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Julia Markey

Julia Markey

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Surnames: Markey

Looking for information re Julia Markey--deceased.

Last know address Fort Lauderdale Florida.

There was a Josephine in the family but that's all I

know. Her parents or grandparents came from Ireland.

Supposed to have settled in Chicago, Ill.

Re: Julia Markey

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I had an Aunt Julie Markey who is deceased now,but she lived in Orlando for a little while.She was originally from Detroit,Michigan and was one of twelve children.My grandmother was Margaret Markey,Great aunt's Julie,Rita,Norine,Uncle's Francis,Charles,John,Donald,James,Christopher.Two died as infant's. Maybe this will help you.

Re: Julia Markey

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Surnames: Markey, Cannon, Wilson
I have both a Julia (my great-great-great-grandmother) and several Juliette's (a "great" Aunt and some "great" Cousins who are several times removed) I'm cut & pasting my family tree for the Markey line below. It has several of the names that you are looking for as well. The only difference is that we're from the New York City area. Perhaps one of the Juliette Markey family members moved and changed to calling herself Julia" since Juliette was a bit old fashioned.

I hope this helps you find something more about your family.

Pat Wilson-Perkins

1) FRANCIS MARKEY, (G-G-G-GF) born: 1784, a native of Parish of Ennaskeen, Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade, Ireland, died: 24 Jan 1859, 75 yrs. married
(Correction: Spelling of the names in Ireland: County Meath, Townland of Ervey, Civil Parish of Enniskean; Barony of Lower Kells, Kells Poor Law Union.)
1a) FANNY MARKEY, (G-G-G-GM) born: 1785, (unknown surname) died: 23 Feb 1859, 74 yrs
(known to have had 5 children, 4 m & 1 f ), only three names known: John, Patrick & Isabella (Bella), unknown male x's 2

2) PATRICK MARKEY, (G-G-GF) b.: 1824, d.: 2 Feb 1888, 64 yrs. Naturalized Citizen of the United States dated 13 August 1855 in New York City. 1860 NYC census listed as a "Market Man" with 3 children & in 1870 as a "Produce Dealer". He owned his home valued at $2000 with 7 children at that time married
2a) JULIA GARGAN MARKEY, (G-G-GM) born: 1832, died: 15 Oct 1893, 61 yrs.; They had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls.
The 12 Children: George, John, Joseph, EDWARD, Frank, Charles, Mary, Clarabelle (Carrie), Mary Jane, Juliette, Gertrude & Fanny

3) George MARKEY, married
3a) Ann Marshall had 5 children - George, John, Edward, Walter & Fanny
4) George MARKEY married
4a) Louise CONNOR (10 children: George W., Jr., Ed., Mary, Janice, Marshall, Gerard, Eloise, John, Richard, & Keran)
5) George W. MARKEY Jr. married to Marian living in Washingtin, DC area in the 1960's
5) Edward C. MARKEY married to Lillian living in Rye, NY in the 1960's
5) Mary MARKEY KUEPPER married to Dick KUEPPER living in California in the 1960's
5) Janice MARKEY SINNOTT married to Pete SINNOTT living in Larchmont, NY in the 1960's
5) Marshall J MARKEY living in Burlington, Iowa in the 1960's
5) Gerard MARKEY married to Audrey living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio in the 1960's
5) Eloise MARKEY KEATING married to Bill KEATING living in New Haven, CT in the 1960's
5) John J MARKEY living in Scarsdale, NY in the 1960's
5) Richard A (Dick) MARKEY living in Greenwich, CT in the 1960's
5) Keran A MARKEY living in Guilford CT in the 1960's
4) John
4) Edward
4) Walter
4) Fanny

3) JOHN MARKEY married
3a) Etta (???) had 1 child - Fanny Crecilius
4) Fanny Crecilius MARKEY
3) JOSEPH MARKEY married
3a) Mary Levenson had 1 child how died very young
4) Unnamed child - died young

3) EDWARD JOSEPH MARKEY (G-GF) (1869-1908), married,
3a) ALICE GERTRUDE CANNON (G-GM) 5 children: Lawrence Aloysius, Rose Cecilia, MARY ANGELA, Edward Joseph, Jr., & Alice Gertrude
4) Lawrence Aloysius (d. 1959)
4) Rose Cecilia (d. 1945)
4) MARY ANGELA MARKEY (GM) (b. 1895 d.1970) married
4a) THOMAS F. WILSON, JR., (GF) had one child, a son
5) THOMAS F. WILSON III (b. 3 Dec. 1923; d. 5/31/2008, Jacksonville, FL) married 3/31/1951, Queens, NY
5a) LUCILLE ANN SCHANNO (b. 22 Nov 1928), 3 children, daughters

6) LUCY ANN WILSON (b. 12 Feb 1952) married
6a) - 1) FRANCIS KOBOVSAK (div. 1974)
6a) - 2) ALAN CHERRY, 5/22 in Los Angeles, CA
6) ANN MARIE WILSON (b. 20 Feb1953) married 1975, St. Mary Church, Ridgefield, CT & divorced
6a) HENRY RANDOLPH WILSON, JR had 3 children, 2 daughters & 1 son
7) ANN MARIE WILSON b. 4/14/1976
7) JOAN LUCY WILSON b. 6/21/1978, - married 6/30/2001
7a) BRYAN WATERS (m. 6/30/01) have 2 children, sons
8) SEAN WATERS, b. 3/9/03
8) ANDREW BRYAN WATERS, b. 12/28/2006

7a) RACHAEL FLOOD (married 6/24/2006)

6) PATRICIA JOSETTE WILSON b. 3/18/1954, married 6/1/1974, St. Mary Church, Ridgefield, CT
6a) DAVID JOSEPH PERKINS; b. 3/19/1954; 3 children (sons)

7) DAVID JOSEPH PERKINS, JR., b. 12/18/1974, Dover, NH, m. 2/13/1999
7a) ANN MARIE HUGHES, b. 4/9/1975, m. 2/13/1999, Mid Pines, NC)

7) THOMAS HENRY PERKINS, b. 12/21/1983, Danbury, CT

7) JAMES MICHAEL PERKINS, b. 12/21/1983, Danbury, CT

4) Edward Joseph MARKEY, Jr. (b. 1903 d. 1965) married
Nettie Mae Tracy, had one child,
5) Edward J. Markey, of Blue Hill, Maine

4) Alice Gertrude MARKEY (b. 1905 d. 1961) married
John J. CLEMENTS, had one child, Alice E. Clements
5) Alice Elizabeth CLEMENTS (b. , married
5a) Thomas McKENNA, (b. , ) have 4 children
6) Kevin McKENNA, (b. 1961, married)
6a) Molly McGINLEY, (b. , )

6) Christopher McKENNA, (b. 1963, married)
6a) Sharon JOFFE, (b. , )

6) Elizabeth McKENNA, (b. 1965, married)
6a) Patrick BACHTELL, (b. , ) have two children
7) Liam BACHTELL, (b. , )
7) Claire BACHTELL, (b. , )

6) Andrew McKENNA (b. 1970, Huntington, NY, to be married May 28, 2005)
6a) Kiley PROKEL, (b. , )

3) FRANK MARKEY Single, died at the age of 27.

3) CHARLES MARKEY, married,
3a) Kate Glennon had 3 children - May Gieise (2 girls), Margaret and Edward. Margaret and Edward are dead.
4) May Gieise - married & had 2 daughters, names unknown
4) Margaret - deceased as of my grandmother’s writing
4) Edward - deceased as of my grandmother’s writing

3a) Jim Bradley - 1 child - Francis W Bradley, Jim died when Francis was still a child, Mary remarried
3a) Rudolph Taubner
Upon Mary's marriage to Taubner; child's name was changed to Francis Taubner. Francis died in 1946 at age of 60.
3) CLARABELLE (CARRIE) MARKEY DALY - (died 1921, age 57) married
3a) Michael Daly - 3 children - George W., Francis E., and Charles
4) George W. DALY married
4a) Anna Cato have 3 girls - Edna May, Mildred and Muriel (twins (all 3 married)
5) Edna May DALY
5) Mildred DALY
5) Muriel DALY
4) Francis E. MARKEY married
4a) Dorothy Hanley have 7 children - 5 boys and 3 girls. Francis, Robert, James, Ronald, Richard, Dorothy, Patricia
5) Francis (married as of 1960's)
5) Robert
5) James
5) Ronald
5) Richard
5) Dorothy (married as of 1960's)
5) Patricia (married as of 1960's)
4) Charles Daly died in infancy.

3) MARY JANE MARKEY died in infancy at the age of 1 or 1½ years

3) JULIETTE MARKEY - born 1875, died 1952, age 76. married (She is Juliette M. Pardon or Juliette Markey Pardon. Daughter is Juliette Pardon.)
3a) Arthur Pardon - died 1936; 3 children - Mildred, Harry and Juliette
4) Mildred Pardon married
4a) George Dupree had 1 girl Rose M. (my grandmother's cousin, Mildred Pardon, who wrote up the sheet)
5) Rose M. Dupree
4) Harry Pardon died at the age of 6
4) Juliette Pardon married - Juliette Pardon. Daughter is Juliette Markey Watkins. Mother/Grandmother is Juliette Markey Pardon.)
4a) Charles Watkins had 3 children - Charles A., Virginia (married) and Juliette Markey Watkins
5) Charles A. Watkins
5) Virginia Watkins (married)
5) Juliette Markey Watkins

3) GERTRUDE R. MARKEY Single, born 1881, died 1931 at age 50 (lived with Arthur & Juliette Pardon as of the 1930 Census)

3) FANNY MARKEY married
3a) Larry Quinn; 3 children - Mary, Tom and Lawrence
4) Mary Quinn died at the age of 21 at the Convent of St. Mary of the Springs, Columbus, Ohio
4) Tom Quinn died at the age of 17
4) Lawrence Quinn died at the age of 1 or 1½ years

I had posted the following message out on the's Ireland message folders and also on the subfolders. Several people suggested that they were probably talking about "Enniskean Civil Parish is in the northernmost part of Meath, on the border with Co. Cavan. Ervey", although there is a slight possibility that it might be in the area near Dunmanway down in County Cork, since there is an Enniskean there as well.

Here's my original message: START OF ORIGINAL MESSAGE:

I have been trying to determine where my GGG-GF was from. My grandmother had saved an old map of from the NY Sunday News, for March 15, 1964, that was titled "Erin's First Families". My grandmother had noted on it:
"Clark's & Corbett's - Grandmother Cannon's family from Tyrone. Michael Cannon from Connaught.
Markey's from County Meade "Towns Land of Ervey"'
I found that the Markey notation she made from the inscription of the gravestone of Francis Markey, who is my Great-great-great grandfather (died 24 January 1859, age 75). The full inscription reads:
To The Memory of
A Native Of The Parish of Ennaskeen
Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade
Who Departed This Life January
24th, 1859, Aged 75 Years

Also His Beloved Wife
Who Died February the 23rd, 1859
In The 74th Year of Her Age
Requiescant in Pace Amen
Erected By Their Affectionate Sons

I've been able to locate Connaught as a province and Tyrone and Meath as counties but I can't find any reference to Meade or Ervey and I didn't know if anyone knows of any place that might have changed the spelling of it's name. I just don't know where to go to research it. Of course it could also be how the family spelled it after they came over to the US from Ireland. I don't know if my GGG-GF could read or write so perhaps it was how his children understood his pronunciation of the word Meath and whatever town "Ervey" might be.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks. Pat Wilson-Perkins

The following MARKEY family members are buried in the family cemetery plots in Calvary Cemetery, 49-02 Laurel Hill Bullevard, Woodside, NY, 11377; (718-786-8000)
Section 2, Range 9, Plot P, Graves 13/16, which was recorded in the Name of John & Patrick Markey purchased May 16, 1856 and
Section 13, Range --, Plot 144, Graves 13/16, which was recorded in the Name of John E. Maxwell purchased April 8, 1895, transferred to Edward J. Markey on July 7, 1909.
I don't know the relationship of all of the names in the burial plot to each other at this point in time.

Name Birth Birth Place Died Date Interred Age
1a Francis MARKEY 1784 Parish of Ennaskeen, Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade, IRELAND 24 Jan 1859 26 Jan 1859 75 yrs.
1a Fanny MARKEY (known to have had 5 children, 4 m & 1 f ), only three names known: John, Patrick & Isabella (Bella) 1785
IRELAND 23 Feb 1859 25 Feb 1859 74 yrs.

James Markey - son, brother, cousin ? 1806 IRELAND 20 Feb 1859 53 yrs.
Maria Keogh -“Isabella” or another relative 1815 IRELAND 1 Dec 1861 48 yrs.
2 Francis Markey - ? Patrick’s brother 1820 IRELAND 23 May 1856 36 yrs.
2 Henry Markey - ? Patrick’s brother 1823 IRELAND 7 Feb 1863 40 yrs.
2a Patrick MARKEY, Naturalized U.S. Cit. 1824 IRELAND 2 Feb 1888 5 Feb 1888 64 yrs.
2 John Markey - Patrick’s brother 1827 IRELAND 30 Aug 1863 36 yrs.
2a Julia MARKEY - Patrick’s wife 1832 IRELAND 17 Oct 1893 61 yrs.
Patrick & Julia had 12 children, 6 M & 6 F. The boys were George, John, Joseph, Edward, Frank & Charles. The girls were Fanny, Mary, Clarabelle (Carrie), Mary Jane, Juliette and Gertrude
3 Mary Ann Markie - (“Mary”) 1850 NEW YORK 16 May 1856 6 yrs.
James Reynolds 1853 U.S. 30 Sep 1875 22 yrs.
Henrietta Tamhetty or Tambetty 1854 NEW YORK 2 Jul 1856 2 yrs.
3 Mary I. Markey (? Mary Jane, died young) 1861 NEW YORK 5 Oct 1862 1 yr.
3 Joseph P. Markey 1861 IRELAND 18 Jul1901 40 yrs.
3a Edward J. Markey, Sr. * (GGF, m/ Alice G. Cannon; buried in Sec 13, Range –, Plot 144) 1869
U.S. 3132 39 yrs.
3a Arthur E. Pardon (m/Juliette Markey) 1874 U.S. Jan 13, 1936 62 yrs.
James W. Reynolds 1876 U.S. 7/20/1876 2 mos.
3 Juliette Markey Pardon (m/Arthur Pardon) 1882 U.S. Jul 19, 1952 70 yrs.
Annie M Markey 1887 NEW YORK 8/6/1889 2 yrs.
4? George H. Markey 1889 NEW YORK 10/28/1889 3 mos.
3 Gertrude Markey 1890 U.S. Nov 24, 1931 41 yrs.
Edward Murdock 1899 NEW YORK Jan 15, 1900 1 yr.
3 Rose Cannon Maxwell * (Gram’s Aunt, buried in Sec 13, Range –, Plot 144) 1865 U.S. Apr. 8, 1895 30 yrs.
3 Elizabeth Cannon * (Gram’s Aunt, buried in Sec 13, Range –, Plot 144) 1859 U.S. Feb. 11, 1928 69 yrs.
3a Alice G. Markey * (Gram’s Mother, m/ Edward J., Sr., buried in Sec 13, Range –, Plot 144) 1871 U.S. Sept. 19, 1940 69 yrs.
Ann Cannon Hopkins * (“Uncle Frank Cannon’s baby daughter born dead, I think”) infant ??
4 Ruby Maxwell * (“Aunt Rose Cannon Maxwell’s daughter”) prior to 1920
4 Rose C. Markey * (Gram’s Sister, buried in Sec 13, Range –, Plot 144) 1897 U.S. Aug. 27, 1945 48 yrs.
4 Lawrence H.A. Markey * (Gram’s Brother, buried in Sec 13, Range –, Plot 144) 1894 U.S. March 1959 Apr. 1, 1959 65 yrs.
4 E. J. Markey (son of Senior) * (Gram’s Brother) 1903 New York June 10, 1965 61 yrs.
4 Alice Markey Clements * (Gram’s Sister) 1905 U.S. Dec. 14, 1961 56 yrs.

Ann Cannon Hopkins and Ruby Maxwell were listed by my grandmother as being buried in the Sec 13, Range --, Plot 144 of The Calvary Cemetery however without their dates of internments or death, the cemetery cannot find them in their records. I will be going to the cemetery in the spring to see if they are listed on the headstones.

Francis & Fanny Markey (our Great-great-great-grandparents) are the parents of Patrick Markey.
Patrick Markey became a US citizen. I have a copy of his naturalization papers. I don't know if Francis & Fanny did.

In a nutshell: The Markey's are from: County Meath, The townland of Ervey, in the Civil Parish of Enniskean in the Barony of Lower Kells, Kells Poor Law Union.

We do not know the church parish that they were from which is where most of the records were probably kept during that time. They were Roman Catholic.


The Cannon's were Gram's mother's side of the family, (Alice Gertrude Cannon). She was Betsy's and Dad's Grandmother. Betsy and her mother are named after her, well Betsy is Alice Elizabeth.

Although I'm not sure who the "Clark's & Corbett's" were, I presume they were Gram's grandmother Cannon's family names, her grandmothers' parents last names. They were from County Tyrone which is in the Province of Ulster. The County is now part of Northern Ireland. Ulster has nine counties -- six are part of Northern Ireland (now a separate country) and three are in the Republic of Ireland.
I'm not sure who "Michael Cannon" was but he was from Connaught. It's a province. Ireland is divided into four provinces - Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught. Connaught is made up of Counties Mayo, Sligo, Galway, Leitrim and Roscommon. Trying to find more about him will be very difficult because we know so little about him.

Betsy, I know you sent me everything you had about the Cannon's and Markey's but do you remember anything from your conversations with Gram about the Cannon side of the family? I haven't started on that side at all. I should start posting messages on the message board since there were several siblings. Last question; Lucy asked was if Betsy was a McGarry. No, McGarry is on the Wilson line, Annie McGarry married Thomas F. Wilson, Sr. Betsy is related through the Markey's and the Cannon's side.
The Wilson's and the McGarry's are from Ireland but we don't know where. Dad remembers that one of his aunt's had told him that the family had come from Armagh. Armagh is both a County and a city in Northern Ireland in Ulster province. At the time when our family would have been there it was still Catholic. I just found a page about Armagh that told about a fire in 1922 that caused the loss of most records but they are working to restore the lost records. I'll save the page and also send in my information and see if they have anything.

I'm not sure where John P. or his parents are interred, I think they are interred in Holy Cross cemetery but I'd have to recheck my records.
1) Francis & Fanny Markey had 5 children, one of whom was Patrick Markey
2) Patrick Markey married Julia Gargan had 12 children, one of whom was Edward Joseph Markey
3) Edward Joseph Markey married Alice Gertrude CANNON had 5 children
4) Mary Angela Markey married Thomas Francis Wilson, Jr. had one son, Thomas F. Wilson, III
4) Rose Cecilia Markey (died age 45 in 1945)
4) Lawrence Aloysius Markey (died in 1959)
4) Edward Joseph Markey, (died age 60), married Nettie Mae Tracy had one son Edward J. Markey lives in Blue Hill, Maine
4) Alice Gertrude Markey (died age 56) married John J. Clements had one daughter, Alice Elizabeth (Betsy) Clements McKenna

The CANNON side

Rose CANNON Maxwell
ALICE G CANNON MARKEY (Dad's & Betsy's Grandmother)
Mary Angela Markey married Thomas Francis Wilson, Jr. had one son, Thomas F. Wilson, III (Dad)
Rose Cecilia Markey died at Age 45 in 1945
Lawrence Aloysius Markey died 1959
Edward Joseph Markey, (died age 60), married Nettie Mae Tracy had one son Edward J. Markey lives in Blue Hill, Maine
Alice Gertrude Markey (56) married John J. Clements had one daughter, Alice Elizabeth (Betsy) Clements McKenna
Francis CANNON
Elizabeth CANNON
Thomas CANNON married Annie and had three children
Rev. Thomas CANNON (Jesuit Priest, served in the Philippines)
(died in childbirth, twins survive)
Sister Margaret CANNON (Maryknoll Sister, deceased 2000 or 2001)


Gram's map from the NY Sunday News, for March 15, 1964, that was titled "Erin's First Families" had noted on it:"Clark's & Corbett's - Grandmother Cannon's family from Tyrone.
Michael Cannon from Connaught.
Markey's from County Meade "Towns Land of Ervey"'

Betsy is related to the Markey and Cannon side not the McGarry and Wilson side but she likes reading the different stories and being kept in the genealogy loop so I keep sending her the information about both sides of the family. We have only that one 2nd cousin that I met through my research on Dad's side. They live down near Mom and Dad in Florida but didn't seem to want to make any effort to meet them. Even though I've been "talking" to the husband, it's actually the wife who is the relative. His last e-mail to me said that he had sent me pretty much all that he had; that golf was going to take up much of his time and that he wouldn't be doing genealogy over the summer. I think I got the brush off. ;o(


Re: Julia Markey

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Surnames: Markey
I believe that Meath in Gaelic would be pronounced by a Gaelic speaker as if it were spelled Meat. The final t is not as hard as in English and might easily be understood by an English speaker as Mead.

My g-g- grandmother was Ann, or Nancy, Markey and married Hugh McCabe in Ireland. The immigrated with their oldest daughter but I can find no ship record or immigration record. They settled in Schagticoke, New York and later lived in Troy, NY.

Re: Julia Markey

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Reference my last post. Hugh and Nancy's children were Mary, born in Ireland; Margaret Ann, my g-grandmother, Francis and Julia.Julia married Thomas Mullen in Lansingburg on 1 January 1865. I have not researched their children.

Re: Julia Markey

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Surnames: Markey, Cannon, Gargan, Clements, McKenna, Wilson, Schanno
Thank you for the Meath explanation. I had heard a similar explanation for the pronunciation but it still doesn't explain where they lived since there are a few similar sounding places to Enniskean.

By 1865 all of my immediate relatives were already here in the US in the Brooklyn, NY area but who knows we may be related still, just further back in our past. It seems as though they were always using the same family names which makes searching that much harder.

All the best in your searching.

Re: Julia Markey

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Surnames: Markey, Austin, Gray
I am the daughter of Edward J. Markey of Blue Hill, Maine. My grandfather was Edward J. Markey, Sr, and I believe he died in 1960. I am very interested in the family history and have enjoyed reading what information is posted here.
Thank you!

Re: Julia Markey

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Hello my name is Dario i have a ancestor called francis Joseph Markey he is my great great granda brother he was from lobinstown meath (born nov 17 1872) he moved to boston around 1907 he had a son called francis Richard markey (born aug 16 1909)I dont know where he then lived.i wonder if your julia is francis jr daughter?
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