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I'm interested in talking to any Frie in the USA. My great grandfather was Johann Frie that settled in Freeport Min. in 1880. My grandfather Bernhard Frie came to Canada in 1903 and settled in Cudworth Sask.


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Hello, I live in Colorado and am kin to many other Fries' throughout the country. The contigent is growing here in Colorado with the addition of my daughter (8/4/99), my brother's family (three boys), and the arrival of my parents to the state at the end of November. I also have two other brothers in Texas and many relatives in MN. I just received the Frie Family Book, while I am extremely disappointed with it, it does have some limited info. It was done by a another Frie family here in Colorado.

Frie Family

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I see there are 3 Kyle Frie in Colorado. Sorry your family book not so great. I have a cousin in CA name of Ruth Bennett that keeps us all up to date. Think you are related to me since my tribe all from Freeport MN. Moved of Canada in 1903. Benedictin Bros. brought group of German Catholic from MN to the "land of milk and honey". That is with alot of work, and clearing the land they could have a piece. I have info on our American cousins-- about 15 years old. Any info you want? My great (near south west of Munster, and only on old maps of Germany)in October 1880. My home email is My husband has entered everyone into a geneology web site, perhaps I can down load it and send it to you if you are interested. Did I tell you there is a fellow by name of Hans Frie here in Surrey, BC that came from Germany after WW2. He says his Dad researched the name and it was org. Von Frie and is Prussian Royalty. Sorry no Swiss bank account. I have two other stories of name origin if you are interested.

Frie family

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Dear Verna, hello from OK. I am the great-great grandson of Dr. Henry Carrol Frie of St. Jo,TX. the husband of Sarah Rebecca Lamar Frie- daughter of John T.Lamar b1839 and Mary Virginia Postell m1857. My great grandfather was Lucian A. Frie of Duncan,OK a pharmicist married to Minnie Cline Frie they had a drug store in Duncan,OK. My grandfather is Herbert C. Frie of OK he is married to Pauline Steel Frie and is the son of Lucian and Minnie Frie. My father is Jimmie W. Frie of OK and he is married to Roberta Frie of which they have four children; Debbi Frie Hernandez, Carl Frie, Bart Frie, Bret Frie. Bret Frie has two boys Matthew Frie Michael Frie.
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hello i have some frie info. my great grandfather was Melvin Frie. He married Idella Garrison. They had 6 children. They are from South Jersey. I believe that my great-great grandparents were born in Germany. Any other Info you have about NJ Frie please let me know

Frie family

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Sorry I don't have any information about Frie family from NJ. Yes, they were probably from Germany. My family came from Schapteden near Munster. A Frie I know said his father researched the name after WW2 and says it was VonFrie and was Prussian royalty. I have family crest that shows they were land owners. Verna

Frie family

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My family is from Schapdetten (the books say Nottuln, which is the bigger village 1 mile from Schapdetten).
My grandfather is Anton Frie,
his father is Anton Frie, Nottuln, 10/29/1863
and his father is also Anton Frie, Nottuln, 06/07/1831.
I'm sure there is a connection to your family, Verna.


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Benedikt: Yes, there must be a connection. My grandfather was born in Schapteden and I'd have to look up when. I know he died in 1935 and was about 65. He's buried in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. One of my Dad's brothers' name was Anton Frie. I don't know if they named him after anyone in particular. I'm writting from work so don't info right here. Verna

Anton Frie

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According to my family tree, an Anton Frie was born in 1810. His son Heinrich Frie born Feb 14, 1836 died in Min. 1912 (my great grandfather) They immigrated to USA in Oct 1880 to Freeport Mn. One of his four sons, Johan Bernhard (Ben) Frie was my grandfather. He was born April 4, 1864 in Schapdetten, died May 15, 1938 buried in Prince Albert Sask. He had three brothers: Henry Joseph, Herman and Joseph. Their families all in Min. today. One of my Dad's brothers was called Anton. I still have cousins in and around Cudworth, Sask. Hope this helps. We did family tree few years ago. My husband entered all the Frie family info into computer program and he tells me there are 1598 names in there!!! Verna Frie Booth in Surrey, BC Canada

my father, Anton Frie

Benedikt FRIE (View posts)
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Please contact me at above address. I am Verna's cousin. Have info from Schapdetten and need more. My father was Anton (died 1974 aged 74)Have contact with other relatives in Minnesota. Looking to hear from you - Maureen
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