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Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

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Surnames: Foster, Houston, Rogers- Gentry
My family passed down for generations that we were somehow linked to Sam Houston. We were also decendents of the men who founded Foster Texas. My g-grandfather was clearly Indian and then some. His name was William Edward Foster. His father is listed as John Foster. The man who founded Foster Texas was Randolph Foster, whose son was John. Has anyone found a child produced by the union of Tiana and Sam? Feel free to contact me.

Re: Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

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Surnames: Gentry,Carselowey,Grant & Duncan
Go to library and look for book by Lucia St.Clair Robson "Walk In My Soul" story based on Tiana & Sam Houston. (She is buried at Ft.Gibson,OK in the officers circle as his wife). Also Look For "Starr's History of the Cherokee" for more data under family of Ludovic Grant.

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You can try this site..It will tell you more than you want to know.. if it works..

Re: Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

Bob Gentry (View posts)
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Here is what I have collected on Tiana Rogers;

Name: Samuel "Sam" Houston / General
Birth: 2 Mar 1793 Timber Ridge, Rockbridge Co., Virginia
Death: 26 Jul 1863 Huntsville, Walker Co., Texas
Occupation: US Senate 1846-1859
Education: Governor Texas 1859-1861
Father: Samuel Davidson MAJOR Houston (1752-)
Mother: Elizabeth Blair “Tennessee” Paxton (1750-)
Other spouses: Eliza Allen #1
Margaret Moffatt Lea #3
Marriage: Arkansas Territory
Spouse: Diana “Tiana / Tianna” Rogers
Birth: abt 1785 Cherokee Nation
Death: 1838 Oklahoma
Burial: Ft. Gibson Nat'l Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Oklahoma
Education: Full Blooded Cherokee Indian
Religion: Also Indian Wife Of Sam Houston
Father: John Sr. Rogers #2 (1755-)
Mother: Jennie Due (1766-)
Other spouses: David Gentry ( MY 2nd COUSIN )

Notes for Samuel "Sam" Houston / General
Sam Houston was another fascinating character. As a teenager
in the early nineteenth century, he ran away from his first
job and lived with the Cherokee Indians for three years.
Returning home, he taught briefly, served in the War of
1812 under Andrew Jackson, became a lawyer, was elected
Democrat governor of Tennessee and married... however, when
his wife left him after just three months, he resigned as
governor and returned to be "adopted" as a member of the
Cherokee nation. Thenceforth he actively championed its cause.

President Jackson then asked Houston to negotiate treaties
with Indian tribes in Texas. Sam Houston later settled
there, eventually becoming commander-in-chief of the Texan
army during the war which gained Texas its independence
from Mexico. Houston was subsequently elected president of
the republic of Texas, a position he held for eight years
and, when Texas joined the union in 1845, he was elected a
U.S. senator.

Name: Sam Paxton Gen. Houston
Sex: M
Birth: 2 MAR 1793 in Home nearTimber Ridge Church about 7 miles east of Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Death: 25 JUL 1865 in Huntsville, Texas 1
Death: 1863 2
Event: Military serv 1812 Joined the U.S. Army for the War of 1812 and fought the Creek Indians under Gen. Andrew Jackson
Event: Wounded At Tohopeka (bend in Tennessee River) in the battle with the Creek Indians
Education: First schooling from Dr. Isaac Anderson (founder of Maryville College and minister of New Prov. Pres. Church, Maryville, Tenn.), At 25 years of age began the study of law

Notes for Diana “Tiana / Tianna” Rogers
Fort Gibson National Cemetery;
Tiana Rogers - David Gentry - Sam Houston
Annie Rogers - John Flawey - Thomas Irons
Joseph rogerWilliam Rogers - Nellie May
Susannah Rogers - Nicholas Miller

Saw a notation in a Scotish History book, of scotts in America, it mentioned Tiana Rogers Gentry, who was a common law wife of Sam Houston. When he left for Washington D.C., she stayed behind and returned to her tribe, she was full blooded Cherokee Indian.

LDS IGI marriage record shows abt 1806 poss., Landerdale, Tennessee to David Gentry

A book, "Roane Co., Tennessee, Tennessee Cousins", pg 459 has the following article. "James Rogers to Nancy Coody, May 26 1811, signed by James Rogers and Wiley Tuten. Both Rogers and Coody families were mixed English and Cherokee Indian blood. James Rogers was the son of John Rogers who married Jennie Dew, and John Rogers was brother of Charles Rogers whose second wife was a Rachel Hughes, by whom he had a daughter TIANNA ROGERS, who married first DAVID GENTRY, of Jefferson Co., probably a son of the old Blacksmith of the name or the blacksmith himself, and after his death, according to the Rogers Family History, Tianna or Tienna be came the Indian wife of Gen. Sam Houston, when he was living among the indians. James Rogers, who married Nancy Coody had a brother "Bushyhead" who married Nannie Foreman. The story is that this Charles Rogers or James Rogers had a store in Kingston where Sam Houston, as a boy used to work and wait on the trade, and that he knew Tianna Rogers and when he went West hunted up Chief John Rogers, was taken into the tribe, and married the daughter."

Sep 2001 this was located and copied.

Tiana Rogers - Daughter of Captain John Rogers

She was a tall and beautiful woman, the daughter of Captain John Rogers,
one the most prominent white men in the Cherokee Nation. She appeared to be more of a "white women" because she was less, a
quarter Cherokee. Her mother was the part Cherokee sister of two prominent Cherokee Chiefs. She was, according to those who
knew her "a half breed."

She has been called by many names, Talhina, Titania, Tyania, Tenia, and many other similar names. Her name was actually
Dianna Rogers, but she was known among the Cherokee as Tiana Rogers. The name as it appears in the official documents found in
the War Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs is spelled both "Diana" and "Dianna" Rogers. Tradition has it that the name
Diana was selected because as a baby Diana was as beautiful as the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. Sam Houston was said
to of known her by "Hina." The Cherokees had difficulty in pronouncing the din Diana. So the name became Tiana.

There is a persistent belief among the full-blood and the old-settlers group of the Cherokees that Sam Houston married Diana
Rogers for power and position. It is true that no woman had a more powerful position or family in the Cherokee Nation than Diana

Diana Rogers was the daughter of Captain John "Hell-Fire-Jack" Rogers, a wealthy Scotch trader who had been a Tory
captain in the American Revolution, had fought in the Baffle of Horseshoe Bend, and later had directed Cherokee emigration to
Arkansas. Her uncles were Chief John Jolly and Chief Tallantusky. Tallantusky, until his death, had been chief of the Western
Cherokees and was succeeded by Jolly, who was at this time the most influential man in the Cherokee Nation. Her brothers,
Captain John, William and Charles Rogers each operated profitable trading post and salt works. John Rogers was the official
interpreter for the Cherokee Agency. Diana's sisters and nieces were married to wealthy Cherokee merchants such as John Drew,
Ignatius ChishoIm, and Peter Harper. She was also related to Sequoyah, who wrote the Cherokee alphabet. Even today the
decedents of Diana's kinsmen are among many social leaders of their people.

It is known that Diana was married to David Gentry before the removal from Tennessee. Gentry was a white man of
considerable wealth and power who removed with the Cherokees in 1817 to Dardanelle Arkansas. David Gentry was killed in one
of the battles between the Cherokee and the Osage

Sometime during 1838 Diana Rogers became ill and died of pneumonia. The body was buried, according to tradition, near
Wilson's or Swallows Rock. The actual place she is buried is unknown. Three different locations are said to be her final resting

Three principal chiefs of the Cherokee Nation came from this family, such as the Bushyheads, McSpaddens Adairs, Vanns,
Coddeys, Drews, Gulagers, Martins, Fields, Wests, Foremans, and Hicks are related to this Rogers clan. W.C. Rogers last chief of
the Cherokee Nation was a collateral of Diana Rogers. Will Rogers was a cousin by three generations.

Sam Houston was an adopted Cherokee. Foster Father Chief Oolooteka, or John Jolly, gave Sam the name "the raven."

by: Pitter Seabaugh

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Created: 27 Mar 2005
Robert Gentry
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Re: Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

Bill Gentry (View posts)
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See also article on David Gentry at
My latest thinking is that David was a son of Simon Gentry (son of David Gentry and Sarah Brooks).

son/o Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

MW (View posts)
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Some folks say they had a son, but I've never been able to prove it....
Subject: Houstons of Lauderdale Co.
Author: Ann Phillips
Date: 18 Mar 2001 12:00 PM GMT
I am looking for info on parents of Joseph Luther Houston who married Elmira Hamerick or Hamrick. They are buried in Hamrick Cemetery just NE of Collinsville, MS in Lauderdale Co. He is my ggrandfather. Family legend says he is offspring of General Sam Houston,but I cannot verify it.
Subject: San Houston's son
Author: J R McKinney
Date: 19 Mar 2001 12:00 PM GMT
According to some notes I have Joseph Luther was the son of
Sam and his Cherokee wife Tiana Rogers.

Re: Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

Bob Gentry (View posts)
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This is Bob Gentry in Lincoln, Calif. Could you drop me an e-mail in reference to "Jonathan Gentry" and family. I would like to straighten out any errors.
Bob Gentry
< >

Thanks, Bob Gentry

Re: Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

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Surnames: Tiana Rogers
My Grandmother was Grace Houston Wells. She was raised by her grandparents Joseph Houston and Almira Hambrick Houston because her father and mother died at an early age. Joseph Houston was supposed to be the son of Sam Houston. Sam Houston served in the army with Almira Hambricks father under Andrew Jackson. We have always believed that Tiana Rogers was his mother but can find no proof. There is no mention of a child in any of the Sam Houston biographies. Have you heard something about a child? Please write back. Winelle Orr

Re: son/o Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

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My grandmother was Grace Houston Wells. She was raised by her grandfather Joseph Luther Wells and granadmother Almira
Hambrick, because her father Oliver Houston and his wife Ida Jones Houston died at an early age. Joseph Luther Houston was known to be the son of Sam Houston. After Sam became Governor of Texas and married Margaret, who was a socialite, Sams son Joseph was said to be an embarrassment to her so Sam sent him to live with an old friend he had served with in the army under Andrew Jackson, His name was Hambrick and Joseph Houston married his daughter Almira. It was always thought by the family that his mother was Tiana Rogers but there is no proof. Write me back if you have more information/ Winelle Orr

Re: son/o Sam Houston & Tiana Rogers Gentry

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Hello Winnelle,
Unfortunately, I have been unable to link family lore to an actual birth. At this point I have placed messages to try to piece together history from others perspectives. Message boards have been phenomenal in gathering information. I will keep you informed if anything new arrives.
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