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JOSEPH M. ANANIA (View posts)
Posted: 944306994000
I was born in OMAHA, NEBRASKA, 1959.
My Grandfather, FELICE ANANIA came to America around 1900 with his brother FRANK. Frank settled in Punxatawnwy, PENN., My Grandfather went from PA. to Ohio, Iowa, and ended in OMAHA, NEBR. as a baker.
They where originally from, CALABRIA.

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Ryan Anania (View posts)
Posted: 957956605000
I saw your message recently and wanted to see if you speak with any of your or my relatives from Des Moines. My grandma's name is Esther Anania (Leone) and my grandpa is Francis Anania. We are from Calabria. My grandpa is specifically from Adami and my grandma is from a neighboring town.

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JOE ANANIA (View posts)
Posted: 958013696000

I'm sorry , but I do not speak or keep in contact with any of the ANANIA'S of Des Moines, Iowa.
I do have relatives here in Omaha, Nebraska that are related also to the ANANIA'S of Des Moines, His name is Frankie Pane, he might know more.
I also found out that there is a ANANIA of Des Moines who is a JUDGE!

Hope this information helps.


Anania ancestor's

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I just got my 1st computer have started my family search. My great-grandparents came from Calabria, we think Reggio, between the years of 1873-1883. Both of their older sons were born in Italy but my grandfather was born in Pittsburgh. We think our great grandfather was still alive in 1890 or 1892 but don't know when he or our greatgrandmother died or when or where. Two of my father's cousins were born in Pittsburgh in 1900 and 1902. We don't know if they left any children. Their names were Catherine, born in 1900 to Carmine (or Carmen known as Charlie and Pasquale born in 1902 and died in the 1920's. His father was Rafael or Ralph. He was a policeman. Our dad was the only son of our grandfather and has passed away. His father died in Detroit in 1945. We think that either Ralph or Charlie was married to Rose Anania who lived in New York, probably Brooklyn, because our grandmother wrote to her until the early 1970's. If you think that there might be a family connection please let me know. I have no birth/death/marriage etc records and have been told that there was a major fire in Pittsburgh some years ago that destroyed many records. I have been to the Morman library in Salt Lake and my sisters have searched many ports of entry. We have zilch. We don't know what area of Pittsburgh they lived in but are tracking down Catholic churches and cemetaries. If you know the names of any could you forward them please? Have a nice day...Ciao

Anania of Pittsburgh

JOE ANANIA (View posts)
Posted: 964062165000
Read Your inquiry about Your ANANIA family history from Pittsburg.
I have relatives in Pittsbrgh AREA.
The name of the city is PUXATAWNEY, PENN.
The same town where the groundhog looks for its shadow every year. My DADS BROTHERS SON, JESSE ANANEA family lives there.
In 1976 when I was 16, my Father and I visited my Relatives in this small town.
**This is very IMPORTANT*** They spelled their name ANANEA. They said the EAST coast ACCENT changed the spelling.You might want to coninue Your search under this spelling.
ALL of my relatives have passed away including my parents.
I do know that my
Grandfather, FELICE, was from Calabria , he came to America with his brother FRANK around 1900, settled in Pennsylvania.
My grandfather later mover to OHIO, then , IOWA, and finally settled in OMAHA,Nebraska, where I was born raised and STILL living.
I hope this helps somehow. Good luck!!
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Hi Joe, well we have found out a little bit more. We think that our great-grandfathers name was Pasquale because we found a directory from Pittsburgh that listed a Pasquale and a Carmine (the name of our grandfather's oldest brother) as laborers. As children we were told that our grandfathers brothers helped to build the streets in Pittsburgh. Pasquale and Carmine were listed as laborers in Pittsburgh in 1890 and their address was "rear of tunnel 24". I imagine as laborers they were housed near the construction site like farm workers are today - and not always in humane conditions. We have been told the pronunciation of our name is Ananea but had'nt thought to look for that spelling. I feel as though I am building a bridge to the past out of toothpicks...this is going to take a long time. Thanks for your input. Ciao

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Miriam Anania (View posts)
Posted: 977078055000
My husband's late dad was Anania. The Anania last name came from Russia. Are there any other Anania's from Russia out there?

I once met an italian Anania that said he looked up his family and found the following: The original Anania's where from Romania. When there was a revolution in Romana the Anania's escape via Italy and Russia. That's how Anania's come from both Italian and Russian backgrounds. What do you think?

Anania Family Tree

Perry (View posts)
Posted: 981567020000
I"m helping someone research her family.
Her mother's name is Barbra Anania. She has a very nice aunt name Beth.....:).Her Grandfather's name was Felix A.Anania . Is he the Felix in the SSDI listed as born May 20, 1918, died mar. 21, 1994 ?
Hope to here from you...:)

Anania Family

Beth (View posts)
Posted: 981614743000
Hi ya kid, it's Auntie Beth here. Nice to know that the family is busy at research work. Tracking grandpa's family has been a bear. Give Careen my love, take care.

Anania family tree

Barbara (View posts)
Posted: 981623832000
Perry, Careen's mom spells her name Barbara, just for the record. ;-) (It's that famous singer who uses Barbra)
Good luck on locating our ancestors.
The message about the name being Russian was interesting. When I looked into the origin of the name, I found that it goes back to biblical times. Ananias means 'from God' or 'beloved by God'. It is also a Greek name and the Greeks at one point invaded Italy, thus the Italian connection. In my 'Book of Anania', the highest concentration of Anania residents is in Reggio de Callabria, Italy, which is where our Great Grandfather is said to have been born. The county of Greece is not represented in the 'Book of Anania' because Greece does not allow access to its residents names for publication (or so says the publishers) We need to travel to Pittsburgh, where Careen's great grandpa was born and East Liverpool, Ohio, where I believe Pasquale Anania (a cousin of Felix Anania Jr.) is buried (I have a picture of the Anania headstone, which I believe is there) Have fun!
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