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Looking for Ole Aukland

Looking for Ole Aukland

Rebecca (View posts)
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Surnames: Aukland
How common is the name Aukland and where in Norway did it originate? I think Ole Aukland came to Minnesota sometime between 1850-1875. I think he may have left from Stavanger. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

PR (View posts)
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Aukland was probably the name of the farm that Ole was from. Several of the online Norwegian census databases allow you to search for farm names (of course, spellings often changed through the years....). The 1865 census lists 13 farms in Norway by the name of Aukland. 3 in a fjord (Høgsfjord) which extends to the east from Stavanger and the Bokn in Rogaland; and 10 in the province of Vest-Agder.
If you know the year that Ole was born you might be able to find him if he's still in Norway for the 1865 census. Also check the databases for emigrants from Stavanger which are being 'rebuilt' online from a number of sources (a fire destroyed many of that city's original emigrant protocols).

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

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You might be able to make some connections online, but more information would be very helpful, so if you have any, please reply.

Try this census search page for 1865, first name type in Ole, farm name, type in Aukland. That produces four Ole's from Aukland farms. See if any of those look familiar based on family members or birthdates:

Most homesteading in Minnesota occured after the Civil war.

You might also want to contact the Norwegian emigration center in Stavanger, webpage:

But try finding out more information here in Minnesota - from census records, the local historical society of the town he lived in or county, and his obituary or church records. Then you'll have more to go on. Especially if you've ever heard that he possibly used a different last name and "changed" it to Aukland. Like, "it used to be Anderson, but he changed it to Aukland" or some such. If you've heard that there might have been a name that ended in -son or -sen, that could give a clue as to who his father was. Also, have you checked with all of the US relatives that you can find? There might be a genealogist in the group somewhere, and you would be duplicating their work that might already be done.

I did find an Ola (alternative spelling of Ole) Gudmundsen Aukland emigrating out of Stavanger, but there is no date that I can tell.

There is a census for Minnesota Norwegians in 1880. I found this family, but the spelling is Okland, with the father Ole O.
Is this the family? If so, it gives some approximate dates, if not, rule them out. (Approx. birthdates of Ole, and the kids were all born in Minnesota, so they were here since at least 1868.)

There is also a farm name spelled økland, and I have seen the letter ø be changed to just an o, or to an au.

Good luck, I hope I gave you some possibilities, but no I don't think there were any certainties!

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

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Aukland is a common farm name in the counties Hordaland, Rogaland, Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder, at least 20 farms. It means "added land", "new cultivated land".

There are many varieties in the spelling: Aukland, Økland, Augland, Ougland, Ugland. "g" most often used at the southern coast, "k" more often used inland and northern, reflecting the local accents.

Økland (Danish way of spelling?) is mostly used in Hordaland.

From Rygh "Norske gaardsnavne":
Aukland Bokn Bokn Rogaland
Aukland Skjold Skjold Rogaland
Aukland Grindeim Etne Hordaland
Aukland Ølen Fjelberg Hordaland

In 1900/1865 census the spelling Aukland is also used in: Aukland, Hjelmeland, Rogaland
Aukland, Forsand, Rogaland
Aukland, Laudal, Vest-Agder
Aukland, Konsmo, Vest-Agder

Ole is a very common given name - -

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

Bjarne Jørmeland (View posts)
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Surnames: Aukland, Hjelmeland
Hallo Rebecca !
As you have been told - there is a Aukland farm in Hjelmeland, Rogaland.
I have listed a Ole Johannes Aukland, b. 27.11.1865.
He married Amalia Tinderholt in Minneapolis June 4. 1895.
They had this children: Martin, Nelfred, Myrtle, Harry and Clarence.
If this is your Ole - I,m very glad if you can share your info with me about the family.
I,m register emigrants from Hjelmeland - and is interesting knowing what happen to them in America.

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

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Surnames: Aukland, Nodland (Naadland)
Rebecca: I have multitudes of Aukland relatives...Minnesota and Iowa.

One (of many) Ole (Ola) Aukland was born April 24, 1884 near Stavenger. Most of his later years were in Eagle Grove, IA. He died July 7, 1963.

My Aukland relatives were from Hjelmeland, Rogaland, that general vecinity. There is a direct connection with the Nodland (Naadland) family, as 2 Nodland siblings married 2 Aukland siblings, and the saga continues. Many of the Auklands and Nodlands settled briefly in Illinois before moving to Iowa/Minnesota.

There are definitely Auklands still in Norway...My parents have visited the "home" area...lots of many that many times an island was the location of a family farm, and that was about all the room there was.

Other Auklands in South Dakota, and an elderly Aukland ( of many) recently passed away in Oregon.

Many links...

If you have more information or more questions, I'd be glad to share what I know.

My direct relatives sailed from Stavenger abord the Bergensfjord (ship) and arrived at Ellis Island August 1, 1923. "My" Ole (Ola) Aukland was at the time 39 yrs old and brought his wife Sophia and at least 5 children. This information is on the website.

Searching is fascinating. I'd love to know some of your search methods.

Good luck!


Aukland emigrants

Ann M. Morris (View posts)
Posted: 1033334526000
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Surnames: Aukland, Nodland (Naadland), Bottelson (Bottolfson)
Hello, Bjarne!

I was fascinated by your reply to Rebecca on the Ancestry Message Board: Looking for Ole Aukland. I was especially interested in the fact that you are researching Auklands who emigrated to the US.

I tried to e-mail you directly, but the message I sent to the e-mail address on the message board came back "undeliverable".

You may want to read my posted reply to Rebecca, regarding Ole Aukland. After that, here is enough information to boggle anyone's mind. If it sounds familiar to anyone, I would love to hear from other family history searchers.

Bjarne, we may have some information to exchange...the Nodlands (Naadlands) in my family farmed on Ombo and traveled back and forth between the US and Norway several times. My father's maternal grandmother was Mallin (Mallene) Gudmundsdatter Aukland, married to Henry Toreson Halsnoy Naadland Nodland (so many spelling variations!! makes it hard to identify the right relatives) I don't know much about Mallin's background. Only that her father was a Gudmund.

However, my father's paternal grandfather, Henry Toreson Halsnoy Naadland Nodland's parents were Thomas, Thore Haldor Johnson Naadland Nodland and Bertha Jonsdatter Hauske Huskein Atletveit. Bertha was born on the Hauske farm, Hjelmeland Kommune, Rogaland Co., Norway.

Now it gets interesting. One of my great-grandfather's sisters was Bertha Sophia Hauske Johnson Naadland Nodland, who married the Ole Aukland we first identified!!

I am very fortunate because the Nodlands have kept extensive geneological records, recording ancestors back to the 1700's. I have computer software, "Family Tree Maker" that helps me put names in perspective. I am constantly searching for more information about ancestors...I'm not trying to find a link to St. Olaf or Leif Eriksson (Ericsson?)...I'm searching for the true family.

If anything that I have told you makes sense, it would be wonderful to compare information!


(My father's surname, Bottelson, has variations, too. His father's ancestors came from Balestrand and eventually settled mostly in Faribault Co., Minnesota. In three different census records, I saw the family name listed as Bottelson, Bale, and Bottolfson. Who knows which direction to pursue? My grandfather left Dad's mother, so we know much less about that family. I do know that his father's name was Ole Bottelson (Bottolfson), and his mother was Martha Thompson. I also know that Ole originated in Tjugun, Norway (near Balestrand) named Gro-neng...but after that, I'm pretty well stumped.

I know we have Aukland relatives still in the Stavenger area...I would love to know more about any family still there. I've never been to Norway, and, shamefully, I do not speak Norwegian, but I do plan to visit...someday...

Thank you for your wonderful input. I have saved it. It may help link some relatives somewhere, but if not, I have enjoyed your enthusiasm and interest in family history.

Ann (Bottelson) Morris

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

Rebecca (View posts)
Posted: 1036559706000
Classification: Query
I am still looking for Ole Aukland!! While I very much appreciate all of the information I've received, I don't feel any closer to finding out where he was from or when he came to the US. I do know that he was born Dec 12, 1867 in Norway and died Sept 10, 1902 in Nielsville, MN. He married Emma Hauge who died in 1963 in Nielsville. No one thought to ask her any questions, she may not have known much either. Any help much appreciated.

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

PR (View posts)
Posted: 1037154031000
Classification: Query
I hadn't noticed you post his birthyear previously and without that any search would be nearly impossible. Too bad he was a couple years too late to be captured in the 1865 census.
You could also obtain some fair estimate of what year that he emigrated from Norway from the 1900 US federal census. That information would allow some idea of where in the emigration from Norway records a possible lead might be found.
Church records in the congregations where he might have been a member after emigration may have noted what parish/parishes he was originally baptised in and perhaps even the name of his father and/or parents.

Re: Looking for Ole Aukland

Posted: 1316135384000
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I know this is an old thread and the changes of anyone coming back to look at it are slim, but here goes anyway. I am looking up information on the same Ole Aukland. At least I think so. The info on him that I have is that he was born in Dec. 1868 in Norway and immigrated to the US in 1886. He was married to Emma and had (as far as I know) three children; Gustava Sisilia, Bennie, and Oliver (my great great grandfather). The info I have comes from the federal census of 1900. If anyone can expand on what I have I would appreciate it. And if by any chance you have anything on Oliver, that would be awsome too. Thanks.
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