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Lewis, Thomas Bracey

Lewis, Thomas Bracey

Bruce Berry (View posts)
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Surnames: Lewis, Gregg
I'm not sure how to do this. I've never tried to do my geneology, nor worked with a message board, so please be patient. Here's what I can tell you just now-my mom was Wanda Mozelle (Bunny) Lewis (1929-1993), her dad was Vernon Bruce Lewis (married to Ava Beatrice Gregg), his dad was Robert Franklin Lewis and his dad was Thomas Bracey Lewis. Around there, I get confused because there are 2 Thomas Lewis' about the same age. I remember as a kid, us visiting Robert Franklin Lewis' home outside of Spicewood, and my mom telling me the house had been built by slave labor. I also remember her telling me that granite from the Lewis land was used to build the capitol.
Anyway, I'd like to find out more about the Lewis & Gregg families, so anyone with info, or is willing to help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Bruce Berry
Smithville, TX

Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

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Bruce, I am not related, you have a good start and hope this helps and hope you enjoy your genealogy. Paula

Interesting info about the granite being used in the Capitol building.

23 June 1860: Beat 2, Cherokee, Texas Post Office: Rusk
Roll: M653_1290 Page: 438
Thos B Lewis, age 35, farmer, $250 real estate, $250 personal, born AL
Susan C Lewis, age 24, TN
James H Lewis, age 4, TX
Charles W Lewis, age 2, TX
Mary H Lewis, age 1, TX
James E Lewis, age 25, farm laborer, AL

The 1860 Cherokee census had a couple of male Lewis' who would have been old enough to be father of Thomas B Lewis but none born in GA as indicated on the 1880 census as being the birthplace of his father which may not be correct. The 1900 record indicates T B Lewis father was from NC.

I did not find Thomas B nor James E Lewis in the 1850 record and James E Lewis was not counted in either Cherokee or Burnet counties in 1870. If Thomas and Susan lived long enough to have their deaths recorded [required beginning in 1903] their death certificates should have the names of the parents on them providing the informant knew who they were; well worth the 10 or 11 dollars for the copies.

14 Sept 1870:Precinct 5, Burnet, Texas Post Office: Perdenales
Roll: M593_1577 Page: 272
Thomas B Lewis, age 41, farmer, did not own real estate, $800 personal wealth, born AL [1829]
Susan Lewis, age 35, TN [1835]
James Lewis, age 14, TX [1856]
Charles Lewis, age 12, TX [1858]
Mary Lewis, age 10, TX [1860]
Samuel Lewis, age 9, TX [1861]
Thomas Lewis, age 4, TX [1866]
Nancy Lewis, age 2, TX [1868]
Robert Lewis, age 5 mos, born Feby 1870, indicated on census.
Calvin Phelin, age 28, born AR, farm laborer.
...first 4 children attended school within the year.

1880 census on the LDS website -

1880 - Precinct 5, Burnet, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255293
NA Film Number T9-1293 Page Number 167A
Thomas B. LEWIS age 51 [1829] AL Farmer GA TN
Susan C. LEWIS 45 TN Keeping House parents left blank [1835]
Samuel K. LEWIS Son 19 TX [1861]
Thomas LEWIS Son 14 TX [1866]
Nancy L. LEWIS Dau 12 TX [1868]
Robert LEWIS Son 10 TX [1870]
Julia LEWIS Dau 8 TX [1872]
Tennessee LEWIS Dau 5 TX [1875]
Rosa Bell LEWIS Dau 3 TX [1877]

Page 167A - 1880 Burnet
James H. LEWIS 24 TX AL TN
Mary LEWIS Wife 22 TX --- ---
Bettie LEWIS Dau 3 TX
Roxie I. LEWIS Dau 2 TX
[Lewis, James H. married Rusha, Mary H. 20 July 1876, Burnet Co]

Page 167A - 1880 Burnet
Charles LEWIS 23 TX AL TN
Sarah LEWIS Wife 18 TX AR TX
Charles LEWIS Son 5 Mos TX
[Lewis, Charles W. married Boltinghouse, Sarah E. 2 Jan 1879, Burnet Co]

Most of the 1890 census burned in 1921.

1900; Justice Precinct 5, Burnet, Texas; Roll: T623 1616; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 51.
Dwelling # 24
Bill Turner, 3/1874, married 5 yr, born TX
Rose B Turner, wife, 5/1877, TX AL TN...most likely dtr of Thomas & Susan
Luther A Turner, son, 6/1897
Dwelling # 25
Thomas Lewis, born 2/1829, age 71, married 46 yrs, born AL, father NC, mother TN, owned farm free of mortgage; father's birthplace changed.
Susan, wife, 10/1834, age 65, TN VA NC, mother of 8 living children, 10 were born.
Charles K Lewis, grndson, age 20
Julia M Lewis, grnddtr, age 18
Charles K Lamascus, grndson, 1891...listed as stepson and is grndson.
Mary E Lamascus, grndtr, 1892
Lula B Lemascus, grndtr, 1894
[Charles K and Julia must be children of Charles W Lewis and Sarah Boltinghouse as they had son Charles in the 1880 record]

Samuel Lewis, wife and 10 children residing on other side of Thomas and Susan in 1900.

19 June 1900; Justice precinct 3, Blanco, Texas; Roll: T623 1612; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 7.
Robert F Lewis, born 2/1870 in Texas, father from Alabama, mother from TN; married 10 yrs, farm was mortgaged, could read and write.
Frankie, wife, born 4/1871 in Alabama, father from KY, mother from VA, mother of 5 children all living, could read and write.
Beulah, 12/1891
Rudolph, 11/1893
Bassel, 10/1895
V Bruce, 11/1897
Robert, 1/1900

The Blanco county website on Rootsweb [above link] has marriage records online but no record for Robert and "Frankie" in Blanco county.

14 Apr 1930; Census Place: Precinct 3, Williamson, Texas; Roll: 2411; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 601.0.
J Bruce Lewis, age 32, born in Texas, parents Texas, married at age 25.
Beatrice, wife, age 24, born in Texas, parents Texas, married at age 17.
Winston, son, age 6
Doris, dtr, age 4yr 5 mos
Clinton, son, age 2 yr and ? mos
Wanda, dtr

1920; Precinct 5, Burnet, Texas; Roll: T625_1782; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 26; Image: 1079.
Jessie J Gregg, age 39, born TX, parents TX
Emma Gregg, age 35, born TX, parents TX
Gertrude, dtr, age 15, born N Mex
Beatrix, dtr, age 14, TX
Myrtle, dtr, age 12, TX
Ward, son, age 10, TX
Virnon, son, age 4, TX
Vera, dtr, age 1, TX

1910: 8 J-Pct, Travis, Texas
Series: T624 Roll: 1594 Page:293A
Jessie Gregg, age 29, married 8 yrs, born TX, parents TX, farm property was mortgaged, could read/write.
Emma, wife, age 25, born TX, parents TX, 5 children born and all living, could read/write.
Grace, 7, born N Mex...married by 1910 or died.
Gertrude, 6, N Mex
Beatrice, 4, TX
Myrtle, 3, TX
Ward, 1, TX
John Gregg, father, 54, widower, born TX, father MO, mother USA.

21 June 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 8, Travis, Texas; Roll: T623 1673; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 120.
John G Gregg, 12/1853, 46, widower, born TX, parents MO
Eunice B, dtr, 4/1884, TX, mother TX
Fredrick W, son, 3/1887, TX
Jerry Gregg, father, 3/1813, age 87, married 37 yrs, born MO, parents ?
Mary W ? Gregg, listed as mother, 2/1836, age 64, born AR, parents ?, mother of 6 living children, 7 were born. Appears to be 2nd marriage for Jerry Gregg and possibly Mary.

1900; Pct 6, Travis
Abner Gregg, 5/1880, born TX, father MO, mother AR, listed as bro in law of John R or B Bingham, 1854 of LA and Chloe? J Bingham wife, 1857, TX; married 23 yrs. I believe Abner to be son listed as P A Gregg on 1880 record. John Bingham may have been married to one of the Gregg daughters before marriage to Chloe who indicates father was from Iowa.

Cleo J Bingham and John R family was in Guadalupe Valley, Guadalupe, Texas in 1880 record.

I did not find Jessie J Gregg in the 1900 record...seems like he should have been in Travis county in 1900?

1930; Precinct 4, Burnet, Texas; Roll: 2303; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 11; Image: 221.0.
Jesse J Gregg, age 49, married at age 20, owned farm on Spicewood & Marble Falls Road.
Emma, age 45, married at 16
Vernon, 16
Vera, 11
Bervis or Bernis ?, son, age 8
John G Gregg, father, age 76, widower, married at age 21.

W Fred Gregg, 1887, also owned stock farm on Spicewood/Marble Falls Rd.
Ava wife, appx 1891
Bernice, dtr, 1919

1880 - Precinct 3 And 4, Kerr, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255315
NA Film Number T9-1315 Page Number 255B
J. GREGG Self 68 MO Farmer KY KY
M. A. GREGG Wife 42 AR TN ---
Rosa GREGG Dau 12 TX MO AR
James GREGG Son 7 TX MO AR
P. A. GREGG Son 1 Month Tx --- ---

1880 -District 127, Travis, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255329
NA Film Number T9-1329 Page Number 145C
John GREGG Self 26 TX Farmer VA VA
Georgia A. GREGG Wife 24 TX TX TX
Jacob H. GREGG Son 2 TX
Aug. B. SCOTT Other Male 20 TX Farm Hand TX AR
[age and location fits except for parents place of birth for John; John may not have been person who spoke to enumerator]

Gregg's not found in 1870 record.

13 Aug 1860: Austin, Travis, Texas Post Office: Austin
Roll: M653_1306 Page: 297
J Gregg, male, age 47, farmer, no real estate, $160 personal wealth, born MO
E Gregg, female, 18, MO
E P Gregg, female, 14, TX
W Gregg, male, 9, TX
J Gregg, male, 7, TX...this must be John ?
W A Gregg, female, 5, TX
J I ? Gregg, female, 4, TX

13 Sept 1850, Travis, Texas
Page: 147 Roll: M432_915
Jerimiah Gregg, 36, farmer, $180 personal wealth, MO
Margaret Gregg, 26, Indiana
Rebeca Gregg, 13, MO
Keseah? Gregg, female, 9, MO...listed as E. on 1860 record ?
Elissa Gregg, 3, TX...listed as E P on 1860 record
Albert Gregg, 1, TX...possibly male listed as W on 1860 record ?
...Margaret must have died about 1856 ?
...births prior to 1926 not online through Rootsweb.

Lewis, Clinton Gregg 9-22-1927, Williamson Co
Lewis, Wanda Mozelle 3 Nov 1929, Williamson Co
Ava Beatrice Gregg - Vernon Bruce Lewis
Burnet County, Texas -Haynie Flat Cemetery
By Paul W. Smith
Gregg, Marie Feb 22, 1913 Apr 23, 1913
Gregg, Oscar Mar 11, 1921 Mar 18, 1921
Gregg, Jesse J. 1880 1960
Gregg, Emma 1885 1967
Gregg, William Fred Mar 15, 1887 Nov 13, 1967
Gregg, Ava Jane Dec 24, 1890 Oct 30, 1980
Gregg, John G. Nov 11, 1853 June 28, 1931
Neumann, Billie Jean 2 Nov 1929, Burnet
Myrtle Gregg - Edgar Neumann

1930, Pct 4, Burnet, same page as Jesse and Emma Gregg
Edgar Neumann, age 24
Myrtle, age 23, married at 20
Billie G, dtr, age 4 mos

Gregg, Gary Vernon 30 Jan 1940, Travis Co
Dolleva Jane Edwards - Jess Vernon Gregg

Birth Date: 19 Jan 1907
Death Date: May 1991
Travis County

Travis County, TX - Cemeteries: Collier Cemetery
Saturday, February 02, 2002
Submitted by: Paul W Smith <>
Gregg, Edna R. Aug 23, 1886 July 17, 1985
Gregg, Philip A. Apr 6, 1917
Gregg, M. A. 1838 1916
Gregg, J. 1813 1900 ...died after 21 June.
Gregg, Jim No Dates
Gregg, James A. 1906 1968
Gregg, Fred F. June 5, 1912 Mar 12, 1992
Gregg, Mrs. M. L. Jan 15, 1855 Feb 19, 1923
Gregg, W. R. Feb 12, 1851 Apr 18, 1924

Re: Gregg Family

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I found another document that gives maiden name of Emma Gregg, wife of Jessie J Gregg.

Travis County, TX - Wilke-Clay=Fish Funeral Home Records, Book 5, Pt. 5a February 22, 2002 Submitted by: (Paul W. Smith)

Gregg, John Ward
Male, White, Building Materials, Husband of Ann Gregg
Born April 3, 1909 Spicewood, Texas
Died June 14, 1984 Austin, Texas
Father J. J. Gregg, Mother Emma Hammons
Austin Memorial Park Austin, Texas

J W Gregg and Annie were in Travis County in 1930 census. I did not consider him to be Ward Gregg as there is a Lowell Gregg listed as brother age 20 also in household who is not listed in the Gregg census data as Lowell.


Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

Bruce Berry (View posts)
Posted: 1126031310000
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Paula: Thanks so much for that ton of info you sent me. Wow, I'm off to a great start! Lord willing, I'm going to make a trip to the Burnet library and do some research as soon as my schedule permits. Again, thanks so much!
Take care, Bruce Berry

Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

Janine (View posts)
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I was searching the boards, as I am looking for information also on the Gregg family. My great-grandmother was Grace Gregg or Mable Grace Gregg born July 12, 1902 and died May 6, 1993, I'm not sure and I am still researching for information but saw the reply for Jessie Gregg and Emma Gregg, I know that my great-grandmother had a brother Ward that lived in Austin with his wife Ann right across the street from her and I know she had sisters Beatrice and Myrtle as she spoke of them often. My grandmother had told me that they believed my great-grandmother was born in New Mexico but wasn't sure. I have been searching for over 6 years for any information to her family. And it would also make sense as she married Henry E. Grelle and he was born and raised in Spicewood at what is now known as Grelle Park on Lake Travis. Would love any information you can provide

Gregg Family of Burnet/Travis Co's

Paula (View posts)
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I tried to reply to your AOL address and it bounced.

The Gregg's and Grelle's are in the 1920 Burnet county census. Most of them residing within a few farms of each other.

I did not save my word document that I pasted the census records into. If you do not have a paid subscription to for census data you will find most major libraries have the micro film or see if your library has it online.

Jesse and Emma Gregg are buried in Burnet county. This information is on Rootsweb.

Myrtle Gregg married Edgar Neumann, they are in the 1930 Burnet census. John Ward and Annie Gregg in Travis county census with cousin Lowell Gregg living with them listed as his brother.

Ava Beatrice Gregg Lewis died in Austin in 1994. Myrtle Gregg Neumann also died in Travis county. I did not check the rest. The only sister that I could not find in 1930 record was the oldest daughter of Jesse and Emma, Gertrude.


Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

Janet Lewis Crain (View posts)
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Bruce; Please contact me if you are still on the Burnet county list. I am related to you through both the Lewises and Holloways. I have a lot of info on both families.

Janet Lewis Crain

Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

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I apologize for it taking almost 2 yrs to get back to you. I've had a couple of major crises going on and had to abandon my research for a while.
The information you provided about my grandmother (Ava Beatrix Gregg) and her family is of great help. I had concentrated my efforts on the Lewis side, so I had much of that info. I'm interested in joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans and looks as though I qualify. I truly appreciate your time & effort. If I can be of any help to you on this end, please let me know. Take care,
A. Bruce Berry
Smithville, TX (Bastrop Co.)

Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

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Not sure but Mable Gregg was also my great grandmother and Henry Grelle was my great grandfather. Who's your parents and maybe we can work together to find out more about our family

Re: Lewis, Thomas Bracey

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Hi, Im looking for a Bi-racial Charlice Bracey or Charlicy Bracey in Smithville Tx who was also a teacher in Austin Tx. Also the Owens family and Caldwell family.
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