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cammann surname

cammann surname

David A Green (View posts)
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I am the direct decendant fo the St> Louis Cammanns on my mother's side.
I have been years at researching their names, and finally have soc sec #'s and names going back as far as 1894, familly line also includes the radders
and Greens (of which I am one)I am trying to gain as much history going further back than these dates, if anyone can help me, I'd greatly appreciate this. I will trade information about these three surnames although I've very little of it.
Thank you for your time!

cammann surname

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hi david my name is chris was a cammann before marriage my family is from the st louis area walter cammann and teresa were my dad's parents

Cammann surname.

David (View posts)
Posted: 982050011000
So far I have these names to go one that should be connected with walter and teresa, they are: Benjamin Cammann (this should be walter's father if we have the right couple here), and the following should be siblings, and or uncles/aunts of walter's.
Red Cammann
Beulah Cammann
Louise Cammann
Lorraine Cammann
I've dug all of this information out of my mother, who belongs to the Radder Familly tree (stemming directly from the Cammanns)
in the same area.
I can verify my great great grand mother,...(I think she's my great great,...or is it just great?) Rose Radder ssn 499-54-0254 born 12/02/1878
Died 01/1972
If any of these folks sound familliar, or if i've managed to hit the nail right on the head, please feel free to shout it out to me!
Thank you so much for all your help!
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yes david, red is arthur an uncle and beulah was the wife of walter [the son] my mom sarah was beulah's daughter and walter step daughter i remember my mom has talked of the radder name before a lou radder who was married to mickey but thatwas a while ago adn maybe the name was carl not lou but mickey was a sister of walter red and lorraine and louise and again i was a young girl when i saw them last thanks for answering my message and please stay in touch i will talk more to my mom and pass on any info i get thanks chris

family tree....

David (View posts)
Posted: 982145034000
Oh how I sure do appreciate the fast responses!! I've been struggling with my Mother as well in trying to get a discernible family line,...and so far you have seen what i have,...if you've got a page up somewhere with these names, I'd like to view it if you'd please? (I think it would surprise my mother to know there are still members of our familly that can be found).
Again thank you very much!
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yes i guess a page would be helpful but i am so new at this i just got started and trying to learn all of this and i had left out a few other things like another brother james william who was my dad sarah's husband and they had seven children anf walter and beulah have three children who all live in missouri uncle red lives in missouri and has four children aunt lorraine had two children and louise i can't rmember how many she had i was very young last time i saw her but i will work more on the family tree thanks chris

cammann info (?)

Cammann (View posts)
Posted: 983319628000

Did you think about grandma maiden name to be included with your search. Her maiden name is ( Cash ), I don't know if this can help you and David find what you are looking for but I hope so. Maybe the last name of MaCabe might help, it just sounds fimilar to me.
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I have been researching this family some 10 years. Do any of your mum's Cammanns stem from London, England? My gt. grandmother was one and I can get back to 1789 with her grandfather Henry.

Re: cammann surname

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my grandma was mary jane mom passed away on july 28th from cancer...she was sarah jane miller cammann....she leaves behind my sister and me and my dad...she also leaves behind two brothers freddy cammann and henry cammann....

Re: cammann info (?)

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Calling Beulah grandma which cousin are you so sorry that it has taken so long for me to answer this question but i just got my means of communication back anyway like to know how we are connected Christine
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