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great- grandparents

great- grandparents

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My grandparents were Albert Fooce who married Dorthy England around 1932. They lived in Ohio, Died in Plumwood in 1974 and 1975. I'm looking for info on their parents. John Henry Fooce and John Evans. Any help will be appreciated. Wanda

Hi there

Amanda Fooce (View posts)
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My grandpa was Arnold Fooce, whom I beileve was Albert's brother. My dad is Walter Fooce, Arnold's son. My aunt knows a lot about the family history, and I am sure she would love to help if you had any specific things you think would help you locate information. Yes, they lived in Plumwood OH. They moved around a lot because they were a farming family, so i am not sure how much they know abiout their grandparents, but I will give it a shot.

Your cousin,

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Hi Amanda, Thanks for answering and the info. I believe my mother Virginia spoke with your dad just before the reunion. People say that John Henry Fooce had two families. One with Margie Holt and one with and Indian woman. We're trying to find out if that was true. Suppossedly there were like 9 kids from that union. Do you know?? Maybe we will all meet at next years family reunion. A bunch of us are planning to come. See ya. Your cousin, Wanda


Amanda Fooce (View posts)
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Hey there Wanda, which is also my mom's name,
Margie Holt is where my aunt got her name. I talked to my aunt while I was visiting home this weekend in OH. She said she knew some things, but most of it stopped with Albert, Aurther, Arnold and William. That was my Grandpa and his brothers.....If you need anything else, I will try to find out for you, but I know that there is a lot of indian in the blood line, they talk about it all the time....I wouldn't be so surprised if they found out that it was the truth. Well, talk to you later.

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Hey Amanda,
How about sending me an E-mail To wladd I think it would be easier to talk. I was mistaken about my Mom talking to your dad. It was Ray she talked to .
Talk more later
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Hi Amanda, I am trying to trace my dads roots. his name was
Earl Taylor. parents were Ola Frances Fooce and
Charles Taylor. Ola parents were John and Margie (Holt) Fooce.
Would appreciate any information that you have.
Margie was Blackfoot Indian. Thanks Diana


Amanda Fooce (View posts)
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MArgie Holt Fooce was my Great Grandma. She had three sons, which Arnold was my Grandpa. He lived in New Solon when he had my dad, Walt Fooce, who just recently passed away on Oct. 11, 2000. He had 5 sons and 2 daughters. Leroy and Roger Fooce and Margie Vandermark and Dorothy Easter are still living. Dorothy Easter, my aunt, knows a lot about these things. If you really want to contact someone to help you trace you roots, she is the one to contact about specifics. She lives in Clarksburg Oh and her Number is 740-775-7803. I hope I was some help. Talk to you later
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I have some sad family news. E-mail me and I'll give you the details. Wanda
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