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Neal's of Georgia

Neal's of Georgia

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Surnames: Neal
Looking for information on James Neal, James M. Neal and John Neal.

1820 - according to census for Warren Co, GA James Neal and John Neal were listed in the census.

In 1830 John was listed in the 1930 census for Pike County, GA. James Neal was not listed - unless he was living with John.
By 1840 both James and John were listed in the census for Pike County, GA Are James and John brothers?

In the 1850 census for Pike County, GA:
John Neal 53, Mary J Neal 33 and 8 children were listed as living together.

James Neal 65, Rebecca Neal 24 and James Neal 11 were listed as living together.

John is not listed in the 1860 census, but was a trustee for a Mary Sousan Neal in the 1860 slave schedule. But he was not listed in the 1860 census.

In the 1860 census James Neal 75 and Sousan age 10 - were living in Pike County, GA. While James N. Neal and his wife: Frances M. Neal were living together.

By 1870 on only Neal was listed in the census for Pike County, GA James Neal age 86.

Trying to figure how James, James M. and John are related.

Re: Neal's of Georgia

Dorothy Grigsby (View posts)
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Surnames: NEAL,
I too am researching the Neal's of Pike Co. and Floyd Co., GA. This is what little I have learned in my research. Before the civil war most of the land around the present town of Meansville was owned by two brothers, John and James Neal, the largest land and slaveowners in Pike County. Together they owned thousands of acres throughout the county. In 1868, David Riley deeded 180 acres of land to three freed slaves, Charles Castlin, Nathaniel"Ned" Kendrick, and Scott Neal who was an acknowledged son of James Neal.
My Neal's were black and apparently slaves of either John or James Neal, probably James. My great grandfather was also named James Neal and is found in the census of 1870 living very close to the elder , white, James Neal. It is said that the elder James may have been the father to my great grandfather as my great grandfather is listed as mulatto in many census records. I do know that his son, my grandfather, was a very light-skinned man who they say could pass for white. I don't know what happened to John Neal but apparently James continued living in Pike Co. until his death. The Neal brothers had a stage freighting line that ran from upper Georgia to Augusta and Savannah. They were influential early settlers in the county. In 1838, John Neal was elected as a representative to the state legislature and in 1840 James was elected to the same office.
So far in my research there has not been a lot to be found about the brothers. I have a book, "Pike County Georgia, Pictorial History", it says that John Neal moved away from the county. It does not say where he moved to.

Hope this helps you.

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Surnames: NEAL
I just located your response to my posting. Here is how I came up with research on the white neal.

Fannie Neal was my grgrgr grandmother. According to the 1870 census for Pike County, GA she was living with James Nelson, his wife and children. Also in the household was an Eliz Neal age 4 (fannie was 50). Apparently Fannie chose Neal and her son chose Nelson as their last name.

I tried to do a slave research on Nelson - but only found 1 Nelson - Margaret, she had 3 slaves in the 1860 slave schedule. Those 3 did not fit the ages of James and Fannie.

So I turned my search to Neal. That is how I found John, James and James M.

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Surnames: NEAL
I forgot to add that when I did research in the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules - the ages matched. I was just wondering if John, James and James M. slave owners of my James Nelson and Fannie Neal.

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Surnames: NEAL, NELSON
Thanks for the information you gave me.

James Nelson, my gr-gr grandfather, was listed in the 1870 census for Pike County, GA. In that household was a Fannie Neal age 50 - whom I think was James's mother.

I am working on finding the last slave owner. I started with Nelson, but that surname cancled out.

So I tried Neal. That is how I came across James and John Neal.

As I was preparing my research, I went back to the 1870 census for Pike County, GA and I noticed that your Neals lived in the same area (images 99 and 100 of with Isom Caldwell, my gr-gr grandfather and James Nelson my gr-gr grandfather.

Isom's son: John Caldwell married Lelia Nelson - James daughter.

Anyway, I think that James or John may have been the slave owner of James Nelson (and Fannie Neal).

I made a copy of the response. It will come in handy with my research.

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Surnames: NEAL
I dont have your email address, so I can't contact you directly.

I know you are researching the Neal Family. I have some information I wanted to share with you about the Neal brothers - John and James - and James's son James M. You might already have this information.

Contact me at

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Dorothy please contact me at my email address. It is concerning the neal family

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Hello and Merry Christmas. I may have a piece of your puzzle. I am part of the Neal Clan of Warren/Dearing County Georgia. I have a James Neal and John N. Neal in an extended part of my family. James was married to a Frances, who could have been called Frannie. My James was born Feb 5, 1785 in Warren County, Ga died Jan 21, 1876 in Pike County, his father is David Ferdinand Neal, son of Thomas Neal Sr. David also had a son John N. born Sept 19, 1796 Im assuming in Warren County, died 1886 in Atlanta, during the Civil War I believe and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery there . He married a Mary Jane Campbell, Mary Jane is buried in Pike County. Yes my James and John are brothers, are they your James and John.... possibly. The problem with this Neal Clan is that James and John are repeated over and over and over for generations. Now they had a distant cousin James M. (madison) but he would be the great grandson of their brother Joel. Not only were there a LOT of these people but they spread out all over Georgia and Alabama, SC & NC. This is the white part of your family Im thinking, I haven't even finished with even a part of them yet, each of these men had something like no less than 6 children and as many as 16. Ive only touched on David's line. My father was one of 13, his father James M. one of 8, his father one of 10, his father and David's brother were in a family of 7. So you see what we are up against. That doesn't even count some of the Slave Families that extended from these men, nor the indentured servants they acquired from england, nor the adopted children some of them had. All taking on the name Neal. And if this isn't enough, there were a few years that the census takers, who not all spelled very well, spelled the name Neil, Neall, Neill, then added some e's at the end of those. I have been working on this line for 10 years and have only ONLY scratched the surface. Last count I had on the Neal Clan was something like 300. I will gladly share anything I have that may help you put names in your family tree. If this line of mine doesn't connect to yours maybe I'll have a little tidbit i have put away that might send you in the right direction. Anyways, hope this helped rather than boggled.
Keep searching!!

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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I am interested in the family because James Neal may have been the slave owner of my James Nelson born and died in Pike County. His mother's name was Fannie Neal. They were both listed in the 1870 census for Pike County.

Re: Neal's of Georgia

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Surnames: neal
You responded to a post back in 2005 about the Neal's in Georgia. I have narrowed to possible slave owners:James Neal and his son James M. Neal. But I dont know how to prove it. Do you have any suggestions. In your response you stated that your Neals might have been owned by John or James Neal, whom you said were brothers.
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