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How do you store your records?

How do you store your records?

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Looking for suggestions on what "other" people do with their research and documents. I currently am keeping a hardcopy of ALL of my family tree. It's A LOT of paperwork and I REPRINT a new page EACH & EVERY time I add new info. (So yes, I DID lose my research many years back and had to restart ALL over again, so I guess I just have the fear it will happen again)BUT..........It just makes me wonder IF I would be able to continue doing this when I get into thousands of individuals in my tree.....PLUS the fact that I have been having a hard time "saving" my info onto a flashdrive (I did post that in the software board) ANY help would really be appreciated!

Re: How do you store your records?

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My records are also in a program (The Master Genealogist) on my computer. I back up the database into a cloud and onto a cd which I store in my safe deposit box. Digital photos are also stored in the same way. I download to my computer all images found here, like censuses, and backup those as well.

I make a digital scan of all documents and photos
, stored in the same way. The originals are kept in files although some of the more irreplaceable (such as grandparents baptismal certificates) are kept in the safe deposit box.

Personally, I would not rely on for the preservation of my work, especially since my research is not done solely on ancestry.

I would urge you to purchase a genealogy program, Family Tree Maker does have the advantage of syncing with you ancestry tree.

Re: How do you store your records?

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Yep. I'm glad I got Family Tree Maker to sync all info from Ancestry.
This way you can organise records, generate reports and SAVE everything you've researched on a regular basis. I back up my stuff onto USB or DVD every now and then.

Re: How do you store your records?

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I do use a program called "Family Tree Heritage". But many years ago I "lost" everything when my computer crashed, so I have been prtinting out all info as well as doing the program. I have recently started saving my info on a flash drive, and now found out that my program has a scrapbook where I can "attach" docs and pics. So that is my new "catch-up" job.....but I will also plan on saving those to the flashdrive also, just trying to figure out the most time-conserving and reliable way. Thank you for your response! :-)

Re: How do you store your records?

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In addition to ancestry and family tree maker, I download copies of everything I find on line to my hard drive. Any physical documents I have are scanned and the originals placed into acid free envelopes stored in an acid free box in a closet (yes, fire, flood - I know, I know).

My hard drive is backed up every hour to an external hard drive and every now and then I burn the hard drive files to a thumb drive.

I've also started printing everything out as well.

Its a lot of work for a family tree that no one but me seems to care about - lol

Re: How do you store your records?

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thank you for your reply! Glad to hear "someone else" prints everything out too! (I know HOW you fell that, "no one seems to care but you") Funny, when I first started doing research, my family made it like I was eing a "pest" about things, but guess who they call now when they want to know when someone died or who was who!!!
I recently started saving my documents to my computer also. Gonna take me a LONG time to get caught up with that! do you separate what you download. As I have been saving I put the file in folders (1900 census, 1910 census, and so on..........)but once I download them and then later need to add say another 1900 census, not sure HOW I would 'find it" to add it to my downloaded files...get what I'm saying? I'm still trying to figure this all out! Thanks for your info!

Re: How do you store your records?

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I probably go overboard in how I handle my computer files but I've found this works best for me. I store everything by person as opposed to topics like census.

On my hard drive I have a folder called GENEALOGY and within that folder are subfolders for all the surnames in my tree named in this manner:

Surname, First Name Middle Name (birth year-death year). So for Ludwig Radwick his folder would be:

Genealogy>Radwick>Radwick, Ludwig August (1881-1951)

If its for a married woman I use this naming convention

Surname, First Name Middle Name, Married Name (birth-death) so for Ludwig's wife her folder would be:

Genealogy>Steinnagel, Amanda Edith, Radwick (1883-1949)

This helps to separate out people with the same name.

Within those subfolders I keep all the documents relevant to that person and use the same naming convention.

So the 1930 census for Ludwig or his death certificate would be in his subfolder and named like this:

Radwick, Ludwig August (1881-1951) - Census - 1930 (US).jpg
Radwick, Ludwig August (1881-1951) - Death - Death Certificate.jpg

Doing it this way allows me to sort the files by name and then all the census records get shown in order, death related items are lumped together, etc.

If something like a census record is relevant to more than one person then a copy is placed in each persons subfolder and placed in their name.

Same with pictures - if there is a picture of Ludwig and Amanda they each get a copy of it in their subfolder.

While it was a lot of work to set up initially, now when I look at anyone's subtolder I know it stands alone and has everything that is relevant to that person.

I also took the time to throw a little text document into everyone's subfolder which explains their link to me. Telling me someone is my 9th cousin 700 times removed doesnt tell me what I want to know.

An example would be something like "Bernard was the son of Joseph who was the brother of Adam who was the father of Lucy who was my mother."

When I print eveything out, each person gets their own binder with all of their information. This allows me to take one every now and then and read through it like a book of that persons life.

To the person reading this it probably sounds like I'm an escapee of some sort but once it's setup, it's really easy to maintain and nothing gets lost. And because there are multiple copies of common documents like census records or pictures, my number of backup files is increased exponentially.

Re: How do you store your records?

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Patmob -- this is brilliant! :::staring at my trees::: where the heck do I start?

Thank you for the ideas! Off to start organizing!

Some days there is never enough coffee :)


Re: How do you store your records?

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That's a good question, and I always wonder how others do it as well.

I have Family Tree Maker which I add information to often, and I save my documents to a memory stick every now and than.

But I always copy each document I find, than place that doc in a plastic sheet protector and into a 3 ring binder.

I now have two 3 inch binders, one for my dads side one for mom's side.

I organize the book by family members, and have dividers to separate each family.
Example: My fathers father's tab (my grandfather) looks like this

I write the name on the tab, Giovanni Catapano
and in that file I have my grandfather, grandmother and all their children. I can continue and do their grandchildren as well, filed under each person, it's pretty basic filing.

The woman are tabbed as like this: my aunt, Antoinette Catapano Barbara
so her maiden name and married name show. I place the latest census first, and it identify her husband and kids at that time

I also like to add a note sheet to any pages I want, I like to explain who everyone is, just so my son may take interest some time and learn about his family.

So to sum it up, I have two 3 inch binders One for mom, dad.. full of documents kept in plastic sheet protectors, and separated by dividers. It's also nice if I just want to take one side of the family out lol like to the library, or to someones house to work on. All in one book.

Re: How do you store your records?

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thank you very much for "sharing" on how you save your information. I like the idea of the plastic covered pages. And being i also print out all my information from my program, the idea of the dividers would be a good way to separate that info also! Thank you!
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