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Marlena Ritter (View posts)
Posted: 961138465000
I am looking for William Casteel that was born in Wa Co. Kansas. He was born in 1871. He married Effie Mae Stinson. They had atleast on son Ira Otis Casteel in 1907 in Oklahoma. According to family bible William died in LA CA in 1908.

Casteel Family Reunion Oklahoma City

Linda (View posts)
Posted: 965857495000
This past month, a woman I call "Grandma", attended a Family Reunion in OK.
This implies a connection to William in OK. This ladies name is Maude Casteel and
she lives in WA state, and has lived in same house for past 50+ years. Her husband
was Walter Casteel. If you would like to know more, email:

Casteel's of Virginia, Kentucky, W.Va.

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My g. g. grandfather was James Casteel of
Lawrence Co. Ky. He married Sarah Hale. His
father was John Casteel who married Elizabeth.
We have always heard that the Casteel's were Indian and have
a story and possible painting of Indian John Casteel, " The last known Cherokee
Indian in Eliott Co. Ky." He came from N. Carolina with the
Sparks family. The elder Sparks served in the War of 1812.
I have also heard that these Casteel's could possibly be Melungeon as the name
Casteel suggest such. It certainly does not sound Indian, but

Any ideas as to the country or origin on this
surname? My grandfather was married as Charles
Casteel, but his death record was under Steele.
Don't know why they changed the names. Some in
W.Va. and Ky. still use Casteel. I understand that there
are many Casteel's in Tenn. and Georgia.


Query on Casteels, Ky and Virginia

Carol (View posts)
Posted: 967712894000
Hi, Can you give me more information on your family??


Posted: 967719554000
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The earliest known information on the Casteel's was taken from
family records. John Casteel, Cherokee Indian, was from Wilkes
County N. Carolina and went to Eliott County Ky. with the Sparks Family.
The elder Sparks fought in the War of 1812. A great deal of other
Casteel's came from S.W. virginia ( Wise Co. and
surrounding areas). They first went to Kentucky and then to W.Va. ( my line).
There are lots of Steeles/Casteel's in Lawrence Co. Ky. and Wayne Co. W.Va.
Many changed the name to Steele and many did not.

As follows:

My 3rd g. grandfather was John Casteel- Va.
2nd g. Grandfather James Casteel - Va.
g. grandfather Simpson Casteel- Ky.
grandfather - Charles Casteel ( Steele)- Ky.
father - Charles Kenneth Steele - W.Va.

I have a pedigree chart with spouses and collateral descendents. I will be happy
to forward it to you if you send me and address.



Carol (View posts)
Posted: 967721120000
This is my family, how can you get in touch with me. Which of James and Elizabeths children are you decended from?


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There are several Johns, James. Simpsons, and Elizabeth's I know.
My line is James, son of John, who married
Sarha Ann ( Sally Hale) - Lawrence Co. Ky.
One of James' brothers was your Simpson, if I remember right. Your line moved
to the East Lynn area of Wayne Co. Mine lived in Kentucky for a long while an finally
moved to Big Sandy Rd. and in Kenova. There are many, many descendents of the Ross'
and Steele/Casteel's in East Lynn. I know your line well.

My address is 24852 Laurel Ridge Dr. Lutz, Fla. 33549.
If you send me your address, I will copy some of the things that I have and forward them to you.


Oh My!

Carol (View posts)
Posted: 967737171000
Your James, who married Sarah Hale was the son of James and Elizabeth Bradley Casteel. We have a web sight, "Kentucky Casteel Families" James and Elizabeth, the parents, and a web page for each of their children.
I have been to busy this summer, but now, I have moved, and some of my research is in the storage building for right now. BUT, I am getting ready to work on them. You have to be invited to the web sight via computer, so send me your email address too, and I will send you an invitation to each one. The main one has 5 pages of pictures on it. Also their is a picture of the Indian on the sight.
Carolyn Long.
P O Box 38647
Charlotte, North Carolina 28278


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My e-mail address is
Yes, this is the right bunch of Casteel's !!
I too have a picture of Indian John Casteel,
( or what is thought to be a painting). Carolyn
Moore is our family genealogist. Although I have kinda
lost track of her, I believe she now lives near Charleston, WV, where
she was from.

Do you know where the Casteel name originated, ( sounds Spanish...)
however, I found it on the Melungeon surname list. None of us are
dark like that of the Melungeons, however Indian features are prevelant.
We are blone with the " Casteel" blue/gray eyes that many old
folks ( especially in Ky.)use to identify their kinfolk. We all do
have that yellow/brown skin however that the
Cherokee's have.

I will try to get in touch with Carolyn Moore. We cannot prove who
John Casteel's ( who married Eliz. Bradley) father was. I have
tons of information on the W.Va/Ky. Casteel's.



Carolyn (View posts)
Posted: 967799272000
I keep getting notice that this is not an email address. Send me a blank email at
I have an email waiting to send you. Will be waiting to hear from you!
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