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Scottish Gardiner's

Scottish Gardiner's

Simon Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967111254000
I am reasearching my family tree here in Scotland and find that my family mostly came from the north east of Scotland around the city of Aberdeen. If you feel you have a connection, please e-mail me. Thanks

Scottish Gardiners

Linda Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967193092000
My husband's side of the family is from the Aberdeen area. We have found that most of his Gardiner family in the early 1800's were from Cullen, Banff. Let me know we can share any more information.

Gardiner's from Aberdeen

Nicole Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967205108000
Saw your post re: Gardiner's. My family does go back to
Abderdeen as well though I'm not sure it's the actual Gardiner's
that were from there. My father and his father settled in
Vancouver after my grandfather moved out here from
Manitoba. Don't have the info in front of me now but would be
interested in finding out if we are perhaps related.

Gardiner's From Aberdeen

Nicole Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967205225000
Simon, could you please tell me where
you are now? I have traced Gardiner's all the way
to Australia and the U.S.(I'm from Canada).
Let me know!

Gardiners from Aberdeen

Linda Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967240137000
I saw your message today, I am also in Vancouver. The Gardiner line we have seemed to relocate from Cullen, Banff to Aberdeen. We have only gone back until 1820. While researching we found very large families from the Aberdeen, Cullen and Oban areas. Let me know some names and dates just incase I have any. In our Gardiner line we also have Vass, Wilson, Wood, McDonald, Sim and Hay.
See ya.....Linda

Gardiners from Aberdeen

Ed Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967470337000
My great grandfather, George Gardiner, was a tenant farmer on Stoneygate farm in Cruden Bay, near Aberdeen, from the mid 1870s to the 1930s. He had 4 brothers; William, Sandy,John and Tom, not necessarily in that order. Sandy was a piper. William and/or some of his descendants may have moved to Dyce. George worked as a policeman in Edinburgh before taking over at Stoneygate. He was born about 1842 and died in 1939. Two of his grandsons were also pipers, killed at Gallipoli in WW1. George had 5 children and the youngest 2 Annie and James (my grandfather) came to Canada. Does any of this match with what you have?

Gardiner's From Aberdeen

Nicole Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967637929000
Ed Gardiner: Wish it did match my info. My
ancestors ahd all moved out to Vancouver by the
time yours would have arrived in Canada. They
moved from Manitoba in the early 1920's.

Hi cousin Ed - Scottish Gardiners

Simon Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967725004000
Hello cousin, well it's a small world. Your Gt Grandfather George Gardiner who was a farmer on Stoneygate had in fact 6 brothers : Thomas, James, Robert, John, Alexander and William. I have the dates of birth of most of the brothers.
Their parents were George Gardiner and Ann Sangster.
George(senior) would be your Gt Gt grandfather and he was my Gt Gt Gt grandfather.
Alexander (Sandy) was my Gt Gt grandfather and many of my relations are in fact from Dyce.
I havent got any further back than George (senior) and Ann Sangster but I'm working on it.
Give me an e-mail at and I can pass you some of the details I have.
best wishes

Nicole - Scottish Gardiners

Simon Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967725415000
Hi, how are you, I havent gone very far back with the Gardiners here in Scotland (about 1820's) but was pleasantly surprised to see that Ed is in fact a distant cousin. I stay in Aberdeen and found that most are of my relations come from the north east of Scotland. Give me an e-mail and let me know what you have and I will do like wise, Thanks

Linda - Scottish Gardiners

Simon Gardiner (View posts)
Posted: 967725597000
how are you, thanks for your message, I have only got back to about 1820's and have tended to just have searched for fathers and mothers. Give me an e-mail and let me know what you have found
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