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Reached a brick wall......

Reached a brick wall......

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I know that my great-grandfather's first son was born on 2/14/1875 in Manistee according to his death record. I have been unable, however, to locate any information documenting his birth in Manistee. I've written to the Manistee Co.Clerk and enclosed the required funds but they stated that they found nothing. Would anyone who is more familiar with the state of Michigan or maybe even Manistee itself be able to offer me more suggestions? I live out of state, quite a long way from Manistee so anything that can be done via email or computer search would be best. I was hoping that John M Bonk (or Bak) birth record would help fill in some blanks regarding my great-grandparents. For some reason I didn't put alot of faith in the Manistee Co Clerk's office search either.
Thank you.

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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What other info do you have for John Bonk? Also, have you looked through and/or My guess is a name variation is your culprit. The familysearch site is much more versatile with alternate spellings in the search function.

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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>>I know that my great-grandfather's first son was born on 2/14/1875 in Manistee according to his death record.<<

DC data is secondary source. Simply said, what you see on a DC is to the best recollection/memory/ and knowledge of the informant, and can be highly subjective in many cases.

The marriage record of the party should have the names of his parents. Marriage data is primary, the bride and groom state their parentage for the record. This is document you seek and get clues to confirm parentage.

Localize where the couple was married is done by using the census records. Figure out when and where they were married, find marriage record, find parents, work another generation back. These are the simple building blocks of all genealogy research.

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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I have not been able to locate where/when my great-grandparents were married. I've written to all the Catholic dioceses in Michigan....nothing. I don't think they got married in Prussia but I searched as best I could and found nothing. They may have lived somewhere between Prussia and Michigan is my only guess.

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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I’m not related to any member of this family.

You dd not state - "great-grandfather's 1st name and last name". WHERE was he born??? WHO did he marry??? Need her 1st name + DOB + birthplace.

Need 1st son's 1st name.
Need 1st names + DOB's for all children...........
WHEN & WHERE did this 1st son die???????

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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thomasker2 is correct, in order to give you some help, you need to give a bigger picture of the family unit.

>>I've written to all the Catholic dioceses in Michigan....nothing.<<

If the query is too generalized, it's ignored, they simply don't have the time and volunteer base to do generalized searches.

You need to pinpoint an area at a specific time. Where was this family in the 1880 census?

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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In 1880, they were living in Washington County, Illinois. I have written to the county courthouse in Nashville and apparently there are no county records for this family.All I have been able to find are Catholic church records which don't contain too much information. The Catholic Diocese in Michigan that contained the city of Manistee in 1875 apparently no longer has records.

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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First son's name was John M Bonk (or Bak) born in Manistee on 2/14/1885. He died in Chicago, Ill on 6/20/1943. His father (my great-grandfather) was Bartholomew Bonk (or Bak) and mother was Johanna Musial. Bartholomew was born in Prussia (Sept 1843). The info on for both was entered by me.

Re: Reached a brick wall......

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I’m not related to any member of this family.

1st you stated that John M. Bonk (or Bak) was born in 1875.
Now your latest message states that he was born in 1885.
WHICH IS CORRECT.??????????????

You wrote " The info on for both was entered by me." John M. Bonk (or Bak) does not appear on findagrave in ILLINOIS. Under what last name did you enter the data??? It can't be both ways.

1880 -
Name: John Bonk
Age: 3
Birth Year: abt 1877
Birthplace: Michigan
Home in 1880: Dubois, Washington, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Son
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: John Bonk
Father's Birthplace: Poland
Mother's name: Antonina Bonk
Mother's Birthplace: Poland

John Bonk 32, Poland
Antonina Bonk 20, Poland
Mary Bonk 5, MI
John Bonk 3, MI
Frank Bonk 1, ILL

I don't see Bartholomew or Johanna [Musial] Bonk in this family. WHERE are they in 1880??????????

Need DOB + birthplace for Bartholomew and Johanna.

Re: Reached a brick wall...... Catholic Diocese Containing Manistee

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The three Catholic parishes (St. Joseph, Guardian Angels, St. Mary) are in the Diocese of Gaylord. The local parishes have records that are less than 100 years old. Anything over that are stored in the Diocese archives in some sort of electronic or digitized form. The local parishes do not have time to do a family search. There might be a volunteer who is an interested genealogist and will help you.

I made a request to the Diocese for my Polish Catholic relatives.

The search took them over a year because it was a volunteer who graciously took time out of his/her life to help. It will be quicker if you make an appointment and go to their archives. The cost was free and the records were loaded with information.

The Catholic Church does not dispose of parish records!
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