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Castelo Family

Castelo Family

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I am researching my family tree on my father's mothers side (Castelo). My fathers name is Adan Castelo Leija and his mothers name is Maria Elidia Flores Castelo. Her mothers name was Maria Flores who married a Castelo. They settled in Fort Stockton, Texas years back. Anyone with any information can please e-mail mail at I also have information to share.

Castelo Family Reply

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Hello Adan,
I sent you an e-mail back in June relative to your Castelo posted message. I didn't know if you had gotten it or not and forgot about it until I was checking the message boards again for family branches. The Castelo family that I have in my Olivas family tree come from the Big Bend area of Texas, Shafter, Terlingua, Marfa and
later Ft. Stockton. My great-aunt Maria Martinez married my geat-uncle Ramon Castelo I think Ramon and Maria married either in Shafter or Terlingua in late 1890's or early 1900s and later settled in Ft. Stockton, where they both passed away. Maria was my Grandmother's (Jesusita Martinez Olivas) sister. I remember my primos Ramon Jr.(Mon)
and Lorenzo(Lencho)and their children in Odessa,Tx. as we were growing up, but I don't remember the names right off. I also remember visiting the rest of the Castelo family in Ft. Stockton which I believe were Maria and Andres. I think they were my aunt and uncle's compadres. Juan Castelo is my padrino and lives in Las Cruces, NM where
I live. Please reply if you think we may have a connection here. I will be glad to share what I remember and I can get more details from my mother. Best regards and looking forward to hearing from you.


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Apparently, you're right. I either never received your e-mail or set it aside for later. Nonetheless, I do believe there's a relation down the line. In my research both online and speaking with my Grandmother, Maria Elidia Castelo(Acosta by marriage), Ramon and Antonio (my grandmother Maria's grandfather) were brothers. I believe they also had a brother named Jose (Born Oct 14, 1895) and a sister named Josephina (date of birth unknown)Antonio was born June 13, 1893 near Shafter, Texas. They're mothers name was Ramona but I don't know what their fathers name was. Antonio married a Maria Flores, (born September 25, 1897 died in Aug 1979 in Fort Stockton, Texas)They in turn had children named Maria Elidia (my Grandmother), Olivia (died October 19, 1999), Juan, Miguel, Josephina, Henry, Juanita, Elisa, Lupe and Rita. If Ramon was related to you, then we are related. I would like to know more about Ramon's family and I would gladly pass on any information I have on my side of the Castelo family. Thanks for writing back.

Castelo Family

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Thanks for your reply. Your Grandmother is my Padrino Juan Castelo's sister. Our families have been very close throughout our history.
Ramon Castelo was born in or near Shafter (dob-unk.)Married my great-aunt Maria Martinez in Presidio County. Maria was born 5/10/1890
and died 2/1987 in Odessa,Tx. Ramon, I beleive died in Ft. Stockton many years earlier. The children born to them were: Agustina,
Juana, Lorenzo b. 9/5/1914, Ramon Jr. b.4/24/1921, a second Juana (nicknamed La Chica), Maria and Olivia. All have passed away except
Maria and Olivia, who I believe still live in Ft. Stockton. Lorenzo (Lencho) and Ramon Jr.(Mon) passed away in Odessa, both in 1990.
With your permission I will forward additional information through e-mail,after I contact my mother and my tia in Midland.
Please respond to For now my best regards,

we might be related

angie (View posts)
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My grandfather's name was Teodulo Castelo Martinez, does that ring a bell?

Castelo/Martinez Family

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Yes it did ring a bell, but I can't quite get the handle on it. Give me a little more information to go on. Martinez is my grandmother's family and Cornelio Olivas is my grandfather. Olivas and Castelos go back to 1880s in Presidio County. My grandmother's sister Maria Martinez married Ramon Castelo. History is in Shafter and Ft. Stockton, Tx. So I know that I am close, so help me out. If you wish, You can reply to me direct at
Looking forward to hearing from you to see if we are cousins.


angie (View posts)
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Let me get so more information from my grandmother and see what she say. My grandpa has a sister by the name Maria Elena Baraza de Castelo she lives in Hermosillo, Sonora.(Near Arizona)

Some forgotten information

angie (View posts)
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My grandapa also has another sister by the name Emilia, she is very old and in a coma but still alive.

Re: Castelo Family

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Surnames: Castelo
Luis, I completed most of the Castelo family tree which traces back to Ramon Castelo who was born in 1847 and moved/migrated to Shafter, TX in 1877. He was an overseer for the Fortin de la Cienga outside of Shafter. I believe he migrated there with his family with Milton Faver.

My grandfather was Ramon Martinez Castelo 3/24/21 - 1990. He is buried in Odessa. His father was Ramon Castelo born 11/03/1882. His father was Ramon Castelo born 1847. I refer to him has 'Ramon I'. I finished this researched last summer.

I started researching this evening and think I found some more information on some Castelos from 1765 ; however, I am having trouble making the connection from 1765 to 1877.

There seems to be evidence of Castelo in 1767-1771 in Sonora, Mexico. I belive a Captain in the Spanish army married a Castelo during this time. One of her siblings was name Nicolas who died in 1765. I am trying to find the other siblings. There must be male siblings to carry the Castelo name. Likely male names would be Ramon, Ignacio, Domingo,Juan or Jose.

Any ideas ?


Re: Castelo Family

luis (View posts)
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Surnames: Castelo, Martinez, Olivas
We are related, our families connect with your great grandfather Ramon Castelo II marrying "Tia Maria" Martinez, my grandmother's sister. However, our family history goes back further with Ramon Castelo I and Salome Olivas (my great-grandfather) at "el fortin de la cienega" and the original ranch families with Don Militon Faver. I would like to share and exchange information with you regarding our families, please email me direct at and I will get my notes on the Castelo family and hopefully I can help you with ideas on where to look next. Best Regards
Tu Primo,
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