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Finding my family

Finding my family

Angela Marie Bacigalupi (View posts)
Posted: 925455059000
I am 20 years old and I have never met anyone on my father's side of the family.
I am currently looking for anyone who is related ina ny way to John William Bacigalupi,
b. October 17, 1937. I know that he had a son named John Jr., but I also understand that he was adopted in his late teens. There also was a daughter named Robin.
I believe them all to be in the Southeastern part of the U.S.
He is and has been for a while in or around Louisville, KY. He had a sister named Nancy, who married Haldeen COlvin.
He also had a brother named CHarles Bacigalupi. His third wife's name was Adria, that is my mother. After her he married a Hispanic woman anmed Alicia.
They had a daughter named Nancy Marie. She was born around 1980 or 1981.
I don't remember enough about him to describe him. I know that he is an excellent singer and
likes to frequent piano bars (or he used to).
He was friends with a man named James (Jim) Light for many years. I am sure that there is
more that I could put on here, but this is all I have.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.

John William Bacigalupi, Sr.

Robin Bacigalupi (View posts)
Posted: 928316114000
In response to the message posted by Angela
Marie Bacigalupi on April 30, 1999, I am the
Robin referred to in your message, the second
child of John William Bacigalupi, Sr. I am
30 years old.

Most of the information you had was all that I
know also. I do know his parents names were
Frank S. Bacigalupi, Jr and Lucille S. Russell.
His paternal grandparents were Frank S.
Bacigalupi, Sr and Katherine Bacigalupi.

I, like you, do not know anyone from my
father's side of the family. I have found
a telephone number for Nancy Colvin, his
sister in Louisville, KY. I have not yet
contacted her. If you would like to contact
me, I would love to hear from you. My email
address is

I wasn't sure from your message if you were
interested in finding John William Bacigalupi, Sr.
or if you were trying to trace back the family

Please contact me.

I know a little...

Jennifer Little (View posts)
Posted: 984573773000
I don't know who your trying to find info about, but i can give you some info on my grandmother and grandfather, Nancy and Haldean Colvin. My grandma, Nancy, passed away in '95. My grandpa is still alive. They had six kids, 3 boys and 3 girls. The oldest being Nadean but she passed away last September. She had two children, one who is 21 and one who is 18. The oldest now is my mom who is 42 and she had 3 children. I am her oldest (18) and she has another girl (14) and a boy (9). Mark married a woman named Patty and they have 2 kids. The other siblings of Nancy and Haldead are David, Glen, and Leslie. I don't know if this helps you out, but if you need to get in contact with anyone of those people let me know and i can give you their numbers or e-mail addresses. Lucille Bacigalupi is still alive to..shes the cutest woman :o)Well e-mail me at and i can help if you want me too!

I know U.....U are my cousin....

Leslie Jane Colvin (View posts)
Posted: 984585341000
Dear Angel,
Hello....I am your cousin...I am Nancy Jo's
youngest daughter..My mom passed away in June of 93...In Sept.of 2000,My oldest sister
Nadean Passed away...I too have been looking for your father,,(My Uncle JohnnY) to let him know of his niece passing on...I have had no luck...I have asked your uncle Tommy who is ur fathers brother if he has seen or heard from him...& he says he has only heard from him once since mom died....
I can't imagine the hurt you must fill also the anger you must have for him...I my self is very angry that he has not attempted to stay in contact with his family....I know my mom has turned over in her grave a million times....Mom thought very highly of you...I know her & dad came to visit you in Texas several years ago....I am sure you know that he has a daughter named Nancy after my Mom...Me & Nadean received a letter from you several years ago from my dads house...since Nadeans Demise....I have not known how to readch you...I am sorry things are the way they are...If you would like to call sometime to talk my number is 502-774-3621...I saw that there was a message on this message board from your step sister Robin...& that was my niece Jennifer who sent you a reply....I noticed one thing that she messed up on...she said that Lucille was still alive....she is thinking of my dads sister Lucille not your grand mother Lucille
Lucille Bacigalupi has been passed for 20 somewhat years...she passed on when I was a little girl & I am going to be 31 In August..
If you would like to please e-mail me if u cannot call...I will try to get more e-mails for you from your other cousins...Uncle Tommys kids...good luck If I hear from your father...Trust me I will let you know if you give me a number to reach you...I love Uncle Johnny but I am too also hurt by his conduct... Please if you hear from him let me know...thank you....I would rather tell him of Nadeans Passing if you don't mind....he was very fond of her ...thanks...
Sincerely your cousin
Leslie Colvin

Re: Finding my family

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