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Would like to know more about James & Jean IRWIN'S dau's husband's.

Martha IRWIN, b. 1733 mar. Captain George PAULL

Elizabeth IRWIN, mar 1. William MCCONNELL, 2. Aaron TORRENCE

Lydia IRWIN, mar. Moses PORTER

Mary IRWIN, mar. William NESBITT (he was one of the
executor for her father's will in 1776.

Jane IRWIN, mar. John BOGGS

My line is thru the dau. Margaret IRWIN who mar. Thomas PATTON. Did any of her sisters go to NC, with them when they went?

I would appreciate info on these son-in-law's. Thank you very much for your time.

William McConnell

Carolyn Shearer (View posts)
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Surnames: McConnell
Your names seem to overlap with mine! I am looking for the parents of George McConnell died 1782-3 Cumberland County, and the maiden name of his wife Margaret____ Here is what I have on William McConnell:

Cumberland County Wills:

MCCONNELL, WILLIAM, Letterkenny, yeoman.
December 4, 1761/23 December 1761.
Eldest son Ebenezer, to be taught to be a sadler or taylor.
Son Alexander to be a tanner.
Dau. Margrett, to live with her uncle Alexander McKessan until 18 years old.
Dau. Mary to live with her cousin Andrew Cochran and his wife until 18 years of age.
Margret born January 18, 1758. Mary born December 22, 1759.
Exs.: Nathaniel Wilson and John Johnson.
Wit: Nathl. Willson, Samuel Culbertson. A. 91-2.

McCONNELL, JAMES, East Pennsborough. March 23, 1772/22 April 1772.
Wife Margret.
Sons John, James and William.
Dau. Elizabeth, land on creek adjoining James Purdy. Land on Buffaloe in the New Purchase, adjoining land of James Poleck, in Berks County.

McCONNELL, JAMES, Senior, Peters.
January 17, 1776/5 June 1777, letters July 25, 1777.
Wife Mary.
Eldest son James.
Sons: William and Francis.
Daus. Margaret, Mary and Cidnaugh and Elizabeth.
Exs.: Mathew Wilson and John Work.
Wit: John Wilson, William Wilson. C. 29.

IRWIN, JAMES, Peters, blacksmith.
May 26, 1776/28 April 1778.
Wife Jean. Sons John, Joseph, James and Archibald, plantation purchased from Andrew Simpson.
Son-in-law Aaron Irrens and dau. Elizabeth children of said Elizabeth born to William McConnel, decd.
G. children Phineas Porter and Jean Porter, land in Fannet Township, plantation in Air Township (called the Core (Cox?) Settlement).
Dau. Jean Boggs.
Dau. Lidia Porter.
Son Joseph and dau. Martha Paul, land in Aughwick, bought from Mr. Croghan. Son-in-law and dau., Thomas and Margaret Patton.
Exs.: son James and son-in-law William Nesbit.
Wit: J. Maxwell, Wm. Lowrey, Robt. Vance. C. 96.

Lancaster County, 1732-1820 (These abstracts do not give witnesses or book and page number)

August 16, 1752 March 29, 1754
Wife. Mary McConnell. Children: John, William, Samuel, Martha, Fenwell and Mary wife of --- Hartnise. Grandchildren: Mary McConnell (parents' names not stated) and David Hartnise.
Ex. John McConnell and Samuel Anderson.

Some McConnell marriages and baptisms:

Lancaster County, First Reformed

George McConnel m. Barbara Kornmann on September 2, 1766.
Peter Sturgeon of Upper Paxton m. Ruth McConnell of Lower Paxton on January 30, 1783.

Lancaster County, St James Episcopal
April 15, 1757 - William Oliver and Agnus McConnell, license
June 12, 1764 - Samuel McConnell and Mary Beaty, license
Feb 12, 1765 - William McConnell and Mary Alison, license
Nov 19, 1765 - John Forsyth and Jane McConnell, license
March 29, 1770 - David Harkness and Mary McConnell, license
Dec 26, 1771 - James Cunningham and Rebecca M'Connell, license
Nov 4, 1773 - Charles Miller and Elizabeth McConnell, license
Oct 18, 1775 - William McConnell and Martha McCartney, published
Nov 23, 1790 - John Long and Jane McConnell

Sampson of Jane McConnel, age 1 year, 7 months; bapt. November 2, 1792

Lancaster County, Marriages and Baptisms from Diary of Rev Culbertson

26 September 1756 - ... baptized Mary daughter to Robert McConel ...

11 June 1761 - Rode 28 miles to and from J. McMillan's; married John McConel and Mary Dougherty; also Wm. Gebby and Ann McMillan rs. 24 and 35 ...

28 May 1770 - rode 3 miles to T. Wade's after preaching ... baptized William, son to John McConel.

23 September 1770 - ... baptized Margaret daughter to Sam Wilson and Martha to Agnes McConel. (At Humphrey Fulerton's.)

York County, First Reformed and Trinity First Reformed

Robert McConnel married Mary King on March 5, 1781.

Pennsylvania Vital Records, CD #172

Cumberland County Marriages

James McConnel and Margaret Huston, 2 Jan 1762, Bond: James McConnel, Robert Semple, Abraham Holmes. Wit: Harms Alrick, Wm McClay.

William McConnal and Rose Kennedy, 18 Aug 1768 by Rev J.C. Bucher

Pennsylvania Marriage Licenses

Mar 1757, John Britt and Mary McConnel
Dec 1757, John McConnel and Martha Levy
Nov 1758, Alexander McConnel and Martha Wilson
30 Mar 1771, James Rowan and Jane McConnell
14 Dec 1775, John Hall and Isabella McConnell
May 28, 1776 – Adam McConnel and Jane Giles

Records of Upper West Conococheague Presbyterian Church, Mercersburg, Franklin County 1769-1812

9 May 1770, married James Ramsey and Margaret McConnell
3 May 1772, bpt John, son of James McConnell
14 Mar 1771, married Alexander McConnell and Hannah Kellough
20 Mar 1774, married Aaron Torrence and Elizabeth McConnell
31 Jul 1774, bpt Mary, dau of James McConnel
Oct 1774, bpt child of Alexander McConnel
18 Dec 1775, bpt child of Martha McConnell
5 May 1776, bpt Mary dau of John McConnell
16 Sep 1776, bpt Elizabeth of James McConnell
7 Oct 1777, married Rev James McConnel and Elizabeth McFarland
12 Apr 1778, bpt Violet, dau of James McConnel
31 Dec 1778, married Samuel Terrence and Jean McConnell
Feb 1779, bpt child of James McConnel
21 May 1780, bpt John, son of James McConnell
21 Nov 1781, married James McConnell and Janet Cunningham, Great Cove
28 Jul 1782, bpt Jean, dau of James McConnell
10 May 1788, Martha, dau of James McConnell
10 Sep 1807, married James McConnell and Nancy Aairs

Marriages of the Rev. D. D. Denny, Path Valley and Chambersburg, Franklin County

15 Oct 1783, Robert Grant and Margaret McConnell
12 Jan 1796, John Rogers and Jane X. McConnell
5 Dec 1797. John McConnell and Jane Armitage
15 Dec 1798, Matthew Elder and Jane McConnell
29 Oct 1799, William Lindsey and Nancy McConnell

Moses Porter

Carolyn Shearer (View posts)
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Surnames: Porter, Elliott
A Moses Porter witnessed the will of my Robert Elliott. Here is what I have collected on the name. While none of it seems to fit with yours it may help to eliminate other men of the same name.

From Cumberland County Wills (the first two are in what is now Franklin County)

ELLIOTT, ROBERT, Peters Twp. March 2, 1768/1 October 1768.
Wife Martha.
Sons Benjamin and George, land purchased of Hugh Shannon.
Daus. Jean, Lucy and Barbara, land purchased of Alexr. Wilson.
Step children, viz. James and Robert Barnet and Elizabeth and Margaret Barnet.
Exs.: wife Martha, bro. Benjamin and James Maxwell, Esq.
Wit: Robert Martin, John Smith, Moses Porter. A. 190.

CRALL (Craul), PETER, Antrim. October 18, 1768/8 November 1768. Wife (not named)Dau. Mary and her nine children, viz., James, Ann, David, John, William, Martha, Catherine, Mary and Daniel Davice. [Surname is Davice.] (Davis?)
Son Samuel.
Exs.: John McMath, James McKee and dau. Mary.
Wit: Moses Porter, William Porter, Patrick Hart. B. 1.

PORTER, MARY, widow of Moses Porter, Rye. November 2, 1795. January 30, 1796.
Jean Watts, alias Morrow.
Thomas Wilson.
Exs.: Jean Morrow.
Wit.: John Elliott, Frederick Watts. F. 12.

PORTER, ROBERT, Millerstown, Greenwood. March 18, 1817. March 28, 1817.
Wife Ann.
Son Moses Porter and Margaret Wilson, both of Ireland.
Dau. Sophia and her husband Thos. Cochran.
Mary Porter widow of George Porter, decd.
Granddau. Eliza Steel.
Step dau. Margaret Steel.
Grandchildren Robert Porter, William P. Cochran and George and Caroline Porter, children of Geo. Porter, decd.
Andrew Trimmer.
Exs.: Wife, Abraham Adams and Caleb North.
Wit.: Jacob Bollinger, John Pursell. H. 469-472.

William Porter

Carolyn Shearer (View posts)
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Surnames: Porter
Here is one more Violet that I forgot to post. This is the earliest use of the name Violet that I have found in this family.

Chester County Wills

April 4, 1749. August 3, 1749. C. 153.
Provides for wife Mary including benefit of plantation until son William is of age. To 3 sons, William, Reese and John the plantation. Personal estate equally divided between daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Violet and the young one.
Executrix: Wife Mary.
Brother Hugh Porter and brother in law Reese Price, Overseers.
Wit: A. Barry, William Price, John Porter.

Violet Porter

Carolyn Shearer (View posts)
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Surnames: Porter
Here is what I have on the name Violet Porter:

Chester County Wills:

OGELBAY, JAMES. Nottingham. Farmer.
September 28, 1752. May 22, 1753. C. 413.
Provides for wife Sarah. To daughters Margaret Boggs and Violet Porter 5 shillings each. To granddaughter Margret McWhorter 7 shillings 6, when of age. To grandson James Porter £1 and to grandson John Porter 15 shillings. To my children John, Sarah and Jean Ogelbay remainder of
personal estate. To son John the whole of the plantation at death of his mother. Test signed.
Executors: Wife Sarah and son John.
Wit: James Harris, Samuel Galt, Samuel Thomson.

PORTER, JAMES. Blacksmith. West Nantmeal.
August 23, 1774. March 27, 1775.
Provides for wife Elizabeth. To son William £20. To my 5 daughters, viz., Rebecca, Isabald, Elizabeth, Elenor and Violet £20 each. To son Nathaniel all remainder of estate on paying above legacies and £15
additional to daughter Isabald.
Executors: Wife Elizabeth and son Nathaniel.
Letters to Nathl., the other renouncing.
Wit: Wm. Porter, Francis Gardner.

Lancaster County Wills:
November 16, 1763 June 7, 1765
Wife. Rebecca Porter. Children: Thomas, William and Violet.
Grandsons: John, Porter and John Price (parents' names not stated).
Ex. Joseph Morrison and Samuel Morrison. Drumore Twp.


First Reformed, Lancaster
William Steel m. Violet Elliot, Warwick Township, on August 15, 1780.

St James Episcopal, Lancaster
July 23, 1761 - Josias Scott married Violet Forster, by license
Oct 13, 1767 - John Garner and Violet Porter, license
Jan 28, 1771 - Samuel Buchanan and Violet Porter, license

There has been a lot of Porter information posted on the Franklin site within the past year or two, much of it yours and mine, but there may be some other clues. Have you done a search to see if anything connects?

Thanks for the McConnel information!


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Ah, MOSES PORTER, the bane of my existence.

I am descended from VIOLET PORTER who married JOSEPH IRWIN s/o JAMES.

Per the following, VIOLET was a sister of the MOSES PORTER who married LYDIA IRWIN:

SOURCE: Mary Virginia Agnew "THE BOOK OF THE AGNEWS" (Philadelphia, 1926)

JAMES IRWIN, the father of ... several daughters, one of whom, LYDIA, married MOSES PORTER, the brother of VIOLET PORTER who married JOSEPH IRWIN" (p. 127)

"LYDIA IRWIN was married to MOSES PORTER, an early settler in Peters Twp, Cumberland, (now Franklin) County; their children were Phineas and Jean, wife of James Rogers." (p. 135) *******************************************
A descendant of a WILLIAM PORTER of Cecil Co., MD and Adams Co. PA believes the WILLIAM PORTER who witnessed the will of PETER CRAUL, with MOSES PORTER, could be his ancestor:
"It appears to me that Moses and William either owned the same land or land in the approximate vacinity in Fannit Township---and yes, there is a reason they bought in the same area. My Jeremiah [s/o WILLIAM] lived on the land of one of them in 1810--by that time Moses and William were dead and the land of Moses had been left to Pheanas Porter--his grandchild (Moses). "
PHINEAS PORTER was, of course, a grandson of JAMES IRWIN.

And to muddle this mess even further, a reliable source says that the father of VIOLET (and evidently of MOSES) PORTER, was a brother of THOMAS PORTER, the father of another of my GGGGGgrandmother's ELIZABETH PORTER.

And I suspect strongly that ELIZABETH's father, THOMAS PORTER, may have been a brother of ROBERT PORTER of Montgomery Co., the father of GENERAL ANDREW PORTER.

What a mess!!!

One small bit of info I can impart though, are the following church records:
SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Roll #0503317 (McLean Family)

Also, p. 1 of "IRWIN" worksheets in same Microfilm:

"IRWIN families who attended Mercersburg Presbyterian Church 1769

In District No. 2

William McConnell
Margaret McConnell

District No. 5

James McConnell
Elizabeth McConnell

In District No.10

William McConnell
Elizabeth McConnell

Joseph Irwin
Violet Irwin

Moses Porter
Lydia Porter
Phineas Porter

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My best information is that the JAMES PORTER, whose will was cited, was married to ELIZABETH LYSLE/LYTLE and three of their children married children of FRANCIS GARDNER (a witness to the will) and his wife ____WALLACE; Francis Gardner, born in Ireland, died in Chester Co., PA in 1783.

Nathaniel Porter b. 1737 in North of Ireland; d. 9/21/1818 in Washington Co. PA where had been a blacksmith in Limetown; Lt/Col in Amer. Rev.
Eleanor Gardner b. 1749 d. 3/10/1813;
Both are buried in Mingo Cemetery, Nottingham Twp.,Washington County. Married 6/20/1766 in Lancaster Co., PA (1/20/1766 in DAR records) - had 12 children.

Eleanor Porter b. ca. 1750; d.? in Chester Co. PA
Andrew Gardner b. 3 Apr1754 in Chester Co.; d.? in Chester Co. PA
He served in Morgan's Riflemen.

John Gardner b. ca 1742; d. ca 1805 in Leesburg VA
Violet Porter b. ca 1745; d ?

I think this is the license recorded 13 Oct. 1767 in St. James Episcopalian Church.; his name had a "D" left out.

WILLS OF CHESTER COUNTY, PA. 1778-1800 Martin p 66,
July 26, 1783. Oct. 8, 1783.
To son Joseph 10 Shillings being already advanced. To son John tract of land purchased of Daniel Henderson in W. Nantmeal containing 160 acres. To daughter Eleanor PORTER pewter ware. To son Andrew part of my plantation containing 110 acres. To son Francis remainder of land, one tract containing 99 1/2 acres and the other containing 11 acres. Remainder to Andrew and Francis
Executors: Sons John and Francis
Wit: William Hunter, John Patton)

I can not place any of these people in Franklin County at any time.
However, as noted in the will JAMES PORTER and ELIZABETH LYSLES had a son WILLIAM PORTER who married SARAH PERSEL/PIERSOL
William Porter b. 1729; d. 1803
Sara Persel b. ca 1735 d. 1808
both buried at Emmittsburg Presby Cem, Cecil Co. MD
He was Capt. in American Revolution.

This might be the WILLIAM PORTER who appears with MOSES PORTER as witness to the will of CRALL (Craul), PETER, Antrim. October 18, 1768/8 November Franklin Co. I quote one of his descendants/researchers in my Irwin Kids posting of 25 Aug. to this page.

The VIOLET OGELBAY named in the will of JAMES OGELBAY is probably the mother of the above JAMES, as well as the JOHN PORTER--b. ca 1700/1710 d. ca 1765. As well VIOLET OGELBAY PORTER---b. ca 1678 d. 1753 may have had three more sons: NATHANIEL PORTER b. 1720 d. 1765. HUGH PORTER 1715 d. 1808 married VIOLET MACKEY; and .WILLIAM PORTER b.1695--d. 1749 wife MARY PRICE. Both JOHN PORTER and WILLIAM PORTER had a daughter named VIOLET PORTER who could got a license to marry SAMUEL BUCHANAN in St James Episcopal, LancasterJan 28, 1771.

While the name VIOLET is certainly prolificate in this line of PORTERs the name MOSES never crops up. I need a MOSES PORTER and a VIOLET PORTER b. ca. 1735 whose father had a brother named THOMAS PORTER and was some relationship to GENERAL ANDREW PORTER's line.


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Surnames: Boggs, Paull
The Boggs family left Franklin Co.,Pa. for Wheeling, WVA then they ended up in Pickaway Co.,OHIO, 4 miles south of Circleville. They are buried there. Logan Elm State Park was their property.Look in Franklin-Pickaway Co.History Book.

The PAULL family- Fayette Co.Pa, History Book (last known contact address--bounced on 1/25/01)

New E-Mail Address

Paul A. Irwin (View posts)
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Surnames: Boggs, Findlay, Paull
Would like to exchange information, will share mine.
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