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lunsford or laughlin

lunsford or laughlin

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Surnames: Lunsford, Laughlin
I am looking for information on Myrtle Juanita Lauglin and Robert Mason Lunsford, married in Wellington, TX August 12, 1908. Is there a way I can obtain a copy of the marriage license? Thank you.

Re: lunsford or laughlin

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Classification: Query

I am not related and can not help you with copy of marriage license, not sure what you wanted to see on it.

Any information online would be a transcription of the ledger books. You would need to contact the Collingsworth County Clerk in Wellington. The Collinsworth county link on Rootsweb does not give the address. You can "google" to find it.

Collingsworth County Clerk
Collingsworth Court House
Wellington TX

Robert and Myrtle were enumerated in the 1910 Collingsworth census. Are you looking for parents and siblings ? I found a Laughlin family in Collingsworth census on the page
before the Lunsford's who match information given by Myrtle. Myrtle appears to be the daughter of this family as they have a daughter named Myrtle in the 1900 census.

Robert, Myrtle and Cecil are only Lunsford's enumerated in Collingsworth county. I could not find the Lunsford's in the 1920 census. Robert Mason Lunsford registered for WW I
Draft in New Mexico in 1918 Union county.

Myrtle Laughlin Lunsford died in Collin County Texas 1 Feb 1920, buried in the Baccus Cemetery in Collin county. That is where the Lunsford's settled when they came to Texas
between 1850 and 1860 from Kentucky.

The Laughlin's appear to have settled in Ada, Pontotoc county, OK for the most part.

Most of the 1890 census burned in 1921.

16 Apr 1930; Census Place: Mosquero, Harding, New Mexico; Roll: 1394; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 2; Image: 332.0.
Robert M Lunsford age 54, widower, was 32 when he married, born TX, parents were from Kentucky, mother possibly born TN.
Cecil I or J Lunsford age 20, daughter, born TX, mother from Arkansas

1930; Census Place: Gillespie, Colfax, New Mexico; Roll: 1393; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 43; Image: 1025.0.
John Lunsford born 1869 TX, brother of Robert Mason Lunsford
Annie, born TX 1875

Name: Fred Lunsford - brother of Robert Mason
Home in 1930: Precinct 6, Collin, Texas
Age: 40, is married and was 27 when he married. Wife is Ethel born abt 1897
Estimated birth year: abt 1890
Birthplace: Texas
Relation to Head of House: Head

1930; Census Place: Precinct 6, Denton, Texas; Roll: 2323; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 22; Image: 1135.0.
Clint Lunsford 49 - brother of Robert Mason
Hattie Lunsford 44
Elsie Lunsford 19
James Lunsford 17
Mary Lunsford 13
Jack Lunsford 10
Louise Lunsford 6
Milam Boldin 67 father in law
Polly Boldin 65 mother in law
Susie Vinson 55 sister born abt 1875 or abt 1883 ? was living with mother and brother Walter in 1920 record as Lunsford, possibly Janie Lunsford ? No daughter named Susie in the 1880 or 1900 census.

Infant of Clint Lunsford 13 Dec 1903 Collin
Infant of Clint Lunsford 2 Feb 1906 Collin
Infant of Clint Lunsford 13 Sep 1921 Collin

1930; Census Place: Precinct 6, Collin, Texas; Roll: 2310; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 34; Image: 683.0.
Wallace Jacobs age 26
Beatrice Lunsford Jacobs age 26
Walter C Jacobs age 1 2/12

Beatrice Lunsford & Edgar Wallace Jacobs:
Jewel G 30 Mar 1927 Collin
Walter C 1 Feb 1929 Collin
Billy Ray 30 Oct 1930 Collin
Edgar Wallace Jr 19 Mar 1934 Dallas

1930; Census Place: Precinct 6, Denton, Texas; Roll: 2323; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 22; Image: 1135.0.
Albert Lunsford 22 - son of Clint.
Lernah, wife 18

Albert Clinton Lunsford & Lennah Gray:
Kenneth Gray Lunsford 19 Jun 1930 Denton
Lester Orville 26 Apr 1932 Collin
Lela Joyce 22 Jul 1936 Denton

Jack Pershing Lunsford & Martha Imogene Cook:
Sandra Louise 10 Feb 1947 Denton
Elsie Katherine 11 Apr 1949 Denton
Gloria Jean 1 Sep 1953 Denton

James Lee Lunsford & Ruby Ann McDaniel:
Clinton Henry 5 Apr 1941 Denton

1930; Census Place: Precinct 1, Scurry, Texas; Roll: 2389; Page: 19B; Enumeration District: 6; Image: 809.0.
Simon Lunsford 56 - brother of Robert Mason
Cynthia Lunsford 46
Bertha Lunsford 22
Robert Lunsford 16
Raymond Lunsford 14
Emma Lunsford 12
Maggie McCarty 19 daughter
W C McCarty 10/12 grandson born 13 Jun 1929 Scurry Co, father D F McCarty

Infant of S G Lunsford born 10 May 1910 Denton
Infant of S A Lunsford 9 Aug 1913 Denton
Infant of S G Lunsford born 31 Mar 1918 Scurry

Etta Lunsford & Howell Bruce Caldwell:
Richard Gibson 5 Jan 1929 Coke Co
Verna Janette 30 Nov 1933 Scurry
Wayland L 1 Nov 1936 Scurry

Bessie Katherine Lunsford & William Edwin Lay:
Royce Wayne 10 May 1944 Scurry
Wanda Lanell 23 Jul 1938 Scurry

Raymond Clifford Lunsford & Velma Mae Welch:
David Gipson 16 Mar 1942 Lubbock
Danny Ray 1 Nov 1948 Scurry

David Gipson Lunsford & Karen Elizabeth Giles:
Mary Kimberly 4 Feb 1964 Scurry
Shannon Elizabeth 19 Jun 1968 Scurry
Wendy Carol 21 Nov 1966 Scurry

14 Apr 1930; Census Place: Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma; Roll: 1927; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 207.0.
Argus Laughlin born 1898 OK- brother of Myrtle, works at cement plant
Mary, wife, born TX abt 1902
Alpha, dtr, TX abt 1921
Winford, son, OK age 2 &1 month 1930

1930; Census Place: Chickasaw, Pontotoc, Oklahoma; Roll: 1927; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 14; Image: 378.0.
James Laughlin born AL bro of Myrtle
Georgia born AR wife
Mildred, dtr 1904 OK
William, son, 1908 OK
Mildred, dtr in law, 1909
Eveline, dtr, 1910 OK
Elea, dtr, 1914 OK
Wilma, dtr, 1917 OK
Jean, grand dtr 1929

1920;Census Place: Midland, Pontotoc, Oklahoma; Roll: T625_1480; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 185; Image: 223.
James I Laughlin 42 born appx 1872 AL, father listed as GA, mother AL, farm property mortgaged.
Georgie E Laughlin 38 1882 AR parents TN
Mildred M Laughlin 15 1905 OK
Charles D Laughlin 13 1907 OK
William C Laughlin 12 1908 OK
Evelina L Laughlin 10 1910 OK
Cleo G Laughlin 6 1914 OK
Willma J Laughlin 3 8/12 1916 OK
Sam L Laughlin 31 brother 1889 AR

Name: James Irvin Laughlin
Address: Ada
County: Pontotoc
State: Oklahoma
Birth Date: 16 Jun 1877
Race: White
Roll: 1852072
DraftBoard: 0
self employed farmer
next of kin: Mrs. Georgia/Georgie Laughlin
tall, stout, blue eyes, dark hair
11 Sept 1918

Name: Sam Laughlin
Address: Center
County: Pontotoc
State: Oklahoma
Birthplace: Clarksville, Arkansas;United States of America
Birth Date: 27 Jun 1888
Race: Caucasian (White)
Roll: 1852072
DraftBoard: 0
farming for J I Laughlin
medium, stout, lt blue eyes, dark hair
5 June 1917

Clarksville is in Johnson county, did not find Sam in 1930 census.

1920;Census Place: Springer, Colfax, New Mexico; Roll: T625_1075; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 26; Image: 265.
John Lunsford born 1869 in TX, parents KY
Annie 1874 AL, parents AL
May Lee or May Dee, Maydee dtr 1895 TX
Anna Bell dtr 1897 TX
Johnie son 1901 TX

. . . Argus B Laughlin
1920;Census Place: Hedley, Donley, Texas; Roll: T625_1790; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 64; Image: 1071.
A B Laughton/Laughlin born OK appx 1898, parents AL
Mary, wife, abt 1902 TX, father TN, mother TX

Argus B Laughlin not found in WW I Draft records.

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 1, Collin, Texas; Roll: T625_1789; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 26; Image: 356.
Walter Lunsford age 29 died 7 Feb 1920
Mary, mother, age 70 born KY, parents KY
Susie ?, sister, age 37, single, born TX

Census page is dated 24 day of Feb 1920.

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 6, Denton, Texas; Roll: T625_1795; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 64; Image: 1085.
Fred P Lunsford age 31
Ethel M, wife, 23 1897 TX

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 6, Denton, Texas; Roll: T625_1795; Page: 15A; Enumeration District: 64; Image: 1106.
Clint H Lunsford age 39
Hattie L, 33
Bertrice dtr 16
Virda K dtr 14
Albert C 11
J L 7 son
Elsie L 9
Mary A 3 1/12
J P, 10 mos son

Name: Clint Haggard Lunsford
Address: RFD 1, Plano, TX
County: Collin
State: Texas
Birth Date: 5 Dec 1880
Race: White
Roll: 1952405
DraftBoard: 1
self employed farmer
wife: Hattie
short/medium build, grey eyes, brown hair
12 Sept 1918

Name: Walter Clide Lunsford
Address: Plano
County: Collin
State: Texas
Birthplace: Plano, Texas
Birth Date: 14 Oct 1891
Race: Caucasian (White)
Roll: 1952405
DraftBoard: 1
short/stout, gray eyes, brown hair
5 June ?

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 1, Scurry, Texas; Roll: T625_1845; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 217; Image: 34.
S G [Simon Gipson Lunsford] Lansford 40
Clara Lansford 38 1882 TX...aka Cyntha or Cynthia
Etta Lansford 16
Bessie Lansford 14
Bertha Lansford 11
Maggie Lansford 9
Robert Lansford 6
Raymond Lansford 4
Emma Lansford 1 0/12

Name: Simon Gip Lunsford
Address: Rt 1, Hebron
County: Denton
State: Texas
Birth Date: 30 Sep 1873
Race: White
Roll: 1953187
DraftBoard: 0
self employed farmer
wife, Cyntha Lunsford
medium/medium, grey eyes, light hair
12 Sept 1918

30 Apr 1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 2, Collingsworth, Texas; Roll: T624_1540; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 41; Image: 558.
Robert M Lunsford age 33 born in TX appx 1877, father from TX, mother VA, married 1 yr, general farmer, owned his property no mortgage.
Myrtle Lunsford age 24 born in AR appx 1886, father/mother AL
Cecil J Lunsford age 9 mos born TX daughter

29 Apr 1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 2, Collingsworth, Texas; Roll: T624_1540;
Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 41; Image: 557.
Samuel F Laughlin 65 born in AL appx 1845, father SC, mother GA, married 38 yrs, owned his farm no mortgage
Loutitia F Laughlin 51 born AL appx 1859, father SC, mother GA, has 11 living children of 14 born.
Samuel L Laughlin 21 born AR appx 1889, works on farm
Mamie J Laughlin 20 born AR appx 1890
Omer Laughlin 17 born AR appx 1893
Emma B Laughlin 15 born AR appx 1895
Argus B Laughlin 12 born OK appx 1898

I did not find Samuel and Leticia Laughlin after the 1910 record, both reported to have died 1933 in Ada, OK.

1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 6, Collin, Texas; Roll: T624_1540; Page: 15B; Enumeration District: 25; Image: 296.
Samuel P Lunsford born 1843 KY married 43 yrs, owned his home no mortgage.
Mary E Lunsford age 69 born TN? KY? abt 1841 mother of 10 living children of 16 born
Mattie B Lunsford 31 daughter TX 1879
Fred Lunsford 21 son TX 1889
Walter Lunsford 17 son TX 1893

1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 2, Dallas, Texas; Roll: T624_1545; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 82; Image: 68.
Clint Lunsford 1880 TX
Hattie Lunsford 1886 TN
Beattress Lunsford 1904 TX
Verdia Lunsford 1906 TX
Albert Lunsford 1908 TX

1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 6, Denton, Texas; Roll: T624_1546; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 92; Image: 661.
Simon G Lunsford 36 born TX
Cyntha Lunsford 27 1883 GA
Etta, 6 1904
Bessie, 5 1905
Bertha, 2 1908

June 1900; Census Place: Township 8, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory; Roll: T623 1851;Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 85.
Samuel Laughlin 55 born Oct 1844 AL, married 28 yrs, father SC, mother GA, record says owned his property no mortage.
Luticia F Laughlin 47 born Feb 1853 in AL, father SC, mother GA, mother of 12 living children of 14 born.
Ollie Laughlin 17 dtr 10/1882 AR
John C Laughlin 15 9/1884 AR - unable to find in the 1910 census.
Myrtle Laughlin 14 Feb 1886 AR
Samuel L Laughlin 11 6/1888 AR
Mamie Laughlin 10 3/1890 AR
Omer Laughlin 8 4/1892 AR
Emma Laughlin 6 5/1894 AR
Argul Laughlin 2 1/1898 Indian Territory...Argus

20 June 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 5, Wilbarger, Texas; Roll: T623 1679; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 132.
John Lunsford 31 1/1869 TX married 9 yrs, father TN, mother KY, rented farm
Annie Lunsford 27 5/1873 AL, parents AL
May D Lunsford 6 8/1893 TX
Anna B Lunsford 5 3/1895 TX
Robt M Lunsford 25 5/1875 TX brother TN KY

John [J W] Lunsford, Annie, May, Anna Belle and son John born abt 1901 were in Knox County TX in 1910.

Name: James Lunsford
Home in 1900: Justice Precinct 5, Wilbarger, Texas
Age: 23
Estimated birth year: abt 1877
Birthplace: Texas
Residing with George and Mary E Stafford of Illinois born 1864 and 1867.

Unable to find James in 1910 record and did not find a WW I Draft registration for him.

John W Lunsford too old to register.

. . . Simon P Lunsford transcribed as "Dur" P Lunsford.
1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 6, Collin, Texas; Roll: T623 1621; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 20.
Dur [Simon] P Lunsford 46 born 6/1843 KY married 33 yrs, father VA, mother KY
Mary E Lunsford 51 9/1849 TN 11 living children of 16, parents from kY
Mattie Lunsford 21 12/1878 TX
Clint Lunsford 19 12/1880 TX
Janie Lunsford 14 7/1886 TX
Fred Lunsford 11 7/1888 TX
Lida Lunsford 10 1/1890 TX
Walter Lunsford 8 10/1891 TX

1880 Census Place Township 10, Cherokee, Alabama
Family History Library Film 1254006 NA Film Number T9-0006
Page Number 362A
Sam LAUGHLIN Self M Male W 35 AL Laborer SC GA
Luticia LAUGHLIN Wife M Female W 28 AL Keeps House SC GA
Lue A. LAUGHLIN Dau S Female W 6 AL At Home AL AL
William H. LAUGHLIN Son S Male W 5 AL At Home AL AL
Ervin LAUGHLIN Son S Male W 4 AL At Home AL AL
Roda E. LAUGHLIN Other S Female W 9M AL At Home AL AL
Josephine KING SisterL S Female W 15 AL At Home SC GA
Mary J. KING SisterL S Female W 13 AL At Home SC GA
James LAUGHLIN Brother S Male W 18 AL Laborer SC GA

1880; Census Place: Precinct 6, Collin, Texas; Roll: T9_1296; Family History Film:

1255296; Page: 241.3000; Enumeration District: 27
Simon Lunsford 29 born abt 1851 KY farmer
Mary Lunsford 28 born abt 1852 KY wife
John W. Lunsford 11 1869 TX
Simon G. Lunsford 8 1872 TX
Robbert Lunsford 6 1874 TX
James Lunsford 3 1877 TX
Mattie Lunsford 1 1879 TX

1870; Census Place: Precinct 5, Collin, Texas; Roll: M593_1579; Page: 465; Image: 322
Post Office: Plano
Simon Lansford born abt 1845 KY farm laborer $ 1500 real estate $1000 personal
Mary Lansford born abt 1851 TN
John Lansford abt 1869 TX dwelling
Gibson Mathews 45 farmer $4500 real estate $3500 personal wealth KY
Catherine Lansford 69 abt 1801 KY
Marhoenas? Howell 31 TN merchant

1870; Census Place: Jacksonville, Calhoun, Alabama; Roll: M593_5; Page: 536; Image: 452. Post Office: Jacksonville
R Laughlin female 54 born AL appx 1816, $350 personal wealth
Sam Laughlin 26 AL 1844
Jesse Laughlin 20 AL 1850
Sarah Laughlin 14 AL 1856
Jennie Laughlin 8 AL 1862

No females listed as Letitia/Leticia [sic] born appx 1853 in Jacksonville in 1870 record. One female listed as Tishie King age 18 born AL, daughter of Elisabeth born appx 1830 SC and male Pink ? age 21 born AL. [LDS website data confirms this is Leticia]

Unable to find Sam in the 1860 record.

1860; Census Place: Precinct 11, Collin, Texas; Roll: M653_1291; Page: 116; Image: 238.
Catharine P Lunceford 58 1802 KY
William G Mathew 35 1825 IA
Mary S Lunceford 19 18 1841 KY
Simon P Lunceford 16 1844 KY
Wesley Glore 60 1860 KY

1850; Census Place: Beat 7, Randolph, Alabama; Roll: M432_14; Page: 325; Image: 88.
James Laughlin 30 born GA abt 1820
Rhoda Laughlin 25 born GA abt 1825
Jane Laughlin 10 AL abt 1840
William Laughlin 9 AL abt 1841
Samuel Laughlin 7 AL abt 1843
James Laughlin 6 AL abt 1844
Boas Laughlin 4 AL abt 1846
Rhoda Laughlin 2 AL abt 1848

1850; Census Place: Division 1, Oldham, Kentucky; Roll: M432_216; Page: 136; Image: 65.
Wm Lunsford 71 farmer born VA abt 1779 $2400 real estate
Catharine P Lunsford 49 KY 1801
Owen T Mathews 21
Elizabeth Mathews 18
Nancy Lunsford 10
Mary S Lunsford 8
Simon P Lunsford 6

Elizabeth Mathews probably a daughter ? married to Owen Mathews.
Individual Record

William Lunsford
Birth: 22 Feb 1779 of Lancaster, VA
Death: 9 Sep 1852, Floydsburg, Oldham, KY
Parents: Anthony Lunsford born abt 1751 and Mary abt 1773 VA
Nancy Starks born abt 1781 VA, death 27 Jul 1829 VA, married 1801
Catherine Potoff Schrader born 10 Dec 1801, Oldham KY, married 22 Mar 1838

Foydsburg, Oldham, KY d. 13 Apr 1884 Spring Creek, Collin Co, TX

Record further indicates Catherine married William B Mathews 25 May 1818 in Oldham ?

If this data is correct that would make William and Catherine mother of Simon Peter


Simon Peter Lunsford
Birth: 6 Jun 1843, Oldham KY
Death: 6 Dec 1914, Plano, Collin Co, TX, buried Bacchus Cemetery, Plano
Parents: William Lunsford & Catherine Potoff Shrader
Wife: Mary Etta Haggard marriage 26 Oct 1867 [should be in Collin county]

Mary Etta Haggard
8 Sep 1849 TN
18 May 1929 Plano, Collin Co, TX, buried Bacchus/Baccus Cemetery
daughter of John Tandy Haggard b. 1825 Clark Co, KY & Margarette Jane Morris b. May

1830 Clark Co KY, married 27 Nov 1845 Clark Co KY

Samuel Fletcher Laughlin
4 Oct 1844 Randolph Co AL or Anniston, Calhoun, AL
29 Jan 1933 Ada, Pontotoc, OK, burial Memeorial Park, Ada, Pontotoc
Father: James Andrew Laughlin b abt 1818 AL
Mother: Rhoda Elizabeth Autwell b abt 1822 AL
Married: Lutitia Frances King 31 Dec 1871 Calhoun Co AL

Lutitia Frances King
3 Feb 1853 Benton Co AL
13 Dec 1933 Ada, OK
Father: James David King 1827 Benton Co AL
Mother: Elizabeth Yarbrouhg abt 1831 Benton Co AL

W W I Draft Registration cards, 1917-1918

Name: Robert Mason Lunsford
Address: Masquero?
County: Union
State: New Mexico
Birth Date: 23 May 1875
Race: White
Roll: 1711810
DraftBoard: 0
self employed farmer
Next of kin: Myrtle Lunsford
medium height, stout, brown eyes, dark hair
12 Sep 1918

Name: Omer Laughlin
Address: Aberdeen?
County: Collingsworth
State: Texas
Birthplace: Hartmore, Arkansas;United States of America
Birth Date: 1 Apr 1892
Race: Caucasian (White)
Roll: 1952489
DraftBoard: 0
self employed farmer
married, no name
medium height/build, blue eyes, light hair

Unable to find a Hartsmore, AR or what happened to Omer Laughlin, not in 1920 or 1930

census records.

OMER LAUGHLIN 01 Apr 1892 Jun 1978 74820 (Ada, Pontotoc, OK)

1847 – present
Location: Northwest corner of Bishop Road and Legacy Drive in Plano,Collin, TX.

JUNE 6, 1843
DEC. 6, 1914
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

SEPT. 8, 1849
MAY 18, 1929
(foot) SPL

OCT. 14, 1891 – FEB. 7, 1920
Our darling one hath gone before
To greet us on the blissful shore.
(foot) W.G.L.

JUNE 5, 1924
JUNE 14, 1933

FEB. 27, 1886
FEB. 1, 1920
A tender mother and a faithful companion.

FEB. 1886
JULY 1970

DEC. 1880
APR. 1967

Collin County, Texas Marriage Records Volume 3 1867-1876 Groom Index
Lunford, S. P. p. 83

Last, first, MI, Date, County, Age

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000

Name: Simon Gipson Lunsford
Death Date: 10 Jan 1953
Death County: Scurry
Certificate: 4851

Name: Cynthia Lunsford
Death Date: 16 Dec 1964
Death County: Scurry
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widowed

Name: Raymond Lunsford
Death Date: 3 Apr 1989
Death County: Scurry
Gender: Male
Born: 9 Nov 1915

Name: David Gipson Lunsford
Death Date: 4 Jan 2000
Death County: Scurry

Name: Myrtle Laughlin Lunsford
Death Date: 1 Feb 1920
Death County: Collin
Certificate: 4651

Name: Mary Lunsford
Death Date: 18 Apr 1929
Death County: Collin
Certificate: 24514

Name: Walter Clyde Lunsford
Death Date: 7 Feb 1920
Death County: Collin
Certificate: 4654
Body: "laughlin"
State: ok
County: pontotoc

Pontotoc Co., OK - Obits: Ada Evening News, Apr 1-9, 2004

WICHITA, Kan. — Graveside services for William Clifford Laughlin, 96, Wichita,
formerly of Ada, Okla., are 11 a.m. Thursday at Memorial Park Cemetery, Ada,
Bud Ross officiating.

Mr. Laughlin died April 4, 2004, at Wichita. He was born Dec. 31, 1907, at Ada
to James Irvin and Georgia E. Simpkins Laughlin. He lived in the Ada area all
his life, attending Hayes School and graduating from Ada High School. He also
attended East Central University.

He and Mayme Lois Carter were married May 4, 1936, at Denison, Texas. She
died March 2, 1990, at Ada.

Mr. Laughlin was a welder and later a machine shop foreman for Ideal Cement
Co., retiring with 22 years of service. He was also a member of the Church of

He was preceded in death by a daughter, Betty Jo Roy, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Survivors include a daughter, Twyla Jean Riley, Morro Bay, Calif.; a son,
William Carter Laughlin, Wichita; five grandchildren; and 6 great-
Criswell Funeral Home, Ada

BETTY J ROY 14 May 1931 19 Apr 2003 (V) 76308 (Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX)

ARGUS LAUGHLIN 25 Jan 1898 Feb 1971 74501 (Mcalester, Pittsburg, OK

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