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Mullins/Wright families

Mullins/Wright families

Terri Mullins-Blevins (View posts)
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Surnames: Mullins/Wright
I'm looking for information on the Mullins/Wright families. My ggrandfather was Morgan Mullins he married Mamie Wright abt the mid 1800's. They had aleast 3 children 1. CorbettMullins, 2. Sam(Samuel) Mullins, 3. Ollie Mullins not sure if this is short for Olivia or Oliver. Corbett Mullins is my grandfather hewas born on Georges Fork, Clintwood, Va. Dickerson, County,VA. DOB was April 23, 1902. He married Stella Hall (mullins). They moved to Lechter County, Ky . To little coal mining town called Jenkins. they lived at 1295 Straight Row, Corbett and Stella had 5 children: 1. Leanore Mullins,2. Dorothy Mullins,3. Clayton Mullins,4. James Mullins and 5. Leroy Mullins. Leanore died at the young age of 17. Dorothy died in November of 1979 in Baltimore, Md, James went into the Military and was sent to Korea and was a MIA and Leroy died at the young age of 43 in Manchester, Md. this was July 23 1978 .Leroy Mullins is my dad. Stella my grandma died at the age of 30 around the beginning to middle of December 1934. Corbett died in June of 1977. I think Morgan had sibilings but I not sure who they are. This about all I know about the Mullins side. I know nothing of the Wright side. This is my ggrandmother's side. If anyone has info they would like to share I would greatly apperciate it. ect. dates of birth and dates of death. this is of great interest to me.

Re: Mullins/Wright families

Leah (View posts)
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Surnames: Mullins/Wright
I'm not sure, but I may be related to another branch, or maybe it's just coincidence. My great grandfather was Lindsey Mullins. He married a woman from Wise Co., Va. Her name was Eliza Bell. She had two husbands prior to my great grandfather, so we're not sure what her maiden name was. My mom said maybe Belcher, but she's not at all sure. Eliza Bell was born April 2, 1865. My mother thinks Eliza Bell's mother's maiden name was Wright, or perhaps Eliza Bell's maiden name was Wright. She can't recall who carried the name Wright, but members of my family have traced the Wright lineage in our family to "Devil" John Wright, who I'm told came here on the Mayflower. The Mullins family originated in Ireland, travelled to England, then came here. Eliza Bell and Lindsey Mullins had four or five children together. The ones we know of are Oscar Lilburn Mullins (my grandfather), Fon Roger Mullins, and Orbin ? Mullins. My grandfather's birth records were destroyed in a fire. No one's sure if he was born in 1910 or 1909. Eliza Bell had 15 children, between her three husbands. We know she had a son Foster, a daughter Harriet, who was her oldest child, and died last year, I believe, at the age of 102. She lived most of her life in Elkhorn, Ky. Eliza Bell also had a daughter Angie Bell, who died about the age of 2. My grandfather, Oscar Mullins, was known throughout his life as Jack. Does your line and mine connect? Can you help me??? I can't get further back then Lindsey and Eliza Bell Mullins. Oscar Mullins married Dorothy Biddle from Baltimore, Md. and had four children. These four are still alive, but everyone else before them is deceased. If you have any info, please email me at Thanks, and good luck in your search! Leah in Baltimore

Re: Mullins/Wright families

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Terri;Straight Row is in Dunham - You can get on the Letcher County, & download death certificates of family members. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.
Ernest R. Blevins

Re: Mullins/Wright families

John Wesley Wright II (View posts)
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Surnames: Mullins, Newsome, Wright, Newsom
Terri, My GGrandmother was Lexsetty Mullins who married Abraham Newsome as I'm told they were married on Valentines Day 1900. Her Mother's Maden name was POTTER I believe. I don't have my information with me but if you e-mail I'll get you what I do Know. She had a brother by the name of Alford but I'm sure he went by the name Alfonso. They lived in Dortan, Vergie, Jenkins area of Pike County. Hope it helps.

Re: Mullins/Wright families

Ray Mullins (View posts)
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Surnames: Mullins, Newsome, Phipps, Mills, Vanover, Fleming, Wright, Senter, Blair
Here's some info for you:

1. Alexander MULLINS. Born 1855.

He married Clerenda Dennis VANOVER, daughter of Wesley Y VANOVER & Martha Jane FLEMING, 12 Feb 1878 in Wise Co., VA. Born 1861.
They had the following children:

2 i. Oadelia MULLINS
3 ii. Magdelina MULLINS
4 iii. Winfield MULLINS
5 iv. Joseph MULLINS
6 v. Lexetty MULLINS
7 vi. Nelson MULLINS
8 vii. Alford MULLINS
9 viii. Alexander Jr MULLINS
10 ix. Manillie MULLINS

Second Generation

2. Oadelia MULLINS. Born 1879.

3. Magdelina MULLINS. Born 1886.

4. Winfield MULLINS. Born 1887. Died 15 May 1969 in Pike Co., KY.

He married Laura WRIGHT, 28 Apr 1903.
They had the following children:

11 i. Fitzhugh MULLINS
12 ii. Clarinda MULLINS
13 iii. Cody MULLINS
14 iv. Bertha MULLINS
15 v. Mack MULLINS
16 vi. Howard MULLINS
17 vii. Creed MULLINS
18 viii. Alexander MULLINS
19 ix. Gertie MULLINS

5. Joseph MULLINS. Born 1889.
nickname: Little Joe

He first married Hattie PHIPPS, daughter of Eli P PHIPPS & Sarah SENTER.

He second married Vodna BLAIR.

6. Lexetty MULLINS. Born 1891.

She married Abe NEWSOME.
They had the following children:

20 i. Alsie Berry NEWSOME
21 ii. Monroe NEWSOME
22 iii. Willard NEWSOME
23 iv. Fletcher NEWSOME
24 v. Flossie NEWSOME
25 vi. Daisy NEWSOME
26 vii. Mary NEWSOME

7. Nelson MULLINS. Born 1894.

He married Cresia MILLS.

8. Alford MULLINS. Born 1899.

9. Alexander Jr MULLINS. Born 1902.

10. Manillie MULLINS. Born 1904.

Re: Mullins/Wright families

Posted: 1054179358000
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Ray, I must correct you On Lexsetty's children.
Willard was my grandfather. You did good, but here are the corrections.....

Alsie Berry is a grandchild.

She had 11 children.
not listed were...


The only one surving still is Aunt Daisy, and she is wonderful!

Re: Mullins/Wright families

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Surnames: Mullins
My g-grandfather was James A. Mullins, a brother to Linzey Mullins. Their parents was James A. Mullins and Louisa Vicey Ratliff.

Re: Mullins/Wright families

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Alexander Mullins and Clarinda Vanover are my Great Grandparents they Also has a daughter My Grandmother Martha Mullins Born in 1892 She Married Dock (Docey) Branham

Re: Mullins/Wright families

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Surnames: Mullins/Vanover families
I'm Alex and Clarinda's Great Granddaughter. I'm Magaline's granddaughter. I'm trying to find a photo of Magaline's Mom and Dad. Also, my Mom is no longer living but she told me of someone by the name of Alesaberry, Whinny, Carl, and Walter. Most died as young children. I'd love to hear of any info. you may have. I have photo's of Magaline and my grandpa Johnny. I'm not finding much on John...but added some info to my tree that I did find...I'm just not sure it is correct. I've just started searching since my Mom passed. I miss her bunches and just trying to find our more about my roots. Thanks
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