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Surnames: SCHMOLKE

I am looking for descendants of Eulogius Schmolke who moved to the outskirts of Holden about 1905 and was a soldier in WW I. The family moved away before he returned from the war and contact was lost. He was born Sep. 1895 and may have changed his name to Eugene, moved to BC and may have died there in 1935. His parents were Fred SCHMOLKE and Elisabeth JENDRO.

Schmolke name

Timothy Schmolke (View posts)
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Surnames: Schmolke, Szmolke
My grandfather is Alfred Benard Schmolke born July 2nd, 1889 from the Silesia region (Poland now)town of Przechod. He married Helen Konieczny and resided in Poland until death (Krotoszyn). His father was Benard Schmolke who married H. Przyklink, dates all unknown. We are trying to establish futher information. PS., Alfred Bernard Schmolke had three sisters, two of whom are named Maria and Suzanna. Maria resided in Berlin. Suzanna emmigrated to Poland (Gniezno) after WWI.

Schmolke from Silesia

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Surnames: Schmolke, Smolke
Very interesting. My Schmolke ancestors also came from Silesia, but I am not familiar with the town Przechod. I will have to access a map site to see how close it is to Schidlow, Brande, or Bielitz, Falkenberg where my Schmolkes came from.
Have you used any of the microfilmed records that are available from the LDS Family History Centers?
I will be in touch when I can find/gather more information. I would appreciate hearing what all you have about your Schmolke origins.
Nancy Pundsack

Laqua ancestor

Jennifer Knufinke (View posts)
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Surnames: Laqua
my ancestors came from Silesia, too.
Sone of them were named Laqua
(Laurentius Laqua;Joseph Laqua) They both lived in the 19th/20th century, maybe you are related?

Laqua from Silesia

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Surnames: Laqua, Schmolke, Ulitzke, Bauch, Scholtz
I have a Theresia Laqua married to Johann Schmolke Feb 1810 in Schidlow, Falkenberg, Silesia, Prussia.
And I have an Eva Laqua (b. abt 1757 possibly in Brande) married to Johann Schmolke Jan 1779, in Schidlow. Her parents are Christoph Laqua and Catharina Ulitzke. She also married Melcher Bauch.
Christoph Laqua's parents were Paul Laqua and Maria Scholz.
If there is any connection I'd certainly like to hear about it, even if your Laquas just came from the Schidlow area.

Laqua from Schiedlow

Jennifer Knufinke (View posts)
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Surnames: Laqua, Liebig, Winkler
I'm afraid your names don't match mine, but as a matter of fact my relatives came from Schiedlow, Falkenberg, too!!!
I have a Joseph Laqua married to Rosina Zapalla.
Their son Carl Laqua (b. 13.3.1834 in Schiedlow, Falkenberg)married Maria Obornik.
Their son Laurentius Laqua (b. 5.8.1879 in Schiedlow, Falkenberg)married Anna Winkler 3.3.1918 in Ludwigsdorf, Kreuzberg. He also married Hedwig Liebig.


Le Roy J. La Motte (View posts)
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Surnames: Schmolke, Mischke, Przybilla, Marshik, Grittner
I want to thank you for giving me names that go back farther
in the family tree. It appears that these families moved to Canada and the USA in vast numbers. My mother, Catherine Anastsia Schmolke ( born Dec 1899) told me that they helped to purchase the way for the rest of the family; therefore, the family came to the Americas in waves until between the world wars, then contact was ended--due to war, occupation and transfere of that land to Poland at WWIIs end.I would appreciate to hear more on the Schmolke,Marshick,Mischke,
Przybilla,Grittner.Many buried at St.Michael's Cath.Church in Buckmann, Minnesota ( USA).

Schmolke and Mischke

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Surnames: Schmolke, Mischke, Przybilla
Buckman, MN, rang a big bell. My Schmolke ancestors are buried there or nearby.
Are you related to Agnes Przybilla who married Jacob Schmolke?
My grandfather was Fred Schmolke. His parents were Jacob Schmolke and Catharina Mischke. His brothers included Jacob, Charles, Joseph and John
They all went to MN in the 1880's.
I recently spent a day searching for Schmolke's in the MN naturalizations.
We must have mutual relatives to exchange.
Nancy Pundsack

Schiedlow relatives

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Surnames: Laqua
I just found your response to my message. I didn't see a notification of it. Anyway...
Those Laquas must be related somehow. I don't have any films from that area, but someday I will get around to studying that parish.
Nancy Pundsack

Re: Schmolke and Mischke

Le Roy J. La Motte (View posts)
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Dear Nancy, Yes,you and I are cousins,second cousines;your grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. The friedhof were they are all buried is Saint Michael's in Buckmann 'Minnesota ( in the county of Morrison). Records of them can also be found in the Archdioces of Saint Cloud, Minnesota . Agnes Prybilla and Jacob Schmolke are Mother's ( Catherine -Catherina-Schmolke) parents ( my Grand parents). Julia Schmolke ( in Stillwater Minnesota ), an offspring of John Schmolke ( our grandfathers' brother) is going to send me a copy of the family tree she has worked on for ten years. I am planning on visiting Scheidlow( now a part of Poland ) this summer or fall. I would like to make sure that I am looking at and getting copies of the correct documents and not barking up the wrong tree( family tree, that is).. I am sending you my personal address, under a cover directly to you, so we can carry on a mail(or postal correspondance). You E-mail was a real shock to me, a good shock that is, but I want to share more information with you when I get it here in Europe and in the United States . I live in German and have lived here for a long time, but never became much interested in our relatives and relationship , in Germany, because of the territory being in the communist block, me working for the government and not being able to travel there, and lastly---not knowing where to go until Mother died and left me some information that told where her relatives came from originally; that information was Greatgrandfather Jacob Schmoke's death rememberance card ( will have to send you a copy of that). Then and there I started to get the bug to find out how all of this came about. God bless and keep you in His mercy,love,help, and constant guidance. Le Roy J. La Motte.
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