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Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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I am researcing the Family of William Sorrells of Virginia. Elisah Sorrells was one of Williams'sons. Elisa was born in Cullpeper County, VA and died in Bath, KY in 1825. I have a list of his children when he lived in Virginia and Thomas was the oldest. In his American Revolution pension application he list several of his younger children.When Elisa moved to Bath, KY Thomas Sorrells stayed in Virginia and worked for his Father in law and when his father in law died he and Mary Snead Sorrells moved to Bath, Ky and then to Orange County, Indiana where he gave his son Joseph permission to marry Nancy Redman. They then moved to Morgan County IL where Thomas died in the 1860's. I am trying to confirm the Father-Son Relationship between Thomas and Elisha. If any one can help please contact me.
Terry Mckee

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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Thomas was born on 1 Apr 1785 in Culpeper County, VA, (From Tombstone data). Thomas married Mary Snell on 17 Jun 1806 in Greenbrier County, VA, now West Virginia. He appeared for the first time on the Personal Property Tax Lists of Greenbrier County, VA, in 1807. He appeared for the last time on the Personal Property Tax Lists of Greenbrier County, VA, in 1816. We believe Thomas and his family moved to Warren County, KY after this date and before 1820. He, age 30-40, appeared as head of household on the 1820
US census of Warren County, KY. Listed also: others not named. Thomas married Un Brown. He, age 40-50, appeared as head of household on the 1830 US census of Morgan County, IL. Listed also: others not named. He, age 40-50, appeared as head of the household on the 1835 Illinois State Census of Morgan County, IL. Listed also: others not named. He, age 50-60, appeared as head of household on the 1840 US census of Orange County, IN. Listed also: others not named. He, age 62, was listed with Elisha Matthew
Redman as his father in law on the 1850 census of Morgan County, IL. He, age 73, was listed with Hiram Sorrells as his father on the 1860 census of Morgan County, IL. Thomas died on 25 Dec 1863 in Morgan County, IL, at age 78. He was buried in the Lewis Cemetery, Morgan County, IL.

Thomas Sorrell was born 1 April 1785(2-6) in Culpeper County, Va., to Elisha and Elizabeth Sorrell. He lived as a boy with his parents in Culpeper and Amherst Counties, Virginia. Elisha moved from Amherst County, Va to Greenbriar County, Va (now West Va) in 1806(1-5). In 1806 there is a record in Greenbriar for the marriage of Thomas Sorrell and Mary Snell, daughter of John & Elizabeth Snell.
In 1807 Thomas shows in the Greenbriar tax lists(1-5) for the first time as a householder, along with Elisha, Nancy (Joseph Redman) and Rachel (Thomas Redman), both daughters of Elisha and sisters of Thomas.
Before 1810, Elisha, Nancy, and Rachel and families all had gone on west into Kentucky, but Thomas remained in Greenbriar near his in-laws the Snells. John Snell, father of Mary Snell died in 1806, leaving no will that we have been able to find. However, John Snell left a good record of his activities in Greenbriar starting in 1793 when he bought land there and started appearing on both property and personal tax lists1-5 ending after 1806 when his children, including his son-in- law, Thomas Sorrell, appeared in a number of land transactions involving his estate(4-3). Thomas Sorrell appears for the last time on the Greenbriar tax lists in 1816(1-5).
Evidently at that time Thomas moved west into Kentucky appearing in Warren County, Ky tax lists in 1818(3-1) and the 1820 Federal census report for Warren County.
In the 1820s Thomas moved from Warren County and joined his two sisters, Nancy Sorrell Redman and Rachel Sorrell Redman in Orange County, Indiana. We do not know the exact sequence of the moves of the Sorrell family into Orange County, Ind in the 1820s. Redman Sorrell, son of Joseph Sorrells and cousin to Thomas and the Sorrell sisters had moved from Pulaski County, Ky into Orange County after 1815(3-1) and appears on the 1820 Orange County Federal census report. We know that Thomas, Nancy and Rachel were in Orange with Redman by 1827 at least. Rachel still appeared in the Bath County, Ky tax lists in 1824 and 1825 and if she, Nancy and Thomas moved at about the same time their move to Orange must have been no earlier than the mid 1820s.
In 1827 the children of Thomas and Redman Sorrell, as well as those of Nancy Sorrell Redman and her husband Joseph Redman and also those of the recently widowed Rachel Sorrell Redman start appearing in marriage records in Orange County, Indiana, often intermarrying between the Sorrell and the Redman families(4-1).
By 1830 Thomas and his family had moved on to Morgan County, Illinois. There, in the 1830 Federal census he appears with a wife (a lady of the right age) and several children. Whether or not this is Mary Snell is not known. Thomas Sr's son, Thomas Jr, born c1825, noted in a marriage record in 1876 that his mother's maiden name was Brown. We have no record of Mary Snell's death prior to 1825 nor of any subsequent remarriage by Thomas. Information, given by Thomas Jr in a variety of records is notoriously inconsistent and this bit of information may be just another of those inconsistencies. At any rate, by 1835, it appears that Thomas' wife has died, since neither in the 1835 Illinois State census(4-4) for Morgan County, Ill. nor indeed in later censuses does a lady of wifely age appear. Thomas, for unknown reasons, returned to Orange County, Indiana in time for the 1840 Federal census. In 1841, he sold property to a James Southern in Orange Cty, and no wife appears on the transaction(4-5), confirming that his wife had died by that time. By the 1850 Federal census, Thomas has moved back to Morgan County and is found living with his daughter Margaret Sorrells Redman, wife of Matthew Elisha Redman, the son of Joseph and Nancy Sorrell Redman. He is listed as Thomas, age 65, a farmer born in Virginia. In the 1860 Morgan County, Ill Federal census we find him as Thomas, age 73, farmer, born in Virginia, living with his son Hiram.
Thomas died 25 December 1863, according to tombstone data and cemetery records. He is buried in the Lewis Cemetery, sometimes called the Angelo Cemetery, south of Jacksonville, Illinois(2-6).

Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850
Groom Name: Thomas Sorrell
Bride Name: Mary Snell
Marriage Date: 19 Jun 1806
County: Greenbrier
State: Virginia

1830 United States Federal Census
Name: Thomas Sarrels
[Thomas Sorrels]
Home in 1830 (City, County, State): Morgan, Illinois
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 2
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14: 2
Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49: 1
Free White Persons - Under 20: 6
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 8
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 8

The Children of Thomas Sorrell-Mary Snell

We have much the same problem with the children of Thomas Sorrell and his cousin, Redman Sorrell that we did with Elisha and James Sorrell Jr back in Bath County, Ky. Rarely are there records found which actually list children of the early Sorrell families and although sometimes land, deed and military records assist us, we have to largely depend on census analysis, logic and inference to allocate children. Fortunately when Redman Sorrell and Thomas Sorrell are found together, usually there are no other Sorrell families to confuse the issue. Children of marriageable age first start showing up in Orange Cty, Indiana where both Thomas and Redman lived during the 1820s. Based on all our records. logic, inference, and a great deal of discussion between the collaborators on these notes, the following children have been assigned to Thomas Sorrell. The children of Redman Sorrell will be covered in a section on Redman and his family.
Before continuing we should mention the so-called "Greenbriar Connection". The fact that Elisha Sorrell and his immediate family moved from Amherst to Greenbriar County, Va in c1806, stayed there a couple of years and moved on west has been very helpful to us in allocating the Sorrell children. Neither James Sr, James Jr, or Redman Sorrell ever moved to Greenbriar. Thomas Sorrell, son of Elisha, married Mary Snell in Greenbriar in 1806 and from c1809 at least until 1816 was the only Sorrell in Greenbriar after Elisha left prior to 1809. This connection was discovered in a manner familiar to genealogical researchers. We had discovered the connections of the Illinois Sorrells families to Elisha, particularly through Nancy Sorrell and Joseph Redman. We knew that Thomas Sorrell and Redman Sorrell were somehow related. I knew from my great grandfather William Sorrell's pension application that his father was John Sorrells, who had owned land in Schuyler County, Illinois in the 1840s. A trip to the county seat of Schuyler turned up the deed for the land that John owned, but more importantly, the deed informed us that John had received the land as a result of Mexican War service of which we were unaware. The deed mentioned the land warrant number of the grant. A letter to the National Archives resulted in a copy of John's application for the land grant. In this John said he was born in Greenbriar County, Va now a county in West Virginia. A Sorrell connection to Greenbriar had never surfaced until that document. A later trip to the Virginia Archives and to Greenbriar County led us to find not only Elisha Sorrell on the tax lists, but Joseph Redman, Thomas Redman, Thomas Sorrell as well, and also the marriage records of Thomas to Mary Snell in 1806. Elisha left Greenbriar before 1810 and between then and 1816 Thomas was the only Sorrell in Greenbriar. So Sorrells with Greenbriar connections have to be children of Thomas as Redman Sorrell never went to Greenbriar.

1. Hiram Sorrells: born 12 March 1805(2-6) Greenbriar County, Va. (now West Va.); Married Mahala Redman, a daughter of Joseph Redman and Nancy Sorrell Redman, on 13 February 1827 in Orange Cty, Indiana(4-1); died 27 May 1887 in Morgan Cty, Ill; Buried in the Lewis Cemetery, Jacksonville, Illinois near his father, Thomas, his wife Mahala and his son Peter(2-6).
Hiram and his wife stayed in Orange County, Indiana after their 1827 marriage until after 1830. By 1835 they had followed Hiram's father, Thomas, on west into Morgan County, Illinois and appear in Morgan County in the 1835 Illinois State census(4-4). Hiram lived the rest of his life in Morgan County and is well documented there appearing in census reports, land transactions etc., including a will at his death in 1887(4-6). There never has been any doubt that Hiram is the son of Thomas. Thomas is found living with Hiram in the 1860 census, and is buried next to Hiram in the Lewis Cemetery, near Jacksonville, Illinois. In the death record of David H Sorrells, a son of Hiram, it gives Hiram's place of birth as Greenbriar County, Virginia.

2. Belinda Sorrells, born 1806-1809, probably in Greenbriar County, Va (now West Va). Married Thomas Redman, son of Joseph and Nancy Sorrell Redman in Orange County, Indiana on 5 July 1827(4-1). Belinda is one of the children of Thomas Sorrell for whom we have no direct proof. There is no record which gives us a clue. She has to be the daughter of either Thomas or Redman Sorrell who were the only Sorrell families in Orange at her marriage to Thomas Redman in 1827.
In the 1850 Greene County, Illinois census Belinda says she is 46 and in 1860 in Greene County, Illinois she says she is 51. These two dates put her between 1804 and 1809. Since we know that Thomas and Mary Snell were not married until 1806 and are reasonably certain that Hiram was their first born I would guess her birth year 1807-1809, but certainly before 1810. The fact that no parental consent was necessary for her marriage in 1827 would seem to indicate she was born during or before 1809. Redman Sorrell, in the 1810 Pulaski County, Ky census or in the 1820 Orange County, Indiana census, had no females born prior to 1810, so Belinda does not belong to him. On the other hand, although we have no 1810 census listing for Thomas, in the 1820 Warren County, Ky census he has one female 10-16 or between 1804 and 1810. So Belinda must belong to Thomas. Later, propinquity seems to confirm this. In the 1830 Orange County, Indiana census Belinda is found near Hiram, her brother and not near Redman Sorrell. In 1835 Thomas Sorrell, Redman Sorrell and Belinda are all in Morgan County, Ill according to the state census of that year but in 1840 as we have stated previously, Thomas Sorrell was back in Orange County, Indiana. Belinda and her husband, Thomas Redman went back to Orange with Thomas Sorrell since Thomas Sorrell and Belinda are found adjacent on the same page of the census report in Orange County in 1840.
After the 1860 Federal census in Greene County, Illinois I hold no further record of Belinda Sorrells, or her husband, Thomas Redman.

3. John Sorrells, born 1809-1813 in Greenbriar Cty, Va.(4-7); Married Sarah Redman in Orange Cty, Indiana on 19 July 18274-1. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas and Rachel Sorrell Redman4-8. John died probably about 1895, probably in the Morgan-Greene area of Illinois4-9. John, also remained in Orange County, Indiana until after 1830. John and Sarah appear next door to Rachel Sorrell Redman in that census. By 1835, John, too, had moved over into Morgan County, Illinois. In the 1835 Illinois State Census he and Sarah appear in Morgan County, Illinois. In this census report there is an extra female age 40-50 (1785-1795) living with John and Sarah plus an extra male 20-30. We are quite sure that this is Rachel Sorrell Redman, Sarah's mother plus Sarah's brother. John and his family lived in Morgan County until the late 1840s. In 1847 John enlisted in the 16th Regiment of U.S. Infantry and marched off to the Mexican War. As far as we can determine, the 16th never made it all the way to Mexico but were in the South West at the end of the war. John was discharged in 1848 and received 160 acres, 120 in Schuyler and 40 adjacent acres over the line in Brown County in Illinois, north west of the Illinois River as bounty for his service. It was in the application documents for this land that John said he was born in Greenbriar County, Virginia. John and his family moved to Schuyler and lived there until c1858. In that year he sold the 160 acres of land4-9 and moved back to Morgan County, where he appears in the 1860 Federal census. Evidently Sarah died during the 1860s as John appears without her in 1870 with his son, William, in the Greene County, Ill census. That is our last record of John except for a note in the Civil War pension documents of his son William (4-9). In that document, William said in 1911 that his father died about 16 years ago, which would make the year of his death about 1895. We do not know where he died or where he is buried. We assume somewhere in the Morgan-Greene area of Illinois but really do not know.
4. Joseph Sorrells, born 1812-1815; Married Nancy Redman, daughter of Joseph Redman and Nancy Sorrell Redman, 15 February 1833 in Orange County, Indiana(4-1). There is a male consistently found in the Thomas Sorrell household born 1810-1815 which we believe is Joseph. In Joseph's marriage record to Nancy in 1833 he had his father's verbal consent which means he was probably born after 1812. In the 1835 Illinois State Census for Morgan County, Illinois he says he was 20-30 or between 1805-1815. In the 1840 Federal census he was also 20-30 or born between 1810-1820. All this seems to place Joseph's birth year between 1812 and 1815.
The census record for Thomas' household tracks Joseph perfectly. In 1820 Thomas has 1 male, born 1810-20 in his Warren, Ky household. In 1830 a male born 1810-1815 is still in Thomas' household. In 1835, (Joseph married in 1833) and in 1840 that male no longer is present in the Thomas household but Joseph appears in Morgan County, age 20-30, in both the 1835 and 1840 censuses or born between 1810 and 1815. Redman Sorrell also had a son born between 1810 and 1820, but none born between 1810-1815. In 1830, in the Orange County federal census, Redman's household has a son born 1815-1820, plus another born 1820 to 1825, but none born 1810-1815. In the 1835 Illinois State census of Morgan County, Redman still has the two sons born between 1815 and 1825, so Joseph can not be Redman's male child as we know Joseph had moved out and formed his own household by 1835, when he appears in his own name in the 1835 Morgan County Census. Note that the age bracket of Redman's male child does not quite match Joseph's probable age either.
Propinquity also favors Thomas as the father of Joseph. In the early 1830s, five of Redman's older sons left Morgan for Clay County in Eastern Illinois and before 1840 probably the whole Redman Sorrell family had departed for the Clay County area. Joseph, however, stayed in the Morgan County area of Illinois near Thomas until Joseph's death in 1841.
One other bit of evidence also points to Thomas as the father of Joseph. One of Joseph's sons, namely John H Sorrells, went to Texas before the Civil War. In 1880 John H appears in the 1880 Dallas County, Texas census report. In this report he says his father, Joseph, was born in Virginia and his mother in Kentucky. This pattern (if correct) fits Thomas but not Redman Sorrell. Thomas was still in Greenbriar County, Va 1806-1816. Redman was already in Kentucky in 1810 so if Joseph was really born in Virginia c1812-1815 he must belong to Thomas.
As a matter of fact, the only record that bothers us somewhat is the marriage record of Joseph to Nancy Redman in Orange County in 1833. In this record, Joseph has his father's verbal consent to the marriage. This seems to indicate the physical presence of the father at the wedding. We know that Thomas had already moved on over to Morgan County, Illinois by 1833. Redman Sorrell was still in Orange in 1830 but had also moved to Morgan by 1835. He sold some property in Orange on 14 February, 1833 the day before the wedding so presumably Redman was still in Orange on the date of the wedding. This is the only record that at all seems to link Joseph with Redman instead of Thomas. However Thomas Sorrell might have returned to Orange for the wedding or perhaps the father did not have to be physically present to have his consent approved by the authorities.
In a pension file by William Thomas Sorrells2-2, son of Joseph it says that he and William Sorrells, son of John Sorrells and Sarah Redman were cousins. Taken absolutely literally (that is, if cousin means first cousin) this means that Joseph Sorrells had to be the son of Thomas Sorrell. Unfortunately, William T and William were also cousins on the maternal side but not first cousins, but second. On the Sorrell side, if Joseph were the son of Redman Sorrell, William T and William would have been third cousins.
Joseph died in Greene County, Illinois on 5 October 1841. This information comes from the Civil War pension file of his son, Lorenzo, filed by Nancy, the mother of Lorenzo in 1864(4-10).
Given all of the above we consider it proven that Joseph is a son of Thomas and not of Redman Sorrell
5. Margaret Sorrells, born c1814 in Greenbriar County, Va.; Married Matthew Elisha Redman, the son of Joseph and Nancy Sorrell Redman, on 29 January, 1834 in Morgan Cty, Ill (4-2); Margaret is considered a proven daughter of Thomas. In the 1850 Morgan County, Illinois census Thomas is found at age 65, living with Margaret and her family. The 1850 census report is the last record I hold on Margaret and her family.

6. Elizabeth Sorrells, born c1815/1816; Married Thomas Smith 13 February, 1834 in Morgan County, Illinois(4-2). Elizabeth is another of the children we believe to be Thomas', but have no direct proof. Thomas lists three females born 1810-1820 in the 1820 Warren County, Ky census, 1 born 1810-1815 and 2 females born 1815-1820 in the 1830 Morgan County census. We believe these three females were Margaret, born c1814, Elizabeth, born a year or so later, and Ann Sorrells, born c1817/1818, perhaps another year or so later. Redman Sorrell, who also lived in Morgan at the time had a daughter named Elizabeth, but we believe it was she who married a man named Gobel in Clay County, Illinois in 1837. Unfortunately for our analysis another Sorrells family lived in Morgan in the early 1830s. A William A Sorrells appears there in the 1830 Federal census. He does not appear in the 1835 State census nor again in our records and we have no idea how he might be connected to Thomas and our group of Sorrells. In the 1830 census he had three females who could have been of marriageable age in 1834. A year after Elizabeth's marriage, Ann Sorrells married another Smith male in Morgan County with Joseph Redman, brother in law of Thomas presiding. We consider Ann a proven daughter of Thomas through, among other things, the connection of Joseph Redman, Thomas' brother in law, as the minister at her wedding. Thus with Elizabeth marrying another Smith about the same time as Ann was marrying; with the perfect tracking of the census with the marriage records; with the fact that the Thomas Sorrell household of 1840 indicated that all three of the females born 1810-1820 had left the household by that census report, we believe the preponderance of the evidence supports the proposition that Elizabeth is Thomas' daughter. The William A Sorrells of the 1830 census had moved out of Morgan by 1835 and we believe he took his family with him to where ever he went.
Although we have never checked the 1835 Illinois State census for the two Smith families it would not surprise us NOT to find them. Elizabeth Sorrells married in 1834 and Ann Sorrells married in 1835. Evidently, Thomas Sorrell's wife Mary Snell had died before 1835 as she does not appear in the census report. Since all of Thomas' female children were married by 1835, one would not have been surprised to find no females in the household. However there are two females, one born 1805-1815 just right for Elizabeth and one born 1815-25, just right for Ann. In addition there are two extra males in the household the right age to be Thomas and George Smith the respective new husbands of Elizabeth and Ann Sorrells.

7. Ann Sorrells, born 1817/1818, married George Smith in Morgan County, Illinois on 19 February, 1835(4-2). Joseph Redman, husband of Nancy Sorrell Redman, and brother in law to Thomas officiated at the wedding. We believe, but can not prove, that it is likely that the 10-20 year old female in the household of Thomas Sorrell in the 1835 Illinois State census is Ann Sorrells. We further believe that the 10-20 year old male in the household is more likely to be George Smith, Ann's new husband rather than one of Thomas' sons of that age. If census data is correct, (always a fairly loose assumption), this male in the 1835 census would have been born 1815-1825. In the 1830 Morgan County Federal census Thomas shows one male born 1810-1815, but none born 1815-1820. Because of the known relationship between Joseph Redman and Thomas Sorrell, we consider Ann Sorrells as the daughter of Thomas as essentially proven. Considering Ann, marrying a George Smith in 1835, as almost certainly the daughter of Thomas, makes the odds considerably better that Elizabeth Sorrells, marrying a Thomas Smith in 1834, is also the daughter of Thomas Sorrell.
8. Thomas Sorrells, born c1825 in Orange County, Indiana. Thomas' birth year is an educated guess. In a pension file(4-11) he said he was born in 1821. In census records he gives his birth year as c1824, c1826, and c1828. His parent's household consistently shows a male in their household born 1825-1830 and we are certain that this is Thomas. Since his brother, Henry, seems to center his age around 1826, it seems a good bet that Thomas was born in 1825. His marriage record is also vague. He says in the Mexican war pension file4-11 that he was married to "Matilda" Sorrells, a cousin, in Morgan County, Il in 1847. We can find no record of any such marriage. We consider it proven that "Matilda" Sorrells is Corrilla Sorrells, daughter of Hiram Sorrells and Mahala Redman of Morgan County. Thomas says in the pension file that "Matilda" died in 1863. In later census records, two children appear in the Thomas Sorrell household, George W born c1857 and Charles, born 1863 the same year that Matilda died. In Hiram Sorrells' will filed in 1887, he makes provision for the children of his dead daughter, Corrilla, namely George W and Charles. In addition there is a family tradition that Corrilla "ran off" with her uncle. All this fits perfectly. In 1865 in Montgomery County, Il Thomas married a widow, Mrs Amanda Hayden, who appears with Thomas in the 1870 Montgomery, Il census. Thomas and his family left Montgomery County, Il before 1876 and went to Hamilton County, Nebraska where in that year he married Mary E Gassener. In the marriage record to Mary Gassener, Thomas says his father was Thomas and that his mother was an unknown Brown. This is perhaps an indication that Mary Snell, first wife of Thomas Sr had died before 1825 and Thomas Sr had remarried. On the other hand it may just be another inconsistency in information given by Thomas Jr. In 1880 Thomas and Mary Gassener and their family show in the Hamilton County, Ne census. With them appear George W, born c1857 and Charles, born c1863, as well as a y ounger child of Thomas and Mary as well as a stepson, a child of Mary's by a previous marriage. Thomas died in 1888 in Hamilton County, Nebraska.

9. Henry Sorrells, born c1826 in Orange County, In, married Margaret Herr in Sangamon County, Il in 1855, and after her death, Mary E Wiley in Montgomery County, Il in 1868. Henry appears in the 1850 census, unmarried, living with a Dunlap family, age 24. Henry appears in the 1860 census in Morgan County with Margaret and several small children. Margaret was listed as being born in Germany in this census report. In the 1830 census of Thomas Sr's household in Morgan County, 2 males are shown being born 1825-1830, probably Thomas Jr, listed above and Henry. In 1835 the elder Thomas shows 3 males born 1825-1835. It is likely that these three are Thomas Jr, Henry and George. Henry moved to Montgomery County, Il in the 1860s. Margaret died there in 1865 and is buried in Montgomery. As mentioned above, Henry married Mary E Wiley, nee Carriker in 1868 in Montgomery. Henry died in Montgomery County, Il in 1901.

10. George Washington Sorrells, born 1830-33 in Morgan County, Illinois; Married Mary Ann Morris 15 March 1855 in Morgan County, Il. and Sarah Jane Corn 8 Sept 1857 in Morgan County, Illinois(4-2). George is another son of Thomas of whom we have no documented proof, only logic and inference. In the 1850 Morgan County census, a Washington Sorrells, age 20 is living with Henry Sorrells, listed just above, with the Dunlap family. In 1857 there is a record of a George W Sorrells marrying Sarah Corn. My experience says that George Ws are almost always George Washingtons. In the 1860 Morgan census is a Washington Sorrells, age 27 (1833) with a wife Sarah. George or Washington, as he seemed to have been called fits perfectly the young male born 1830-1835 in Thomas' household. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out someday that Thomas' wife, Mary Snell or Unknown Brown, who evidently died between 1830 and 1835, died in childbirth, probably with Washington. In 1870 George and Sarah are to be found in Montgomery County, Il next door to his brother Henry. In 1900 Washington, age 67, and Sarah Jane, age 65, are in Christian County, Illinois, a bit to the east of Morgan. I found neither of them in 1910.

1850 United States Federal Census
Name: Thomas Tewels [Thomas Sorrels]
Age: 63
Birth Year: abt 1787
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1850: Morgan, Illinois
Gender: Male
Family Number: 1959
Elisha M Redman 38
Margareta Redman 36
Rachel Redman 1
Eliza Redman 0
Thomas Tewels 63
Samuel Redman 14
Joseph Redman 11
Elisha Redman 5
Mary Redman 6

1860 United States Federal Census
Name: Thomas Sorrells
Age in 1860: 73
Birth Year: abt 1787
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1860: Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois
Gender: Male
Post Office: Jacksonville
Hiram Sorrells 55
Mahala Sorrells 38
Milly Sorrells 22
David Sorrells 19
Nemiah Sorrells 16
Thomas Sorrells 21
Thomas Sorrells 73

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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Thank you for your assistance. I have seen much of this information in a 3 Volumn set of books written by Dale Muller. I have been able to get copies of the marriage Lic. of Joseph Sorrells and Nancy Redman from the court records in Orange County, IN. This record says that the fathers gave their concent but does not say who the fathers are.
I need records that show that Thomas is the son of Elisha Sorrells so that I can complete my second application for the SAR. I believe that the information you supplied will help me make the final connections.
Thanks Again.
Terry McKee

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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Joseph and Nancy Sorrells' son John H. Sorrells is my great grandfather. He moved to Texas with Noah Spate Sorrells, son of Hiriam Sorrells. John H. married Mary V (?). They had five children. They were Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie) Sorrells 1864- 1946), William Wyatt Sorrells (1870-1935), Emma Sorrells (1874-), Nannie Sorrells (1877-1963) and Weaver Bacon Sorrells (1880-1935). Both Noah and John Sorrells joined the 18th Texas Calvary. Noah became a SGT and John was captured and taken to Camp Douglas, IL. He signed a "I will fight no more statement) and came home. Both John and Noah became Master Masons. Noah died in Seagoville, Texas and is buriedd there. A picture of Noah's tombstone is on the internet. John H. moved to kaufman County around Elmo, Texas. He died in Kaufman County but I have not been able to find his death certificate or his grave site. I know that John is the son of Nancy Redman Sorrells(Elliot) because on her application for a Civil War
pension she states, "my son went to Texas and I have not seen him since." John on his way back to Texas from Camp Douglas, IL would have to come thru Morgan County but he did not stop if what Nancy Sorrells states in her pension application. I have been trying to find all of the Masonic Records on John H. Noah's death is recorded in his lodge records. My great Uncle told me that my Grandfather was raised by a man named McClusky. I have been trying to records on him. I have all of the marriage Lic. on all of John H. Sorrells children. I would be glad to provide you with copies if you want them.
Thanks again
Terry McKee

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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Thanks for the offer Terry. I am not a descendant of this line, but I have done Sorrell/s research from over 2 decades now and I have begun to collect all Sorrell/s families. The research I shared, is mostly that of Dale Mueller as this is his line.

Because my domain is I feel responsible to share with other researchers all that I have collected over the years. Good luck!

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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What is your main family research? How did you get interested in the Sorrells Family? I have read the three volumns that Dale published and I have been trying to get a copy for my collection and maybe put it into the Clayton Library here in Houston.
Some additional information for your sorrells records;
As I mention John H. Sorrells moved to Texas and had five Children;
1.Sarah Elizabeth was born in 1864 in Dallas, Dallas, County. She Married a man named B.Johnson on May 8, 1886. She was called Aunt Bettie and she died in Dallas, Texas on January 15/16, 1945.
2. William Wyatt was born on June 23, 1870 in Seagoville, Texas. He married Elizabeth Wilks in 1901, at Kaufman, Texas. He died November 15, 1935 in Colorado City, Mitchell, Texas.
3. Emma Sorrells was born about 1872 in Dallas,Texas.
She married J. L. Fly in Dallas, Texas on February 23, 1905. I do not know when she died.
4. Nannie Sorrells about 1876(?) in Dallas County, Texas. She married J. D. Huffman in Dallas, Texas on November 23, 1908. She died in Frederick, OK in the 1950's.
I have the date but not on this computer.
5. Weaver Bacon Sorrells Born July 12, 1880 in Dallas County, Texas. He married Dovie L. Dorsey on September 4, 1906 in Kemp, Kaufman, Texas. (This is my grandfather)He died on February 27. 1935 in Terrell, Kaufman, Texas. Dovie died in May 1935. Both are buried a Cemetery in College Mound, Kaufman, Texas in the Plot of Columbus Dorsey, Dovie's father.
I am in the process of tracing the families of Bettie, Emma and Nannie. I have just obtained a copy of Bettie's Obit from the Dallas Morning News. I knew one of her sons Henry.
Thanks for letting me rammble.
Terry McKee
I am in the process of locating

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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My maiden name is Sorrells. I descend from Edward Sorrell of Wake Co, NC.

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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Your line of Sorrells is well documented by Thelma Prince. I have communicated a lot with her buy Dale Muller has been my main contact. I have been trying to get in touch with him and see how his health is. He has not replied to me since last August.
I want to thank you for all of the information you have provided. I thank that I will now be able to get my second SAR family.
If I can every be of service please contact me.
Terry McKee

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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My line is not the same as the research of Thelma. I believe you are thinking of the Edward from North Umberland Co. VA.   To date, I cannot document my Edward earlier than 1760 in Orange Co. NC.

I heard from Dale in the late fall or last winter. He is a brilliant researcher as is the case Thelma Prince also. Russell Sorrells, from middle TN has also done much work on the same line as Thelma's.

Re: Informaion on Thomas Sorrells who is a son of Elisha Sorrells

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I know of Thelma's research through her "Our Southern Ancestrys" and what I have read. I am stuck in South Carolina on two of my families. The McKees and Dorseys. I was in South Carolinia last year and that was an experience. I am now researching for 1700 Chruches that my kin could have attended.
I am going to try Dale again. I miss his insights on looking for things.
My Name is Terry McKee, and I live in Houston,Texas area. My email address is Direct emails would speed these messages.
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