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Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Surnames: Baker, Farmar
I am researching the family tree for my mother who knows very little about her fathers side.
His name is Joseph Geoffrey John Baker, father Ernest John, Mother Hetty Farmar.
My mothers knew her father had two brothers, Stanley and Leslie, however we have found two other brothers and can find no trace of Stan or Les.
I have tried to search for children of Hetty Farmar and only found my grandfather.
Does anyone know if you can search for relatives using only the fathers name as it's driving me around the bend now!!
Many Thanks

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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There is a Stanley Wallace Baker March 1901 and Leslie Harold Baker March 1905 both in Thanet. I know it's before Hetty married but don't be fooled by they never had children before marriage.

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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It looks like Stanley and Leslie were Joseph's cousins, not his brothers. They seem to be the sons of Frederick George BAKER and Bertha (nee CULLEN). Stanley is with his parents in Margate in 1901 (RG13; Piece: 821; Folio: 79; Page: 41).In 1911 they are with Bertha's parents, Benjamin Thomas CULLEN and Eliza in Canterbury (RG14; Piece: 4331; Schedule Number: 97). Frederick George and Bertha are in Kensington, London, with newish daughter, Hilda Muriel (RG14; Piece: 147; Schedule Number: 79)

Hope this helps

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Surnames: Baker Farmar
Ernest & Hettys 2 other sons..

1911 census
Ernest John Baker Head 28 b Margate, Kent...Journeyman Carpenter
Hetty Baker Wife 31 b Dover, Kent
Ernest Frank Baker Son 2 b Margate, Kent
Albert Edward Baker Son 1 b Margate, Kent
29 Clifton Gardens, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent


Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Many thanks for your reply.

I had been thinking maybe my grandfather had Stan and Les to another woman after my grandfather was born. What is suprising is that on the 1911 census it shows Hetty and Ernest John as having Albert Edward and Ernest Frank, who my mother had no idea about!

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Many thanks for the reply.

I have no trace of Frederick George on my tree?

Ernest John BAKER, (my grandfather) was born to Ellen Sankey and Richard John Baker in 1883. As far as i am aware Ellen and Richard did not have a son named Frederick.

Is there anyway to search electoral rolls other than going to London or Yorkshire, as we have a letter from Stan to my grandfather with Stans address listd as 131 Gordon road and my mother seemingly recalls 121 Gordon road as being the family address? Although i'm reluctant to take that as gospel!
Stan worked for the Civil service from around 1973 in their advertising dept but i assume there will be no records on this that i canlook at? Forgive the questions i am new to tracing family.
Thanks for your time.

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Profuse apologies for leading you up the garden path. Just shows how easy it is to jump to conclusions. It seemed to me that the existence of the two brothers, Stanley and Leslie BAKER, born around the right time in the right place was too much to be a coincidence. Turns out I was wrong - it was a coincidence. I have a little bit of digging and here is what I have found:

You say that your grandfather died on 10 July 1947 in Kent. Armed with this information, I found the entry in the National Probate Calendar of the administration of his estate (so presumably no will was left). Administration was granted to Eunice Emily BAKER, widow. Checking the Probate Calendar for this lady, I found that she died on 18 June 1959 and administration of her estate was granted to - wait for it - Stanley Bernard BAKER and Leslie Owen BAKER. Bingo!

Filling in the gaps:

Hettie BAKER died in Bridge registration district in Kent in Q1 1919 aged 39 (the right age for it to be Ernest's wife). Ernest J BAKER married Eunice Emily COMFORT Q3 1919, Strood RD. I couldn't find any BAKER/COMFORT births so I dug a little more. Eunice Emily was born HIGGINS and married Joseph COMFORT in 1915. Joseph, sadly, died in the war. So her maiden name was HIGGINS, not COMFORT. Looking for BAKER/HIGGINS births I found:

Births Dec 1919 (whoops!)
Baker Stanley B Higgins Strood 2a 1408

Births Sep 1921
Baker Leslie O Higgins Strood 2a 1322

Births Jun 1923
Baker Gladys A B Higgins Strood 2a 1299
Baker Grace E M Higgins Strood 2a 1299

Births Sep 1931
Baker Eunice J Higgins Strood 2a 1280

Hope this helps


Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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That is Absolutly fantastic! And makes much more sense than anything I've managed to come up with.
I will digest the information tomorrow as today has felt as though I have nothing but bang my head against a brick wall.
I did today find a Stanley Bernard baker and a leslie d baker who both have the same mothers maiden name, Higgins. However the information you have discovered sounds spot on and should please my
Mother no end as she is desperate to know about her family. So Thankyou!

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Quick update.
Many many thanks for making the link between stanley and leslie and my mothers father.
As it turns out, today my mother discovered a few old photographs containing a Gladys and Leslie colyer and eunice. So as it turns out, all the female births are my grandfathers half sisters, and grace went on to marry leslie and had a son gerald! The two in 1923 Gladys and grace were twins, grace sadly died in 1924. Both grace and eunice married so theres more researching for me to do there, but thanks to you I at least have the correct information. My mother is over the moon and is now throwing more questions at me than I will ever be able to answer. But at least she has a clear picture of her close relations. I've also managed to find an old colleague of stans, through his love of wine!! So I am hoping to discover some additional information there too.
Once again, many thanks.

Re: Children of Ernest John Baker, Kent

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Surnames: Baker

Marige at St Nicholas of Mrya,Strood,July 19th 1919

Ernest John Baker 36 widwr 137 Gordon Road Strood father.Richard John Baker.Waterman.dec

Eunice Emily Comfort 28 widow Southern Cottage.Father William Higgins.dec

wits.Reginald Cecil Victor Baker~Frederick Owen Higgins.

Hope this of some help to you.regards john
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