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Henry Family Ireland

Henry Family Ireland

Colleen Henry (View posts)
Posted: 987273853000
I am Colleen Henry from Chicago born 1960
father was Andrew Valentine Henry born 1925 Mayo/Sligo border near Tubbercurry Ireland.
His father was Thomas Henry born 1884. His father was Walter Henry born 1851.
His father was Martin Henry DOB unsure but his father was Paul Henry born 1784 in Sligo Ireland. Paul did have a brother Thomas. Many family members have moved to the US and Canada thru out the years. Would appreciate hearing from distant relatives.

James Paul Henry

Kathleen Scott (View posts)
Posted: 987606831000
Colleen. My mother, Corinne Henry, and I are trying to find any information on her father who went by the name James Paul Henry, said to be of Ireland (but born in Ct., USA, went back to Ireland, and family went to England where he married my grandmother, Mary, in Bury. He enlisted in the US forces WWI while in Englan. We cannot find any informaiton. Maybe we can help each other.

Your Henrys

Posted: 987636405000
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Hello, my name is Sharon Henry and I was born in NSW Australia, My grandfather came here to Australia from the USA, but his ancestors came from Ireland/Scotland. I have many Henrys listed on Rootsweb on the family tree which I have been working for years on. Any additional information you may have on the Henrys in Ireland would be very helpful. All I know is that this group of Henrys came to Massachusetts around 1720 from around Ulster,Londonderry and Antrim Ireland. 4 brothers sons of a Hugh Henry there came to from Ireland to the U.S. around 1720.

Henrys from Ireland

Posted: 987689993000
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In my research it always says Henrys of Irish descent. I can get no further back than George Washington Henry, My great grandfather who was from around Monterey, Tn. Have you come across any Tn. Henrys?


Kathleen Scott (View posts)
Posted: 987755762000
Still searching, sharon. I don't have anything more about the family in Ireland. have an Aunt in NY who went over looking. I will contact her to see what she found and message you when I get some data. Bye.


Kathleen Scott (View posts)
Posted: 987755872000
M.Webber. I am just beginning my search and have really nothing on the Ireland family. I am contacting an Aunt in NY who recently went over and if she has anything to offer I will message you. Nothing on a TN connection.

Henry's from Ireland

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The 1st generation I have is a John Henry b.1788 - 1865 supposedly of Irish descent, married Susannah Day in Rhea Co. Tn. Their children Susan,Joseph,Ligeard,Zillah,NancyM, Cynthia Ann, Elisah N. Do any of these names ring a bell? Are any of your Irish Henry's from Tn.? My email address is 1778 seems almost early enough to have been on a passenger list somewhere, but I have no access to them right now.
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My family is from Tenn. and several of us have red hair. I haven't got very far on the family tree so I don't know where our family came from. But it maybe a connection. I have the Chap Henry board message and my family so far is Chap Henry then William Chap Henry then Paul Sevier Henry then Orville Paul Henry then me. If you know any of these names that would be great!

Henrys of Tn

M Webber (View posts)
Posted: 987836699000
To Regina: None of the names you gave are in my research. My father was born in Monterey, Tn. and I have lineage back to 1788 . My research only says supposedly of Irish descent. None of my Henry's had red hair. Maybe they were the black irish.
Posted: 987843145000
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Well it was worth a shot. Good Luck with your hunting! Thanks Regina
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