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Godman Connections

Godman Connections

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Surnames: Godman, Barnes, Harper, Gartrell, White
Response to you info on William Godman

I have no other “legal” document for William Godman’s birth, but all the census records and his revolutionary war pension application confirm that he was born in 1754/1755, so I think that may be the best we can do for now.

I have no proof for William’s first wife. I have seen references to William’s first wife as “unknown Barnes”. I don’t remember the documentation for that, but I suspect it is because there is reference to William Jr’s first son as Joel Barnes Godman. William Jr’s second son was James Harper Godman. William Jr. married Hannah Harper and one could deduce a pattern in the middle names. The third son was John Cartwright Godman. Maybe Hannah Harper’s mother was a Cartwright? Wouldn’t it be nice it everyone named their kids this way?

I also found 09 Dec 1792 as the date for the marriage of Allena Gartrell and William Godman, but I have to find the reference. The 1790 Census for Montgomery County, Maryland shows William Godman with a household of 1 male over 16 and one male under 16. There were no females. This fits for his first wife having died before 1790 and not remarrying until 1792.

I had ignored the reference to the marriage between Delilah White and William Godman because it just didn’t seem to fit. The thing that bothers me a little is the Baltimore County reference for the marriage. The Delilah-to-daughter Delilah connection seems interesting, BUT Allena had a sister named Delilah and it is possible that Delilah was named for her aunt. I think there is another group of Godmans in Baltimore.


Re: Godman Connections

Peter Carrell (View posts)
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Surnames: Godman, Kirkland, Jones
Keven and Jon

If the naming pattern was used then Delilah (was she fourth daughter?) would bde named after her mother's eldest sister. Does this check?
If son, for this family and generation it might help set other relationships.


The reference for Humphrey Godman m. Mary (Kirkland Jones?) showed for children of Robert Kirkland first son Edward b. 19 Mar 1695 Anne Arundel. This is as you said later than your information on the early population and sets a possible time frame for movement of Godmans to the area


Re: Godman Connections

Keven Roth (View posts)
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Surnames: Godman, Henderson, Ware, Taylor, Kirkland, Jones, Gatig
Jon (and Pete):

You’re right – I got confused about Eleanor and Allena.

About the Baltimore Godman’s - the only reference to the Godman line we are following related to Baltimore is Samuel O. Godman’s references sent to the DAR in support of the application by Effie Godman back in 1942. The first paragraph says of Capt. Samuel Godman; “Born in Virginia, 1753, married soon after majority and moved to Baltimore where he engaged in the tobacco and shipping business and made a fortune. Married Anne Henderson, daughter of Captain Robert Henderson and Lady Margaret Ware, (only daughter of the Earl of Hamilton) who eloped with Captain Henderson R.N.H., who later resigned and moved to Philadelphia, Pa., where he lived and died.” All of the remaining records only mention Anne Arundel County. His letter states:
“I have just received letter from Mr. E.J. Godman, Portland, Oregon with regard to application of his daughter Effie in the D. A. R., wherein he says your organization wants further proof as to the parentage of Richard G. Godman.
I gave these people a great deal of data I had collected, in my own effort to establish in the records the history of my own Revolutionary Grandfather Captain Samuel Godman. Your files will show that I corresponded with your organization for quite a long time and paid for searches that revealed little. The records showed that Captain Samuel died October 1,1781, when it is so easy to see that the line of his record, in Archives of Maryland, Vol. 18, conveying this presumed information, belonged to the name next above. I have all the proof in the world that Captain Samuel was alive in the Spring of 1803 and died within the following few months.
While I am on the subject, I am en1osing some pages which show the source of information; officially, particularly Chancery Papers 1958, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, filed January 12, 1803, wherein Captain Samuel Godman was proven by his own act to be alive. Further proof of his wife Ann, and further proof of his age.
Will you please file this data for the benefit of future generations to prevent their having to work for years as I have done in an effort to get this data. IF the data should be on some other form, in order to be placed where it can be found, will you kindly send me the form and I will gladly copy it thereon. “

We can only hope that information is more accessible now and we will have better luck than Samuel O. Godman (I corresponded with your organization for quite a long time and paid for searches that revealed little.)

On the next item, I think we have good evidence from the Maryland Calendar of Wills that Ann Godman was married to Snowden Taylor – “Ann” is listed as his wife and executor. In the will, Samuel and Humphrey Godman are listed as children of his wife. I was speculating that Ann’s first husband was the Samuel Godman for whom I have a burial record in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County in 1733. But, Jon, it looks like you have some additional information. According to Jon’s records, Snowden Taylor and Ann Godman were married before 1718. This doesn’t mesh very well with the Samuel Godman who died in 1733. Jon also has a marriage record for Humphrey Godman and Mary [Kirkland] Jones on 10 Feb 1710. I had seen that record but wasn’t sure what to do with it. The reference lists issue of this marriage as Samuel Israel Godman born about 1715, William Godman baptised 2 Apr 1721 at All Hallows Parish and Humphrey Godman – no birth date. Mary Kirkland Jones’ first marriage to Robert Kirkland was in about 1691. Even if she had been very young, like 17, when she married Robert Kirkland, she would have been born about 1674 and having 3 kids after 1710 would have been pushing it. New speculation by Jon is that Ann was Humphrey Godman’s second wife and the children were born to her. It seems that William must have died as a child, or he would have been listed in the will along with Humphrey and Samuel. Snowden Taylor and Ann Godman had 3 children: Ann Snowden, Sarah and William. Would she have named another child “William”? This seems like something concrete that I could research. There are waaaaay too many Humprheys and Samuels in this family. I checked sources for Anne Arundel County records and supposedly all the church records for Anne Arundel County have been compiled into a Volume; "Anne Arundel County Church records of the 17th and 18th Centuries" by F. Edward Wright. The on-line search of the DAR Library indicates they have this volume. I will try to get downtown to check it out. I will pay attention to Peter’s search for Charlotte Godman and the relationship between Charlotte and Zacharias Godman who was surety on her marriage. Any other sources you know of right now that the DAR library would have?

I do not have the marriage registration of “Gatig, Eleanor m. Godman, Will 9 Dec 1792”. This fits with an oath that William Godman took in 1791 that he had not moved to Virginia to avoid the slave act.

Jon mentioned in a previous message that William Godman had gotten into trouble during the war. Do you have more information on that?


Re: Godman Connections

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Surnames: Godman, Gartrell, Teynolds, Kirkland, Snowden, Taylor, Hall, Turner, Duvall, Beall, Tarrance, Baldwin
Pete and Jon:

I went to the national DAR library and looked at most of the relevant references on the shelves for Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and Frederick County, Maryland. I just pulled one book at a time from the shelf and looked for “Godman” and sometimes, “Gartrell”, “Reynolds” and other known family links. There isn’t a lot, but I think I found some useful references to clear up the earliest ancestors. I found NOTHING on William, but he moved to Berkeley County, West Virginia in 1791, so I am not surprised. The DAR library does not have much on Berkeley County and I think from Peter’s research, there isn’t much there either. I found almost nothing on the presumed siblings of William – only Samuel and Humphrey. Here is a summary.

Anne Arundel (AA) County Records
1692-1705 Robert Kirkland marries Mary have they have a bunch of kids
1710 Humphrey Godman marries Mary Kirkland 10 Feb 1710. (AA County)
1712 Humphrey and Mary Godman have a son Ezekiah 27 Jul 1712. (AA County)
1721 Humphrey and Mary Godman baptize a son William 2 Apr 1721 (AA County)
1722 Humphrey Godman sells land and Mary Godman releases dower (AA County)
1727 Humphrey Godman buys and sells land to Richard Snowden
1728 Humphrey Godman sells everything to Richard Snowden (AA County)
1735 Mary Godman to son William Godman household goods on 13 Oct 1735 (AA County)

1733 Samuel Godman buried 18 May 1733 (AA County)

1734 Snowden Taylor marries Anne Godman (AA County)

It looks like we have a Humphrey and Samuel (generation 1) both in Anne Arundel County at the same time (1710-1735). We have names of children for Humphrey (Ezekiah and William). William is still alive in 1735, but no further references to Ezekiah. Mary Godman is still Mary Godman in 1735. That leads me back to my speculation that Samuel Godman who died in 1733 was the first husband of Ann and the father of Samuel and Humphrey (generation 2) mentioned in Snowden Taylor’s will.

It looks like Samuel and Humphrey Godman (generation 2) ended up in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County Records
1763 Humphrey Goodman wife Kizia have a son Jeremiah
1763 Samuel Goodman wife Elliner have a son Humphrey (Humphrey goes on to marry Rachel Hall and then Ann Turner)

1799 Ann Godman listed in Will of her father, Shadrick Turner and her uncle Jacob Hall
1799 Humphery had some land with a fence around it (PG County)
1801 Humphrey appears in a reference to a will – executor for Samuel Turner
1803 Elizabeth Godman marries Henry Duvall
1805 Rebecca Godman marries George Beall
1808 Humphrey Godman as witness to Will of Rachel Turner
1810 Nancy (Ann) Godman marries John Tarrance
other entries I found.
1820 Samuel Goodman (Gardman) marries Roena Baldwin
1835 Rachel Godman marries Edmund Baldwin

There were Revolutionary War entries for Humphrey and Samuel listed in Montgomery County, MD. In 1776, it said Humphrey Godman was aged 40 and lived in North West Hundred. If he was “about” 40 years, this is still OK because Humphrey (generation 2) could have been born as late as 1733 when his presumed father Samuel Godman (generation 1) died. There is also a record for Samuel Israel Godman who was a private in 1778. It doesn’t list an age. Let’s assume this is Samuel from generation 2. In Anne Arundel County, Samuel Godman (generation 3) is the Cap’t Samuel Godman we are familiar with – married Anne Henderson. They say he was born in 1740. This still works if Samuel Godman (generation 2) was born in around 1720.

I have references for all the material and I made copies of every page that had "Godman" on it....I wonder why Humphrey Godman and his descendants are better represented in the record that the others? Maybe he was just a responsible guy and was thinking about future genealogists!!!


Re: Godman Connections

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Surnames: Godman, Heitman
Keven and Jon

With regard to William having gotten into trouble in the war:

"Historical Register of Virginian in the Revolution" John H. Gwathmey, p. 313
"Godman, William 1st lieut., 1st continental artillery Jan 13, 1777, Captain Lieut. Jan 1, 1778, cashiered Aug 18, 1779, died June 11, 1822"

Also (I haven't recorded the on-line source but believe it to be
"Historical register of Officers of the Continental Army" Francis Heitman. Quoted in American Genealogical and Biographical Index.
born 174? VA Capt. cashiered.

I believe the term "cashiered" may have been misunderstood in its second meaning as discharged in disgrace, rather than the first meaning which is simply discharged. The entry was probably carried over from some early entry and one would need to examine common usage at the time.


Re: Godman Connections

on Fox (View posts)
Posted: 1107671172000
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Surnames: Godman, Kirkland, Jones, Taylor, Hoverington
Pete and Keven,

Sorry that I haven't gotten back to the list. Somehow the thread shifted, and I wasn't getting notice of new postings.

Regarding Pete's posting of 31 Jan 2005 : I hadn't explored the children of Mary Kirkland (Jones) and Robert Kirkland. Good information. What is the source? Do you also have a date for their marriage?

Response to Keven's posting of 31 Jan 2005 : Excellent, excellent information. Effie Godman was my Aunt, living in Portland, Oregon at the time. I never had the pleasure to know her. She was the last to carry the Godman name (as far as I know) from the line of Asa Godman. I know that she joined the DAR, but haven't been able to find any of her documentation. I haven't had the opprotunity to work with the DAR yet, so this is great information from my perspective.

Do have complete copies of this letter and other documentation? I would appreciate copies of them, if available.

Re: Snowden Taylor and Ann Godman's marriage - The source for the date I have (bef 1718) is not from my research, and is not a proven or documented date. It is from a Taylor family researcher, and it is likely in error.

Re: marriage registration of “Gatig, Eleanor m. Godman, Will 9 Dec 1792”. Do you have a copy of the Oath that WIlliam took?

Response to Keven's posting 4 Feb 2005: Good stuff to digest. I will need to compare with my data, and see where I need additions or corrections.

Finally, Pete's posting of 4 Feb 2005 : Regarding William's getting into trouble during the war - Yes, he was cashiered Aug 18, 1779. The reason was he stole a tent. The following is an "OCR" from the transcription of the "Orderly Book of the First Pennsylvania Regiment, Co. James Chambers May 23 1779--August 25, 1779," which William's artillery company was under at the time. Please note that the spelling, capitals and punctuation is as it is in the book:

"Headquarters; Moores House, August 16th, '79... At another Brigade Gen' Court Martial, the 16th Instant, Lt. Col° Hoverington, President, Capt. Lieut. Godman, of the Artillery, was tried for willfully Miss aplying and Imbasling a tent, the Property of the United States. The Court are of of the oppinion That Capt. Godman is Guilty of the first artical, 12 Sexion, of articals of War, which Expressly Deracts that if any officer offending in the Premmisses, make the Damage Good, Lose the Pay Due to him, and Be Dismist the serves.
The Court are of oppinion that The Articals should, in this Case, operate In full force. The Commander in Chief approves the Sentance, and orders them to take place Immediately."

I can provide you with scans of the actual transcript, either as a file from a downloadable site, or as an email attachment. Just drop me a direct note, off-site.



Re: Godman Connections

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Surnames: Godman, Jones, Kirkland
Jon and Keven

I really don't have much more on the Humphrey m. Mary Jones Kirkland

This from a posting on the web

Darlene Athey Hill quoting KIRKL;AND FAMILY ROOTS, J. R. Peacock, notes Humphrey Godman m. Mary (?) 2nd 10 Feb 1710 MD. She m. 1st Robert Kirkland b. abt 1668 m. abt; 1691 MD and had Edward 19 Mar 1692, Ann Arundel, mary 12 Apr 1695, Rob't 20 Sep 1697, Sarah 19 apr. 1700, William, 23 Nov. 1702, Richard 29 Jul 1705. (from

I believe all children were listed as b. Anne arundel in the original posting.


Re: Godman Connections

Jon Fox (View posts)
Posted: 1107729499000
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Surnames: Godman, Garrett, Kirkland
Thank you Pete, for the posting on the KIRKLAND family. I have also found an interesting posting on another KIRKLAND family site ( that provides some interesting material on Robert KIRKLAND, some of which may seemingly contradict what we have. The following is a quote from the site: "He patented the 969 acre tract named Chance in 1713 at Baltimore Co., MD. He was included among numerous debtors (250?) of Amos Garrett on 15 Aug 1729 at Anne Arundel Co., MD. He died after 15 Aug 1729."

I would like to see the sources for these bits of information. I suppose that if Robert died before 1710, as we have evidence - due to the marriage of his wife Mary to Humphry Godman on 10 Feb 1710, then Mary could have finished the patent of the tract named Chance (if, let us say, this was something that was in progress at the time of Robert's death.) Also, being included among the debtors of Amos Garrett in 1729 could just indicate that it was Robert's estate in this position. Finally, the date of Robert's death if likely just speculation, based on the record of Amos Garrett. I don't know how extensively women were in control of property matters during this period of history, but it seems that if a woman was widowed she enjoyed quite a bit of independance and influence in Maryland society - at least until she re-married.

Does anyone have a will or a death/burial record for Robert? It would prove very useful.



Re: Kirkland / Godman Connections

Peter Carrell (View posts)
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Surnames: Kirkland, Godman, Delmeyossa, Holiday, Rawlings, Taylor, Bateman, Selby, Kirklane, Wright, Jones, Stockett, Mariarte, Rawlins, Carroll, Kirtland
Jon and Keven

More on the Kirkland/Godman relation

Boards > Localities > North America > United States > States > Maryland > Counties > Anne Arundel

Subject: Richard KIRKLAND (1670 - 1742, VA)
Author: Marilyn Roth
Date: 04 Sep 2003 3:08 PM GMT

It sounds as if Richard was a brother of Robert KIRKLAND of All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County.
Baltimore Co. Deed Abstracts: There were several different tracts named "Chance." One was surveyed for Robert KIRKLAND, Dec. 1701 [Card Index to Patents].
Richard KIRKLAND in May 1714, conveyed 200 acres, "Brown's Survey," to Alex. DELMEYOSSA [BA 66:342].
WRIGHT's Anne Arundel Church Records, All Hallows Parish: Robert KIRKLAND & wf. Mary had Edward, b. 19 Mar. 1692; Mary (12 Apr. 1695 - bu. 23 Je. 1698); Robert, b. 20 S 1697; Sarah, b. 19 Apr. 1700; Wm., b. 23 Nov. 1702; & Richard, b. 29 July 1705.

Wm. KIRKLAND m. 19 Dec. 1723, Elisabeth HOLIDAY.
Humphry GODMAN m. 10 Feb. 1710, Mary KIRKLAND. {Could she have been widow of Robert? I don't see a will or inventory.}
Abstracts of AA Land Records: Robert & wf. Mary KIRKLAND, AA, deeded 2 / 10 Nov. 1703, for £170 to Aaron RAWLINGS, southernmost pt/o "Jones' Lott."
MD Calendar of Wills, Snowden TAYLOR, AA, pr. 16 Mar. 1742/3. To son Wm., dw. plantation, but if he dsp, to daus. Sarah & Ann, & in turn to ch/o testator's wf., Samuel & Humphrey GODMAN. Wf. Ann, exx. Wit: Henry BATEMAN, John SELBY, & Wm. KIRKLANE. --Sort those out. :-)

Robt. KIRKLAND, Anne Arundel, MD, by 1692.
Author: Marilyn Roth Date: 29 Dec 2004 6:03 PM GMT
Classification: Query
In Reply to: Kirklands of Elk Ridge, Anne Aurendal County MD. by: Jacob L. Bateman III
I don't see anything for a brother, but there was a son Richard. WRIGHT's Anne Arundel Co., MD, Church Records, All Hallows Parish, KIRKLAND
Robert and Mary had Edward, b. 19 Mar. 1692; Mary (12 Apr. 1695 - bu. 23 Je. 1698); Robert, b. 20 S 1697; Sarah, b. 19 Apr. 1700; Wm., b. 23 N 1702; & Richard, b. 29 July 1705.

Mary m. 10 F 1710, Humphry GODMAN.
William m. 19 Dec. 1723, Elisabeth HOLIDAY.

Abstracts of Land Records, AA Co., MD: With dower released by Mary, Robert KIRKLAND, AA, planter, deeded 2 Nov. 1703, recorded 10 N 1703, to Aaron RAWLINGS, for 170 lbs sterling, south part of "Jones' Lott," beginning at Stockett's tree. Wit. Daniell MARIARTE & Sarah RAWLINS. On 10 Mar. 1707/8, mortgage was recorded for same land, "lately occupied by Robt. KIRKLAND, late of AA, 175 acres," from Aron RAWLINGS to Chas. CARROLL, mortgage satisfied Nov. 1709.

MD Rent Rolls: "Jones's Lot," 350 acres surveyed 1 Nov. 1669 for Wm. JONES in the woods at a bounded oak of the Stockets Land. Possrs. 175 acres Aaron RAWLINS, 175 acres Rob. KIRTLAND {sic}.

(PKC note) Is the Robert who patented 969 acres in Baltimore Co., 1713 the son of Robert Kirkland m. Mary Jones?


Re: Godman Connections

Jon Fox (View posts)
Posted: 1107844903000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1108524262000
Surnames: Godman, Jones, Rawlings, Kirkland

Thank you for finding the postings on the Kirkland family. Important information I had not previously seen was the burial of Mary Kirkland (the daughter) at All Hollows Parish Church on 23 June 1698. Also, the land records are good for further research for the Kirkland family, but may not bear much on the Godman line.

The Aaron Rawlings mentioned was the brother-in-law (married to older sister Susanna) of Mary [Kirkland] Jones, daughters of Dr. William Jones. I believe that there were only about 40 families, and 180 people in Ann Arundel County in the 1660s, so if we (or someone) keeps working, we would be able to see all of the relationships between the families.

I don't think that the Robert who patented 969 acres in Baltimore Co., 1713 was the son of Robert Kirkland and Mary Jones, as he would have only been 16 at the time. However, the following statement is likely the younger Robert: "He was included among numerous debtors (250?) of Amos Garrett on 15 Aug 1729 at Anne Arundel Co., MD."

Just a quick note: We have been working on family before they moved to Virginia (I know - it is hard to resist), and this is still the Berkeley Co. Board. Shouldn't we get back to William Sr., and his family? I have some more material I have uncovered. Also, any response to the "cashering" of William Sr. in 1779? I have something that says he raised another company, and re-joined the fight after about a year.


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