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Descendants of John DEVOE (DeVaux, DeVeaux) and Helena GODWIN ~ New Jersey

Descendants of John DEVOE (DeVaux, DeVeaux) and Helena GODWIN ~ New Jersey

Sandra (View posts)
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Surnames: DeVoe, DeVaux, Deveau, Deveaux
Anyone doing research on this family? DeVoe,John his son Samuel DeMarest DeVoe and Samuels children( Fredrick, Frank, Carrie, Ada). All born New Jersey. Samuels DOB July 11,1820. Have found surname spelled DeVoe, DeVaux, De Vaux, Deveaux. Appreciate correspondance with anyone who might know these people, are related or have run across anything about this family.Samuel is my greatgreatgrandfather and I have info on his sons including death records, bios and Museum records and much more.

Correction - they were all born in NY

Sandra (View posts)
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I made a mistake in the above they were all born in Homer, Cortland New York.

Internet Gedcom on the Devoe family

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Surnames: Devoe, Devaux, Deveaux

I maintain a GEDCOM that was initially based on Thos. F. Devoe's 1885 Genealogy of the Deveaux Family. The line you describe is in that database.

The intention of that database is to:
a) correct any errors that Thos. F. Devoe made (and he made many)
b) bring the lines forward to the present (up to but excluding living individuals).

Sandra, if you'd like to see what I've compiled on this particular branch, please visit:

If you have addtional information you'd like to add, I'm happy to include it, with you as contact information for it. Or if you have this information online somewhere, I'm happy to put a pointer into the appropriate record. Lastly, I can put your contact information in Samuel's record so people researching that line can find you.

Let me know, what, if anything, you'd like to do.

-- Jillaine Smith
Washington DC

DeVoe / DeVaux / DeVeaux Family - spelling variations and family group(s)

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Surnames: Devoe, Devaux
See DEVAUX message board for more on this line.
The moderator of this DEVOE board moved a DEVAUX thread over to the DEVAUX board, but it's tied to this particular (DEVOE) branch. (i.e., descendants of a DEVOE changed the spelling of their name to DEVAUX.)

See in particular:
and its responses.

-- Jillaine Smith

Re: DeVoe / DeVaux / DeVeaux spelling

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Surnames: DeVaux, DeVoe, DeVeaux, Deveault, Devault, Devost, Deveau

I think it is great that you've put a link to the other thread.

The thread that was moved was a new thread on this board and did not include in the post any mention of spelling variations that would be applicable to this specific board.

But so that you know, since you seem to think that DeVoe is the original spelling... No matter how the family got to the US...
France > Canada > US
France > England > US
France > Germany > US
or any other way... I have still not seen, in over 10 years of active research, any DeVaux, who "originaly" did not come from France or a french speaking region, no matter in which country they ended up in Europe, America or elsewhere.

That said the origine of the name is "de Vaux"

Vaux being the plural of Val in old french...

Val = Vale, Valley (english)
de Vaux = meaning from a place with more than one val or valley.

"Val" being an ethymologic root for various french surnames and is related to location and toponomy.

and more that just don't come to my mind right at this second.

It is also possible that a secondary origine may have accured with "de Veau", which would have a totaly different meaning, and would be a minority origine due to the signification of the word and would have originated from a "joking/teasing nick name", so to speak.

Variations in French are:

- Devau (rarely seen)
- Deveau
- Devault
- Deveault
- Devaut (rarely seen)
- Deveaut (rarely seen)
- Devaux
- Deveaux
- Devo (very unusual variation, usualy used by those who barely knew how to write)
- Devost (may have accured from moving back and forth from other European countries or have appeared for the esthetic, more like a "mode", which were current in France in those days since the language was in a constant state of evolution back then, would be too long to explain here)

The spelling of this board, DeVoe, is not the original spelling nor is it any of the usual french variation that normaly accured thru time... but rather a change that originated when families moved in non-francophone region, whether it is an anglisise or germanise variation or from an other language... but it is definatly not a French spelling and that surname is French.

If that person's family changed from DeVoe to DeVaux while in the US, they only went back to the original spelling, which would should they were highly educated and/or had knowledge of the origine of their family and/or of the original spelling of their family surname.

Hoping no one took offense in my post, since it is meant to be informative based on all of the research I have been able to find in the past 10 years relating to French surnames including this one, which is the name of my great-grandmother Antonia Deveault married to Adélard Milot.

Happy Hunting Everyone...!!!

Re: DeVoe / DeVaux / DeVeaux spelling

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Surnames: Devoe, Deveaux, DeVaux

No offense taken; I'm a board admin myself and understand exactly why you did what you did in moving the post.

This particular DeVaux branch is descended from the (protestant) Huguenot DeVeaux who fled France in the mid 1600s when the King of France was massacring French protestants. They went first to Mannheim, Germany, then the British helped them get to the "new world." They were early settlers of Manhattan and New Jersey and Westchester County, NY. The were farmers in what was then farmland Harlem! Thos. F. Devoe attempted to document their descendants in his 1885 Genealogy of the Deveau Family. My online database of same is intended to correct errors made by Thos. F. Devoe and bring the lines forward to the present (or close to it).

From the little I've recently learned about Samuel Demarest Devoe's sons, they appear to have been in love with their French origins and possibly "reclaimed" a French spelling of their name. One son, Frank Henry, went by Francois Harlais (or something like that). The other son, while born Frederick Louis, apparently went by Louis Frederick instead. I've seen them in censuses as Deveaux and Devaux. On some records the sons even claim to have been born in France. But they were born in Cortland, NY, and are many generations "American."

-- Jillaine

Re: DeVoe / DeVaux / DeVeaux spelling

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You are confirming exactly what I was saying about the original spelling of the name.

And for some people it is important to find their original surname and even retake it, no matter how long ago it had been changed to fit the language spelling of where they were living when it was changed.

You might also want to know, that there are other DeVaux family lines in the US... Acadian and Canadian, also of French origine of course... some where forced to go to the US during the deportation, some French people were kidnaped during war periods, others went there at various period for various reasons, explorations, fur trading, wars (volontarly), work, visiting family members and ending up staying, etc...

PS... many Acadians were originaly Huguenot and/or Calvinist... and there is also large number of Huguenot, Calvinist, Protestant that migrated to Canada, though they were eventualy forced to convert to Catholism.

Mine was born in Picardie, France, son of Adrien De Vaux & Catherine Lejeune, and came directly to Quebec, Canada.

to Sandra

Duane I DeVoe (View posts)
Posted: 1138655259000
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Hi, Directing this to Sandra. My last memo did not fly must have hit space junk. Would you please e-mail me @ ? I wish there was a site for lost addys! Duane

Re: to Sandra

Sandra (View posts)
Posted: 1138733157000
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Hi Duane,
Apparently there are problems with your email. I replyed immediately. Please feel free to contact me:

Re: Internet Gedcom on the Devoe family

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Surnames: Devoe-Landrine-Pinckney
I am researching Mary Landrine. In the Devoe family I see that William Landrine married Mary Devoe and had 3 children, one of which was a Mary Landrine b. in 1776. Willaim and Mary (Devoe) are buried in the Old Dutch burying gournd of Sleepy Hollow. In that same cemetery, I found a Mary Landrine, born in 1776. It says she was the widow of John Pinckney. My gggg names were JOhn Pinckney and Mary Landrine. I was wondering if anyone knows whether this Mary Landrine is the daughter of William and Mary Devoe.
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