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Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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Surnames: Fiscus Macalough McCollough
Abraham Fiscus (1760-1834, Westmoreland and Armstrong Co., PA) mentioned a family Bible in his Revolutionary War pension application. He describes how Gerhardt Fiscus had a family Bible and recorded the date of birth of all of his children. Gerhardt sold the Bible to Peter Neily, but Abraham kept the leaf in the Bible that had the birth dates of all of his brothers and sisters.

I am related to Gerhardt Fiscus (1725-1797) and his son, Abraham (1760-1834) through Barbara Fiscus Macalough, Gerhardt's daughter. Barbara's son, John Macalough (1770-1847)(McCollough) was my gggggg grandfather. I am trying to find Barbara's birth date and confirm the name of her Macalough husband.

Thanks for your help. Mark McCollough

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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Gerhardt (Garrett) and Frederick Fiscus sailed from Germany together. I have no record of how they are related, but there was a Garrett and a Garrett II that sailed with Frederick. My records show they sailed on the Loyal Judith out of England after traveling from Palatine Germany through Holland, then arriving in America at Philadelphia 9/2/1743.I am a descendant of Frederick.

Frederick had a daughter named Barbara, who was one of his first children born in America, but that he brought his other 3 children with him from Germany. Those 6 children lost their mother, and Frederick remarried and had many more children. They ended up in a Moravian stockade in Bethabara, and although I have not accessed their records, there supposedly is a ton of info in the Moravian archives as they were very involved in that church I guess.

My records show that Frederick and "family", which could mean more than just his own offspring and wife, eventually ended up in that Moravian stockade to avoid the Indian attacks.

Interesting!! Hard to follow the threads of ancestry when they kept using the same given names over and over!!

I would love to hear any more info you might have!
Teri Christensen (Fiscus)

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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Teri - Thank you for your reply. I am looking for information on Barbara Fiscus born abt. 1750 who married a John or William McCullough/McColaugh. She was the daughter of Gerhart (Garret) Fiscus who immigrated in 1744 and died in Westmoreland County in 1797. I am aware that Frederick had a daughter named Barbara also.

There is likely a connection between Gerhart Fiscus (who died in 1797 in Westmoreland) and the Gerhart Fiscus who immigrated the in 1743 with Frederick Fiscus. Some say Gerhart and Frederick who immigrated in 1743 were father and son, others brothers.

Both families lived in Lancaster Co. until the Frederick family moved the Carolinas and the Gerhart family moved to Westmoreland County.

Thanks, Mark McCollough

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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I am not sure if this is helpful or not, but I would rather send it than not...hope it is helpful!

This is a copy and paste of something I ran across today. It is long, but Barbara is mentioned a couple of times, and her BD is listed as well:

Johann Freidrich Fiscus sources I posted in 2000.
Posted by: Pamela (Fiscus) Hatch (ID *****7677)
Date: July 06, 2012 at 15:02:45
of 413

This was copied from a message I left on the Fiscus Genforum in 2000. Maybe it will help someone.
(I added a few questions for pondering.)


Here is a list of what I have available that documents Johann Frederick FISCUS and family. I'll mark the items I KNOW are in my FISCUS folder with an asterisk. (This will not be a complete list.)

1) *Photocopy of transcribed records from the Loyal Judith which arrived in Philadelphia, PA on September 2, 1743. The spelling from the ship's manifest for FISCUS is "Fiechgus." Source: Passenger list from "Pennsylvania German Pioneers"

2) *Copy of letter from Charles M. Hall of HERITAGE INTERNATIONAL German Emigration Research to my mother, Mrs. William Fiscus, dated 28 April 1977. The letter details the results of research by a Dr. Killian. Enclosed with the letter is a family group sheet with the following information: [I'm inserting semi-colons to accomodate the GenForum format.]

HUSBAND: Joh. Friedrich FISCUS; WIFE: Anna Elisabetha; Children: Maria Margaretha, born 12 Mar 1730, christened 13 Mar 1730, Ober-Saulheim; Anna Kunigunda, born 6 Apr 1734, christened 9 Apr 1734, Ober-Saulheim; Maria Barbara, born 21 Sep 1737, christened 23 Sep 1737, Ober-Saulheim.

Sources of Information: Ober-Saulheim Parish Register (by corr)

Child #1 witness of christening: Andreas Mohr, Ober-Saulheim; Heinrich Fiscus of Engelstatt

Child #2 witness of christening: Joh. Dan. Bibelheimer's wife of Wolffsheim; Joh. Jacob Geisheim's wife of Wolffsheim

Child #3 witness of christening: Anna Maria Schmidt ; Anna Barbara Ratgeber

3) *Copy of letter (in German) from the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde of Ober-Saulheim, Germany, to my mother, Mrs. William J. Fiscus, dated 29 Apt 1975. Here is an English translation:

Dear honored Mrs. Fiscus!

To answer your letter from 15 april 1975 we're forwarding you the following clipping out of our Baptism book.

On April 6, 1734 a young daughter was born to Johann Freidrich Fiscus and his wife Anna Elisabetha and was later baptized on April 9.

Anna Kunigunda

Witnesses: Johann Daniel Bibelheimer's wife Maria Kunigunda and Johann Jakob Grisheimer's wife Anna Margaretha von Krolsheim. (women's names not in Owen County Cousins)

We could not find any further dates. We hope this has served you.

(There seems to be a discrepancy here. The German research gives the names of witnesses for child #1 and child #3, but the church record only gives information for child #2. I wonder if the church only searched for the spelling as FISCUS and did not look for variant spellings.)

3) *Photocopy of a record sent to my mother from the State of Maryland, Department of General Services, Hall of Records, #782293. It records the fulfillment of a financial agreement between Frederick Fiscus and Peter Youngblood. [poor copy transcribed by Colleen Fiscus]

At the request of Frederick Fiskis the following Bill was recorded August the thirteenth day Anno Dom Seventeen hundred and fifty one Viz- Rec'd the 10th of August 1751 Frederick Fiskis the sum of one hundred Pounds current money of Pennsylvania being full satisfaction for above which he paid to me for that sum the Latter end of March or Beginning of April last Past or thereabouts and Payable the seventh of May last past and as the said Bond is lost thereby promise and oblige my self my heirs and Executors and adm to Endemife and Bare harmless the said Fiskis and his heirs Executors and Adm against the said Bond and all persons that shall at any time here after bring any sute against him or any of them on account of said Bond In witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal the day and date written above In the Presence of the words (on account of said Bond) between the tenth and eleventh lines of the above Instrument was written before sealing and delivery of the same

Tho Beatty; Peter P. Shafer; Philip Howard
Peter Youngblood (seal)

(Could this have been satisfaction for an indenture agreement?)

4) *Photocopy of page 305 from Records of the Moravians in North Carolina.

"The son-in-law of the elder Fiscus, and his father, with a wagon and cart, were in Bethania, coming from Maryland. They said that more than a hundred families there had lost their farms through the running of the line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, and that many would move to Carolina." [1765]

(Could this son-in-law be oldest daughter, Maria Margareth's, husband? All the husbands for Freidrich's other daughters seem to be identified--even multiples. The man mentioned sounds like a widower.)

5) *Photocopy of the will of Frederick Fishcus.

6) * Photocopy of pension application for Adam Fiscus, Indiana 5095. It states:

"...he was born near Lancaster Pennsylvania 25th of September 1759..."

7) Photocopies of the "death memoirs" from the Moravian Archives for daughters of Frederick FISCUS who married Moravian husbands, viz. Anna Cunigunda Fiscus (Hauser), Barbara Fiscus (Vogler), Maria Fiscus (Baumgarten and Schreyer), Eleanora Margaretha Fiscus (Hauser), and Elisabeth Fiscus (Walk).

8) *Photocopy of letter from Kenneth Hauser, Sr. to my mother, Mrs. Fiscus, dated May 23, 1978. He quotes and comments on the death memoir of Anna Cunigunda:

"Anna Cunnigunda's memoir...says she was born 4/6/1734 in Saulheim in the Palatinate and in her ninth year she journeyed to Pennsylvania (not far from Germantown) with her parents, Friedrich and Elizabeth Fiscus. In her 16th year (1750) she lost her dear mother, and soon after her mother's death they left their home and settled "this side of the Susquehanna River in Maryland..."

Concerning Anna Cunigunda's memoir, when she says "they" left their home, I'm not sure who "they" are. If I remember correctly, daughter Eleanora gives information in her memoir that contradicts Anna's statement. Also, John Adam Fiscus (the Rev. War Adam named above) states that he was born near Lancaster in 1759...clearly 9 years later.


Sorry this was so long. I think I need to try to locate the research firm my mother used and ask for ALL of the records and sources. In 1977, my mom was only given a transcript with no sources listed. I hope that wouldn't happen in 2012.)

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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Gerhardt Fiscus Sr and Frederick Fiscus arrived together on the Loyal Judith in Philadelphia on 02 Sep 1743. It is generally assumed, but never proven, that they were brothers. They are actually too close in age to be father/son, though quite far apart for brothers. There was a 2nd, younger Gerhardt Fiscus who arrived in Philadelphia on 20 Oct 1744 on the ship Pheonix. He is the one who moved to Westmoreland Co., and it was his daughter Barbara who married McCullough. Gerhardt Sr disappeared, but I suspect he was in Maytown, Lancaster Co. where Gerhardt Jr lived prior to moving his famly to Westmoreland in about 1769. It is these 2 who are assumed to be father/son, but, as in the previous pair, never proven.

Thank you,
Trevor Carlson

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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Yes, I am not aware that anyone has firmly established the relationship between Gerhart Fiscus (the senior who immigrated on the ship Loyal Judith in 1743) and Gerhart Fiscus (the junior who immigrated in 1744 on the ship Phoenix who moved to Westmoreland County). Reformed church records in Germany or Holland may provide the evidence needed to establish the relationship. I understand the early records from early, eastern PA Reformed churches were sent back to Germany. Thus, genealogists have a challenge to find early German family records. Some of the Maytown Reformed church records are on, but they do not contain Fiscus family records.

Thanks, Mark McCollough

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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SOOOOOO interesting! Funny how with the II behind the second Garrett (Gerhardt) made me (and others) think that this meant Frederick and Garrett II were brothers, but uncle and nephew makes more sense!! Thanks for the update~! Wish there was a way to prove it, but it makes more sense that brothers made the journey together!!

Re: Abraham and Gerhardt Fiscus Bible?

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Thanks for the info- it makes more sense, date wise, that is was brothers on the Loyal Judith, followed by father later on the Phoenix. Thanks so much! Please keep my email in your address book and update me if you find anything else on our ancestors!
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