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family roots

family roots

John G. Delgado (View posts)
Posted: 927225086000
I would like any information on my family name. Parents came from Portugal thru Boston.

Delgado Surname

Ivan Delgado, MD (View posts)
Posted: 929136036000
The "Delgado" surname orinates in Monte Santander Spain. It is originally a Spanish name which means, "slender." I researched this at the mormon geneological library in Utah (Salt lake.) This is the first I hear of the name being Portugese although I know of a famous Marrano Poet, Joao Pinto Delgado who composed Jewish works in the 1700's. Let me know what else you discover about the name.


Madeline Delgado (View posts)
Posted: 950948322000
you are absolutely right, Delgado originated in Spain, in the late 1800's the spain conquestors bought slaves to Puerto Rico as well as themselves to settle there. My grandfather's grandfather was from the canary Island's and a little Island adjacent to Spain and he had did his research in the late 1970's and discovered this information. Where are you from?


Nicola Delgado-Sievertson (View posts)
Posted: 951825970000
My familly is from Jamaica, and came to the country in the 1600s from Portugal. All Jews. The familly remained their until the 1970s. Any info you have would be great to know.

Jamaica, San Antonio Delgados

Claire Hill (View posts)
Posted: 953549243000
For Jamaica look under "Isaac+Delgado" in Alta Vista, an immense family tree from the 17th century onward; for San Antonio look at Texas History Online.

Apellido Delgado

Rafael A. Delgado Simonet (View posts)
Posted: 954563044000
Ivan: El Apellido Delgado es un linaje muy extendido por Espana, originario de la Montana de Santander. Las cronicas y nobiliarios hablan de algunos caballeros Delgado montaneses, que se distinguieron por sus hechos en la antiguedad. En la provincia de Santander hubo casas solares de este apellido, en el Valle de Toranzo, en el lugar de Villaseril, del partido judicial de
Villacarriedo, en la ciudad de Santander y en Laredo. La palabra delgado fue notada desde el ano 1034 cuando aparecio en cierto documentos. En un certificado del Family Research Center donde se da la historia del apellido Delgado dice Quote The earliest instances of this name refer to a Delgado
family who came from San Vicente de Somosierra, in the province of Navarra. This
family were descendants of the famous ancestral home of de la Piscina. From this house Juan Sana Delgado, who was married to Dona Maria Sana Dorono. They had a son whose name was Martin Sana Delgado and who married Dona Maria Ortiz Urbaran. Martin and
Maria were the parents of "the Bachelor" (old
word meaning youth who hopes to become a knight), Juan Delgado Navarro, who married Dona Mari Lopez de Aguero. They had a son called Juan Delgado y Lopez de Aguero who
lived in Vitoria and became a nobleman on the sevententh of June 1551. Another Delgado family came from the village of Corella in the same region of Navarra. Unquote. Hope this will be of interest to you primo.


Rafael A Delgado Simonet (View posts)
Posted: 954564494000
Madeline: Historians tell us that Quote Many
of the people who accompanied Columbus on his four voyages were veterans of the Spanish wars to take Granada from Muslim control. Others included peasant farmers, royal officials, a few priests and friars, some women, as well as a few Africans, most of whom were enslaved. Unquote. (Source: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, Spanish Empire, Chapter III Spanish America, Page 4)
My ancestors were also from the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Vilaflor and San Miguel de Abona. From what island were your ancestors from? Have a good day prima.

my roots

Peter Delgado (View posts)
Posted: 960243425000
My Great Grandfather (Ventura Delgado) emigrated to Cuba from Galicia (I think) in the mid 1800's for reasons unknown to my father. In Cuba he was a tobbacco farmer in the region of Pinar Del Rio and his son followed suit. We are very Celtic in appearence (many blonds, strong legs, long chiseled faces, narrow-Romanesque noses) and have no obeese members of the living family. We tend to be of a hardy constitution and long-lived. I am interested in finding my direct cousins in Spain. Does anyone know of an official Spanish government office that handles this sort of thing? Please e-mail me with the info.
Thanks in advance.

Delgado name

Posted: 979489867000
Edited: 1029720125000
My husband is a Delgado with roots in Puerto Rico. Where can I find info. on the Delgados arrival to the island? If you know, please send me info. Thanks

Re: Delgado name

Posted: 1002404798000
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Will you please, rewrite your querry and give data which can make posible the identification of the person and family you are requesting: complete name, parents, age, relatives or any information which you think could help.
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