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Program to print book of all in file

Program to print book of all in file

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I've been trying to find a way to basically print an ancestry book with all the aunts/uncles included. I have both PAF and FTM2009. I only have about 350 people in my file so it's not going to be anything huge. I basically would like to have everyone printed out so that I can see if I'm missing any dates for people so I know what to look for in my research.

I could do a lot of descendancy charts, but that seems like a huge waste. They don't need to be pretty or anything like that, but I haven't been able to find the option that I'm looking for. I would only be looking for one generation, so all the brothers/sisters for my ancestors and not their children.

Do either FTM or PAF do this or will I have to find another way to do what I'd like?

Re: Program to print book of all in file

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Click on File > Print Reports > Books > Ahnfantel (mis-spelled, but I closed it and don't want to open it again. Chose "Print to file" and give it a reasoable name, like "Temp.txt". After it runs, open it with Notepad.

In Roots Magic you can use the custom report feature to print name, birth date/place, marriage date/place and death date/place. Then "print" to a text file, import it into Excel and work with it that way. * FTM may have a similar feature; RM and FTM are sort of the Ford and Chevy of Windows genealogy programs.

* That is, if you have a data base sof Pennsylvania Marriages, use Excel to filter just those people whose marriage place contains "Pennsylvania", and look them up; or use Excel to filter just people whose birth date is blank, and so forth.

Re: Program to print book of all in file

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I can do the Ahnentafel book, and it's basically what I'd like, except it doesn't show the other children.

So for instance if I get this:
George DINTERMAN 1 was born2 on 25 Apr 1800 in Maryland, USA. He died3 on 3 Mar 1883 in Maryland, USA. He was buried4 in Woodsboro, Frederick, Maryland, USA. He married Mary SMITH on 20 Dec 1821.
I'd also like to print out something like this:

They had the following children:

John P DINTERMAN was born on 6 Dec 1822. He died on 28 Apr 1868.

Catharine DINTERMAN was born in 1824.

Caroline DINTERMAN was born in 1826.

I can't seem to find anything that will do this type of report. Though I do see a family sheet that does it.

I've also noticed, on two different computers, that PAF will not print an index to a file, it always gets left out, has anyone else had this problem?

Re: Program to print book of all in file

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Did you ever get a satisfactory response to this query?

Some while ago (probably in 90s) I had a program called GenBook that took my .ged and generated a proper ahnentafel with all siblings of the ancestors.

I would very much like to find something that will do the same. My data is in .paf and that program has the same shortcomings you had experienced.


Re: Program to print book of all in file

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Hi Bryan - I am presuming you have probably got this done long ago by now but if you haven't then may I suggest you download a copy of GRAMPS and install it - nothing to it and it is free. Once loaded, load a copy of Gedcom file with your data in it, choose Reports from top of page and then choose Kinship Report. You can choose what you want in it. There are a whole lot of varying reports available in GRAMPS. I use it a lot for various reports which aren't easily attainable from other software.

Hope this is handy to someone anyway.

Regards... Phil Hill

Re: Program to print book of all in file

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Thanks for the heads up on GRAMPS. It looks quite useful.

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