced with a computer or e mail but i figured i'd try to write you a message . my grandfather was luigi gazzola from a suburb of piacenza the actual name i forget right now but will have to ask my mother . he married a maria batini or battini they had 2 children my father was born in 1912 his sister died as an infant and his parents both died shortly after her ( the influenza we think) he was raised by an uncle and i have cousins still alive there. the trail drops off very fast from there. i was born and raised in the bronx on hoffman and 187th . i would like to hear from other gazzolas

Gazzola Ancestry

Elvira Gazzola Dell' Grottaglia (View posts)
Posted: 967545296000
Dear R. Gazzola:

Thankyou for replying. I would prefer to communicate by e-mail for now. I am a computer novice and feel a little insecure considering all the negative things one hears about the internet.
I will be sending more info to the messageboard in the next few days. Please watch for it and let me know what you come up with.

Respectfully yours,

I know we are all related in some way.

Gazzolo @1870

Posted: 968884180000
Edited: 997575612000
My moms grandmother was Emilia (Amelia) Gazzola who married Ralph Lucchesi in Chicago 1892(?) they had 3 daughters Louise, Mildred (my moms mother) and Helene
any names sound familiar?

reply to Sarah's message on 09/13

Elvira Gazzola Dell'Grottaglia (View posts)
Posted: 968972709000
Hi, Sarah:

Is that a type-o or does your name end in "o"?
Did your relatives eventually settle in NY?
I have traced my Dad's family to the lower Manhattan region of NY and the eventual migration to different area's of NY and possibly to other states.

At this time, that is what I'm trying to find out. Please send more info if you so desire.

Sincerely yours,

E. Dell'Grottaglia


Posted: 969002398000
Edited: 997575612000
I ordered a copy of her marriage cert to Ralph Lucchesi(Salon Keeper, Real Estate) 10-4-1893 in Cook Co., Ill. the spelling on her name varies from, Grazzolo, Gazzolo, Gazzola, the same applies to her first name, Emilia, Ameila, Millie when I recieve it i will post her parents names. My mother was never given information about her grandparents.

Gazzolo vs Gazzola

Elvira Gazzola Dell'Grottaglia (View posts)
Posted: 969034023000
I appreciate your reply to my question(s)
I'm sure much interesting info will come in our quest.
CIAO! Elvira

marriage and birth cert

Posted: 969406655000
Edited: 997575612000
how many ways can it be spelled? let see on death cert GAZZOLO on marriage licence GRAZZOLO, on Louise's birth cert GAZZOLO, anyway the infomy mom requested from Italy (15 yrs ago ) email me at and I will send it to you. also any of these names sound familiar? Solner, Mallatesta, Korsvik,
hope to talk with you soon!!
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